Sage 50 Cloud Hosting Services: Know the Benefits

A comprehensive solution for CPAs, Bookkeepers, and SMBs, Sage 50 is a robust and secure tool that helps effectively manage accounting responsibilities. Whether you need to perform core functions like accounts receivable and accounts payable, financial reporting, customer management, or advanced tasks like forecasting cash flow and tracking detailed profitability, Sage 50 covers them all. 

Nowadays, leading businesses are using Sage 50 cloud service to host applications on cloud servers. As a result, they get on-demand storage and networking resources to access the software with the same desktop software interface remotely. Besides, they manage their financials effectively, save time, decrease IT costs, and get complete data security. 

Benefits of Sage 50 Cloud Service 

1. Remote Access 

With a cloud-hosted Sage 50 solution, you can access your Sage 50 data anywhere in the world and anytime. You can use your preferred devices, like smartphones, tablets, laptops, iPad, etc., to access the data while maintaining a work-life balance. The remote access feature of Sage 50 cloud service is a boon for businesses or employees spread across various geographical regions, as the cloud provides them with centralized access. 

In addition to the above, remote access to your Sage 50 data ensures that you don’t miss out on assisting your clients, especially during non-business hours. Instances might happen when your clients require assistance after office hours or when you are on vacation. In such cases, remote access to your data will help you quickly do the needful and assist the client. 

2. 24×7, 365-Day Support 

You get round-the-clock support for all your queries and concerns when you opt for hosted Sage 50 solution from the most reliable Sage 50 cloud hosting provider. Cloud hosting providers have skilled professionals whom you can contact via phone, chat, and email and seek immediate assistance for any of your Sage 50-related issues. It means you don’t have to hire in-house IT personnel to fix the problems or maintain the upkeep of locally-installed computer systems and servers.  

3. Enterprise-Level Security 

Availing Sage 50 cloud service from a reputed hosting provider doesn’t require you to think about data loss and breaches. They ensure top-notch data security with advanced security methods and by implementing multi-level security checks. These include: 

  • Multi-factor authentication 
  • End-to-end encryption 
  • Enterprise-level firewall 
  • Password protection 
  • Intrusion Detection & Prevention System 

Additionally, there’s no risk of data loss as the hosting providers save all your data in multiple remote servers and back them up regularly. 

4. High Uptime 

In a traditional, on-premise system, there’s no way around if your server or computer system crashes. But, the hosted Sage 50 application ensures less to no downtime. With the criticality of business continuity in today’s fast-paced world, hosting providers keep no stone unturned in keeping a high uptime. You’ll find the most reliable Sage 50 cloud hosting provider to maintain a high server uptime of 99.99%. Such features not only ensure business continuity but help you retain improved productivity and allow you to focus on the core area of your business. 

5. Collaboration Gets Easier 

With Sage 50 cloud service, collaboration amongst team members gets easy. If you have outsourced employees, the cloud-hosted Sage 50 solution can make collaboration much more comfortable. Every team member can work on client accounts and share files easily with the client, even if the client is working on the system. You can give the required permission to your employees, who can view or edit files. Furthermore, any changes to a file will be visible in real-time, and every team member can stay up to date with the recent changes.  

6. Cost-Efficient 

Hosted Sage 50 solution means that the application is on remote servers. As such, you don’t need to invest in setting up a dedicated on-premise IT infrastructure for Sage 50. It means you also don’t need to hire in-house professionals to maintain the server or set up dedicated computer systems for your employees. All the required elements, like software access, data security, updates, etc., are taken care of by the Sage 50 cloud service provider.  

7. Multiple Add-Ons Integration 

You can enhance the functionality of the cloud-hosted Sage 50 application by integrating multiple add-ons with the software. Most reliable Sage 50 cloud hosting providers allow you to integrate hosted Sage 50 with essential business add-ons for invoicing, tax applications, billing and making payments, etc. It further accelerates and automates your accounting tasks. 

Here’s a list of some of the widely-supported add-ons that you can integrate with hosted Sage 50 software: 

  • Credit Card Payment with Sage payment solution 
  • Sage 50/Peachtree Online backup 
  • Tax management tools (such as Ava Tax) 
  • Inventory management tools (such as Scan for 50) 
  • Website Tools 
  • Most of the third-party add-ons developed by Sage50 partners 
  • Reporting tools 

“As you consider the benefits of Sage 50 cloud hosting services and weigh them against traditional in-house server setups, take the time to understand the fundamental differences. For an in-depth comparison, refer to our guide on ‘In-house Server vs. Cloud Hosting: Understand the Differences‘ and make an informed choice that aligns with your business goals.”

Concluding Thoughts 

Hosted Sage 50 application, undeniably, is a value-addition to your business. The hosted solution simplifies your entire accounting workflow, saves money, and increases efficiency to take your accounting experience to the next level.   

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