Why Small Businesses Should Migrate to Sage 50 Cloud?

One of the payroll and integrated accounting software market leaders, Sage 50 is immensely popular amongst small businesses. Whether it is about managing invoices, finances, or cash needs, Sage 50 covers them all. 

Sage 50 Hosting

Although the software has an all-inclusive feature that your small business would require, using it in a desktop-hosted environment could often create work-related challenges. This is where a requirement of hosted Sage 50 solution is highly felt. Hosting the Sage 50 application on the cloud reaps exclusive benefits such as cloud security, remote access, data backups, high uptime, and more. In a nutshell, hosting the application on the cloud makes it easier for you to send and receive payments, manage customers, employees, and vendors, and track their finances hassle-free. 

Want to know more about the many other benefits of the cloud-based Sage 50 solution? Read on to explore. 

Advantages of Hosted Sage 50 Application 

A cloud-based accounting solution, Sage 50 Hosting runs on Infrastructure-as-a-Service model. It provides you with on-demand storage and networking resources, the required computing, and hassle-free use of the accounting application. Leveraging the smart cloud accounting methodology, a hosted Sage 50 platform allows you to remotely access the same desktop version of the software with the same interface. But here, you get more storage and processing capabilities. 

While there are many benefits of cloud-based Sage 50 application, the below-mentioned are some of the most useful ones: 

Global Accessibility:

The rise in competition has mandated businesses to stay up-to-date and on top of all the processes. The hosted Sage 50 platform enables you to access software from across the globe. All you need is an internet connection to devices like laptops, smartphones, iPad, or tablets. You can easily access, share, and use the Sage 50 application from anywhere and even on the go while making the most of your operations. 


Using a hosted Sage 50 platform eliminates the requirement to invest in on-site servers or hire additional IT personnel. You need to pay a minimal monthly rental for the Sage 50 Cloud Hosting services. Availing the services from a reliable cloud hosting provider not only streamlines your IT infrastructure but also ensures that the upgrades are carried out on time. Besides, if you have any cloud-based Sage 50 query or issue, you can contact the service provider for immediate assistance. 

Paperless Environment:

Transition from a conventional paper-based accounting approach isn’t easy for every business. Many accountants are accustomed to making entries on physical files and storing them in local databases. Switching to the hosted Sage 50 platform allows you to go paperless at work. The cloud-based Sage software gives you access to a centralized database that can cater to and replace various documentation requirements. Besides, you get an excellent opportunity to eliminate labor-intensive paperwork and adopt a paperless culture that is environmentally friendly. 

Sage 50 Hosting

High Uptime:

Downtimes are directly proportional to loss of productivity and a loss of potential revenue. Moreover, frequent downtimes often result in the loss of crucial files and data, which often becomes a nightmare for small businesses. With hosted Sage 50 in place, you can ensure high uptime of 99.99%, thanks to high- performance cloud servers that keep businesses up and running. 

Automatic Backup:

Using a cloud-based Sage 50 solution ensures you get automatic data backup without changing your IT infrastructure. If there’s any disaster or natural calamity, all your financial data will remain secure in cloud servers without requiring you to implement an additional backup system. 

Sage 50 Hosting

Tips to Find the Best Sage 50 Hosting Provider 

Now that you are aware of the many benefits of migrating your Sage 50 application to the cloud, you must know what to look out for from the service provider if you are planning to avail the services. The below-mentioned are some of the essential factors that you should check before opting for the service provider: 

  • Check for Technologies and Service Roadmap –
    Check if the cloud hosting architecture and the service provider’s technology align with your existing infrastructure. 
  • Data Security and Management – Assess the electronic and physical security measures, security governance, and operational procedure of the service provider. The security protocols of the service provider must be in sync with your business policies to ensure the protection of your tax data. 
  • Check for Certifications and Compliances – Check if the cloud hosting service provider adheres to the set standards of SSAE like HIPAA and GDPR. It will ensure that you get the best experience of cloud accounting with top-notch data security. 
  • Check for Reliability and Performance – Ask about the strategy to deal with downtime. Ensure that the service provider has a well-defined process to ensure high uptime. To avail high-quality performance, check if the service provider uses SSD servers and adequate computing resources. 
  • Check for SLAs and Contracts – See if the hosting provider is offering the hosted Sage 50 solution on monthly subscriptions, as you might not want to go for a long-term contract. Additionally, ensure that the agreed terms between you and the cloud hosting provider are clearly mentioned in the SLA. 
  • Check if Customizable Plans Are Available – According to your business needs, the Cloud-based Sage 50 accounting plan possesses the immense potential to add more value to your practice. Therefore, always choose a service provider who can offer you a tailored Sage 50 cloud platform that aligns with your business objectives and budget. 

Wrapping it Up 

As we have seen, the hosted Sage 50 application allows small businesses to fulfill the accounting tasks that were earlier available to only more prominent organizations. Availing the cloud services for the accounting software makes the entire accounting process simple. Besides, it helps you save money and increase your business efficiency without any hassle. This way, you can have complete control of your accounting business and ensure transparency of expenses. 

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