How to Remote Access ATX Professional Tax Software?

ATX professional tax software is an advanced tax preparation software best suited for SMBs, CPAs, and freelance accountants that files simple to complex returns. The software offers many features such as ease of use, data transfer within returns, and availability of various forms, which makes it a preferred tax software among tax professionals.

How to Remote Access ATX Professional Tax Software?While the software is preferred by most tax professionals at present, there are few limitations in the desktop version of the software. In today’s age of connectivity, being able to access information and data from anywhere at any time has become a necessity.

Hosting ATX professional tax software on the cloud offers you that benefit.

Here are the steps to remote access ATX tax software on the cloud:

  1. A licensed copy of your ATX tax software is installed on the cloud provider’s virtual server.
  2. Once the server setup is completed, all the desired users of ATX tax software are provided access through the Internet with the below considerations:
    • Connectivity between the users and the server is provided via Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP)
    • Proper security steps are taken to ensure the safety of the application
    • The virtual server is configured to allow users the access of ATX software from any device (laptop, smartphone, tablet, PC, etc.) using any operating system (Windows, iOS, etc.)
  3. Users can access and work on ATX tax software through a web browser or RDP software. All the features and functionality of the application are similar to the desktop version.
  4. Any modification done on the ATX tax software are automatically saved and would appear to the authorized users.

ATX Cloud Hosting vs. ATX on the Local Desktop

To adopt cloud technology or not – a question that has been haunting many businesses for a while now. While most businesses are in support of the cloud, tax preparers are still confused.

Small business owners usually shy away from adopting the latest technological solutions and mostly rely on their traditional methods. However, now when cloud accounting has gained trust among SMBs, it’s high time to host your tax software on the cloud and enjoy the benefits.

Here are some more benefits of hosting your ATX tax software on the cloud:

1. Cloud Hosting Encourages Remote Working

Cloud allows users to work from any location in the world, freeing them for their physical office premises. According to research by Stanford, users working from home are 13% more productive as compared to those working in an office environment. Thus, the cloud allows firms to remodel their processes to cut costs in other business areas.

2. Collaboration Efficiency with ATX Tax Hosting

Hosting your ATX tax software on the cloud gives you the ability to collaborate with clients or your staff easily outside the traditional ways. Even if you’re working from a remote location, you can use cloud technology to give users access to the same files. Cloud also allows users to share information in real time, which helps tax professionals to reduce their time-to-market.

3. More Scalability in The Cloud

Cloud hosting of ATX tax software offers more flexibility as compared to the traditional system. In case you want to scale up resources during the tax season, a cloud-based service can help you meet such demands instantaneously.

Such flexibility can make a huge difference in the overall efficiency of a firm. According to a survey conducted by InformationWeek, 65% of respondents agreed that the ability to meet their business demands quickly was one of the critical reasons for a company to move its business operations to the cloud.

4. Tax Data Security in The Cloud

Security of the data is one of the main concerns of a tax preparer or a CPA. Identity theft and other cybercrimes can ruin a company’s reputation and revenue. However, data on the cloud is more secure than when stored in-house.

The major ATX tax software providers offer advanced security features such as data encryption, multi-factor authentication, access control, and firewall system in place which guarantee data safety.

5. Get Flexible Pricing on The Cloud

With cloud hosting of ATX tax software, you pay only for what you use. Tax professionals and CPAs are usually looking for ways to keep their business expenses to a minimum. With cloud hosting, you don’t need to spend a lot of money on purchasing or maintaining hardware.

6. Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

Protection of data is important for any tax firm. In the traditional method, your data will be stored locally and is prone to data theft, a simple user error, or any other calamity.

Whenever there is a disruptive event such as a power failure or any natural disaster, having your ATX tax software in the cloud ensures that the data can be recovered easily. Cloud technology can also help firms with the prevention of loss by minimizing downtime issues.

7. Cloud Gives More Control Over Data

To keep your tax data secure, document control is essential. You never know what can go wrong if the data goes in the wrong hands, even if it’s an inexperienced user. With ATX tax software hosting, you have the option to whom to give access to edit or modify the file.

With real-time collaboration in the cloud, you don’t have multiple versions of the same file floating around, which makes it easier to control. Thus, cloud lets you streamline your business operations.

8. Get A Competitive Advantage with ATX Hosting

Cloud hosting of ATX professional tax software can provide your business with a strategic advantage over your competitors who are yet to adopt cloud as the deployment time is almost nil.

Moreover, with the scalable cloud environment, small tax firms or independent tax professionals can find themselves on the same level as big companies with great in-house capacity, without spending a lot on infrastructure.

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