Top 7 Benefits of Hosting Lacerte Tax Software on the Cloud

Lacerte from Intuit is one of the most popular tax filing software for professionals and businesses. Working with Lacerte tax software on your local system can be cumbersome and a massive headache regarding data protection and security.

You can enhance your team’s productivity and collaboration by hosting Lacerte tax software on the cloud. Hosted Lacerte solution ensures business continuity and data protection.

In this blog, we will cover cloud-based Lacerte tax hosting, its benefits, and how to choose a reliable hosting partner.

Before deep diving into the advantages of Lacerte tax software hosting, let’s first see how it works.

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How Does Lacerte Tax Hosting Work?

Lacerte is a desktop-based tax preparation and filing software by Intuit. To use Lacerte, you install it on your computer. If you have multiple users, they must download and install Lacerte in their respective systems.

Some of it key features allow tax professionals to prepare taxes, collect data, research, consult, and effectively perform practice management. In addition, the software enables you to significantly reduce time spent on complex and critical tax-related tasks with its end-to-end solution.

However, working with Lacerte in an on-premise setup comes with its own set of challenges, including:

  • Less flexibility
  • Data security
  • Protection against data loss
  • Less data accessibility whenever you step out of the office

You can work around these challenges simply by opting for cloud-based Lacerte tax software hosting services.

Let’s now see the advantages of hosting Lacerte on the cloud.

Advantages of Lacerte Hosting vs. On-Premises Setup

Hosting Lacerte on the cloud has numerous advantages over setting it up on-premises. After migrating Lacerte to the cloud, you can focus on serving your clients while your tax software hosting provider takes care of the rest.

To ensure business continuity and protect your business from any unfortunate event, hosting Lacerte tax software on the cloud can be an excellent solution.

Above all, you enjoy remote Lacerte accessibility, regular data backups, data security, enhanced collaboration, and many others.

What Does It Mean to Host Lacerte Tax Software on the Cloud?

While working on an on-premise setup, you need to hire a technical team to manage the entire IT infrastructure.

In a hosted Lacerte setup, your cloud hosting provider installs it on their servers, which you and your team can access anywhere and anytime.

After the initial setup, you can work with your Lacerte tax software on the cloud. You can seamlessly add/remove your employees and other stakeholders.

You don’t need to worry about future software upgrades. Your hosting provider can automatically update Lacerte for your entire team, reducing compatibility issues.

With Lacerte hosted on the cloud, you can take its functionality to the next level as it enhances overall team connectivity and productivity.

Benefits of Migrating Lacerte Tax Software on the Cloud

1. Anytime, Anywhere Access

Hosting Lacerte Tax Software on the cloud allows you to access the software remotely and at any time.

Whether commuting or on an extended vacation, you can quickly log in to your cloud server to work with Lacerte.

The cloud server enables you to access all the files while restricting your other team members from accessing only their files. This fosters multi-user collaboration without compromising data security.

You can scale your resources depending on your business requirements. You can add/remove users, and they can start collaborating on the cloud-powered platform with their login credentials.

As cloud-hosted Lacerte tax software allows you to authorize any users, you can set restrictions depending on the business objectives.

In addition, you get cross-device connectivity to ensure that the tax software services aren’t limited to an on-premise desktop computer. You can access data and modify it at any given time if required.

2. Data Security

Your tax-related data is essential, and you might need them even after several years after filing the return. As such, it becomes imperative to remain cautious about the storage and security of your tax data.

In the case of Lacerte on-premise solutions, issues like data theft, software breakdowns, or accidental deletion may cause severe threats to your business.

By hosting Lacerte Tax Software on the cloud, you can avert such incidents and easily protect your tax data. Tax software on the cloud automatically backs up the data, and you can always access the required data during any unprecedented events.

Advanced security features you get by hosting Lacerte on the cloud:

  • Two-factor authentication
  • Firewalls
  • Antivirus and Anti-malware
  • Intrusion Detection System (IDS)
  • Intrusion Prevention System (IPS)

3. Seamless Integration with Other Accounting Software

Your business often requires you to integrate the Lacerte tax software with other accounting software.

With the effortless integration feature of Lacerte, you can integrate it with other accounting software, such as QuickBooks.

However, instances occur when the deployment of multiple software or integrations on the same computer may clog down the performance of your computer.

This is where hosting Lacerte Tax Software on the cloud comes to the rescue. You can quickly scale cloud storage resources and save time and effort; otherwise, you’d have invested in upgrading your desktop computer.

Reputed Lacerte Hosting service providers like Ace Cloud offer custom support for any application you need on the cloud to work seamlessly with your Lacerte-hosted setup.

4. Cost-Effective

Unlike an on-premise solution, hosting Lacerte Tax Software on the cloud doesn’t require installing the application on your computer system.

This is because the cloud-hosted solution is installed and runs on terminal servers. As a result, you don’t need to invest in a dedicated system or upgrade your existing infrastructure.

In addition to the above, by availing of cloud-hosted Lacerte tax software services, you get features like remote upgrades and 24×7, 365-day technical support.

This can significantly reduce your IT workforce and resources, thus saving you a lot of money. Moreover, the cloud-hosted solution lets you quickly scale your IT resources, such as CPU speed, RAM, hard disk storage, and more.

With a tax software hosting provider, you can choose the pay-as-you-go model. With this pricing model, you only pay for resources you and your team use and you won’t pay for unnecessary hosting features.

Scaling up or down your resources in an on-premises Lacerte setup isn’t easy, unlike cloud hosting, which lets you scale up or down as per your business requirements like a breeze.

5. Effective Collaboration

Gathering data from clients and sharing it with your colleagues is a never-ending process in tax filing. As such, you often need to stick to repetitive tasks that could hamper productivity.

Hosting Lacerte Tax Software on the cloud allows all your tax and accountant professionals to work on the same platform.

Additionally, you can make the tax filing process faster as your clients and professionals can simultaneously work on the same file.

Isn’t it an excellent way to eliminate the monotony of tax-related tasks and ensure the efficiency of your tax workflow? Cloud-hosted Lacerte software also offers cross-device compatibility and real-time collaboration.

Your employees can ensure faster and smoother processing of taxes while working remotely and maintaining top-notch productivity.

6. High Uptime

Unaltered access to tax data and high uptime, especially during tax seasons, are among the primary requirements of many businesses. Hosting Lacerte Tax Software on the cloud ensures this quite effectively.

With high uptime, you get the assurance of uninterrupted access to Lacerte tax software and all your files with minimum to no downtime around the year.

Opting for tax software on the cloud with a reliable hosting provider guarantees a high uptime of 99.99%. It’d further offer you more time, ensuring you complete the work with ample time.

7. Transparent Client Interaction

The movement of various tax files across customers, accountants, and tax professionals is inevitable when filing tax returns. Distribution of such data can be challenging, depending on the size and business value.

All stakeholders can work on the same platform by hosting Lacerte Tax software on the cloud. These stakeholders could be at different locations and using other devices. Yet, they can access the data simultaneously over the internet.

That said, filing tax returns with more agile teamwork becomes simpler. From a security viewpoint, the admin can manage the permissions for all the stakeholders and track changes in real time.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. What is Lacerte hosting?

    Moving Lacerte Tax Software to the cloud is known as Lacerte hosted. In this scenario, Lacerte is installed on third-party cloud servers. The hosting provider then maintains the server and entire IT management. You and your tax firm have remote access to Lacerte Software with flexibility, enhanced security, and other hosted Lacerte features.

  2. Why host Lacerte Tax Software?

    Hosting Lacerte on the cloud offers numerous advantages including remote accessibility, better data accessibility, enterprise-grade security, better team collaboration, etc.

  3. Is Lacerte cloud-based?

    No, Lacerte is a desktop-based tax preparation and filing software. However, you can hire a cloud provider to get Lacerte hosted.

  4. How much does Lacerte Tax Hosting cost?

    Typically, it depends upon the total number of users, add-on integrations, and features required. For a complete idea, check out Ace Cloud Lacerte tax hosting pricing.

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Final Thoughts

Hosting Lacerte Tax Software on the cloud offers you all the features and reliability of the on-premise version. Besides, you get added benefits from the cloud, such as remote access, high-end data security, integration with other accounting software, transparent client interaction, and more.

If you prefer hosting Lacerte Tax Software on the cloud or want to know more about the solution, please get in touch with our Solutions Consultant. You can call us directly @ +1-855-223-4887 or write to us at [email protected].

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