Top 5 Features of Sage 50 You Should Know About

Accounting industry in the U.S. is embracing the advanced technologies that are coming up in the market. The tax industry is also adopting the idea of ‘making tax digital’ at a high rate.

In the past, one could easily find accountants working manually to manage their clients’ data and filing taxes. However, they now love using the best-in-class accounting software to handle their work-related responsibilities, one of which is Sage 50 software.

Top 5 Features of Sage 50 You Should Know AboutKnown as one of the leading accounting software, Sage 50 is loved by accountants and accounting firms. This software is best suited to handle accounting tasks related to small and big businesses. It processes the information faster and has accounting-specific functions, such as accounts payables and receivables, bill payment, expense management, sales reporting, etc.

All these features have been designed to help businesses manage their finances.

Moreover, when backed by cloud technology, a cloud-hosted Sage 50 software can add more flexibility to the accounting process, along with many other benefits.

The popularity of Sage 50 software is growing with time because of its impressive features and functionalities. Still, some accountants have not yet started using it as they do not know much about the benefits of using this advanced software.

If you are one of them, here are the top five features of Sage 50 you need to know –

1. Cash Flow Management

For accountants, dealing with the expenses incurred by their clients is a tough task. They spend a good number of hours each month to create financial reports manually to keep track of the cash flowing in and out for each of their clients.

But with the help of Sage 50 accounting software, you can easily get the automated reports generated timely. You can even look for the most suitable layout of the reports before downloading them for use.

Furthermore, you need not update or edit these financial reports when using them for presentations. It is because they are already downloadable in impressive presentable layouts, thus saving you and your staff valuable hours at work.

2. Sales Optimization

No matter how small or big a business they own, all your clients need to track the orders received and sales target met in a specific period. To support their organized sales processes, which includes creating quotes, sales orders, and sales invoices, Sage 50 software can be of great help to you.

Your clients rely on you for your accounting services, and you can rely upon this software to provide sales optimization reports. Creating quotes and proposals, converting them to sales orders and invoices, keeping track of all the customers, etc., it all becomes easier when you use this software.

3. Payroll

Do you work for the clients who have hundreds of employees they need to pay every month? Ask them about payroll, and you will most probably get to hear it’s one of the most daunting tasks they need to do.

With the help of Sage 50 software, you can lay a helping hand to them with Payroll services. It has the in-built Payroll feature which your clients can use to pay their employees, track profits, and report taxes.

Since this advanced software is compliant with the latest payroll and pension legislation, you can always be on the safe side.

You can even get the convenience of accessing payroll related information anywhere and anytime by getting Sage 50 software hosted on the cloud.

4. Payment Acceptance and Invoicing

For your clients’ businesses, invoicing is an essential task while dealing with finances. In fact, it is not generally easy for them to create invoices for all their customers manually. Plus, you cannot eliminate the risk of human errors during manual invoice creation.

To make your client’s life more comfortable, you can start to use Sage 50 software with which you can easily create, edit, and send invoices. This way, you can minimize the risk of late or missed payments. You can even track payments to know about your clients’ finances.

Moreover, Sage 50 can integrate with add-ons like Sage Checks and Forms and Sage AP Automation to streamline their AP and AR tasks and automate data entry tasks for more efficiency.

5. Inventory Management

For businesses that sell products, poor inventory management can result in loss of sales. On the one hand, not having enough stock may pass the sale to the competitors. While on the other, holding an excess stock is not budget-friendly at all.

If some of your clients are facing poor inventory management issues, you can help them up with the use of Sage 50 software. With its inventory management feature, you can help them stay profitable.

With the real-time stock data in this software, you can tell your clients about what they should stock more and what they should discontinue selling. Ultimately, it will help you and your clients save time, which can be invested where it is needed most.

Wrapping It Up

With Sage 50 accounting software, you can simplify the accounting and similar other tasks you do when at work for your clients. You can give your clients the confidence that you handle all their business-related tasks accurately as expected, be it accounting, payroll, inventory management, etc.

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