Lacerte Remote Access: 5 Benefits

Tax software has made the tedious tax return and filing processes simpler for the accounting professionals and tax preparers. It also reduces the possibility of errors during tax filing.

Lacerte Remote Access: 5 Benefits
Nowadays, there are several tax software in the market to choose from, and Lacerte is one of the predominantly used software, according to a survey by Journal Of Accountancy.

Lacerte tax software meets the needs of individual taxpayers as well as business clients for a coherent tax filing process. Users prefer Lacerte software for its wide range of features that include:

  • User-friendly interface,
  • Comprehensive form library,
  • Hassle-free E-organizer,
  • E-signature,
  • Error Diagnostics,
  • Automated calculations, and much more.

But being a desktop software, remote accessibility of Intuit Lacerte software becomes a hindrance for accounting professionals dealing with clients and team based across the globe.

Here, cloud hosting comes as a rescue. By moving Lacerte software to cloud, remote accessibility becomes possible without compromising the features and tax data security.

What Does Moving Lacerte To Cloud Means?

Moving Lacerte to cloud (or Lacerte remote access) means that your Lacerte software and data are stored on a secured data server of a third-party application hosting provider. The software and data can be accessed easily on a browser or via an RDP, provided by the hosting service provider.

Thus, accounting professionals are not bound to office premises to work on Lacerte. Instead, they can access the software anywhere, anytime, and on any device.

Top Benefits Of Lacerte Remote Access

1. Time Saving

Now, that all of the accounting and tax data is available on the cloud, there is no need to search for files across the storage devices or dig through hundreds of emails.

Because of remote accessibility, there is no need to send to-and-fro emails to get the required information from the team or clients. Thus, Lacerte remote access helps reduce the time consumed for preparing tax returns for a client and increase the number of billable hours of tax preparers.

2. Real-time Collaboration

Tax filing requires gathering data from clients and sharing this data among other stakeholders such as accountant, tax preparer, or partner. Lacerte remote access makes the filing process faster as clients and tax professionals can work on the same file at the same time.

Different geographical locations do not obstruct the tax process as you and your teamwork on a common platform.

3. Enhanced Security

Tax data and files are extremely confidential, and the security of this data is essential for accounting/CPA firms. Storing this data locally makes it vulnerable to security threats such as data loss or data breach.

When accountants and CPAs choose Lacerte cloud hosting, they get high-end security such as:

  • Two-factor authentication,
  • Intrusion Detection System (IDS),
  • Intrusion Prevention System (IPS),
  • Antivirus and Anti-malware,
  • Firewalls, and more.

Also, the hosting provider offers regular data backup to make sure your business runs smoothly, even in case of any loss or damage of data.

4. Easy Integration

Intuit Lacerte alone cannot meet all the needs and requirements of a tax professional. Thus, Lacerte needs to be integrated with some third-party apps and services for increased productivity and efficiency.

For example, Lacerte tax software can seamlessly integrate with QuickBooks, SmartVault, Intuit Link, Pay-by-Refund, and many other software.

But installing all applications on a local device often leads to slow performance of the machine, which can affect a firm’s billable hours. While with Lacerte hosting, all the applications and their data are stored/run on cloud servers, resulting in a faster and smoother tax filing process.

5. Pay-as-you-Go

Lacerte tax software hosting caters to the needs of firms of every size, be it small or big.

Firms do not need to pay for the hosting features/resources that are not relevant to them. If the firm is small and the number of users is limited or if a firm is expanding and want to increase the number of users, they are priced as per their needs.

Besides, the number of users, storage, apps, and other services can be easily upgraded or downgraded according to the business requirements.

With the fast-paced life, these days and tax season 2020 is near, every minute is the crucial decider of how well the accounting firm performs amongst its competitors. And the cloud technology is here to make every second profitable. Move your Lacerte software to the cloud today!

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