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ATX tax software is one of the most preferred professional tax software for CPAs, small accounting firms, and tax preparers. It is readily accepted by its users because of the following features:

  • Extensive library of tax forms
  • User-friendly interface
  • Automated error checker
  • Walkthrough tool for tax filing

10 Add-Ons For ATX Software That Save Time and Money

Despite having various features, there are other attributes like importing data, secure file sharing, automated data entry, and file organization that can enhance its functioning. Integration of ATX with third-party add-ons can help achieve these attributes, making ATX a one-stop tax solution.

Here’s a list of top 11 add-ons to ensure seamless tax process:

Add-ons Function
QuickBooks Accounting software
CCH AnswerConnect Tax research platform
CCH iFirm Practice management module and client portal
Payroll Compliance Reporting e-Filing
SmartVault Document storage and file-sharing
CCH U.S. Master Tax Guide Federal tax law guide
IntelliConnect Tax research
 PaperlessPlus Digital document management
CCH eSign Digital signature
CCH Client Accounting Suite Accounting system
BizFilings Business and legal compliance manager
EFileCabinet Document Management Software

These add-ons ensure a seamless tax filing process by providing added features to your ATX software. Here’s a detailed explanation for each of these add-ons.

1. QuickBooks

QuickBooks is one of the most renowned accounting software in the market. It is used for daily expense tracking, invoicing, billing, managing, and generating reports for planning, profits, etc.

These reports generated in QuickBooks are required for the tax filing process.

ATX tax software integrates with QuickBooks for importing financial and Schedule C data directly into the tax software. This reduces manual data entry processes, which, in turn, improves accuracy and efficiency.

2. CCH AnswerConnect

CCH AnswerConnect is a product by Wolters Kluwer used for tax research. It is used to find answers to tax-related queries. Major tax topics covered by CCH AnswerConnect include federal, state, and international tax laws and regulations, accounting methods, tax season help, inventory, and more.

For easy access to the answers, CCH AnswerConnect uses tools, namely Natural Language Search and CCH SmartCharts. Natural Language Search provides quick suggestions for your queries, and CCH SmartCharts gives links to the primary source for the search.

ATX tax software integrates with CCH AnswerConnect in order to reduce the research hours spent on finding context for tax-related solutions through multiple websites. This add-on enhances your search by providing everything on the fingertips.

3. CCH iFirm

CCH iFirm is a client portal as well as a monitoring suite for tax and accounting businesses. It is mainly used to track workflow, transfer files securely, and allocating resources.

The suite is divided into CCH iFirm Practice Manager and CCH iFirm Client Portal. The Practice Manager helps streamline work and run the business efficiently by tracking jobs, billing, workflow, etc. The Client Portal securely shares client information, tax data, and documents in a convenient way.

ATX software integrates with CCH iFirm to keep track of tax filing data and audit trail of when and by whom documents were uploaded. Moreover, file transfer is carried out securely  on the cloud through a easy to use portal with this integration.

4. Payroll Compliance Reporting

Payroll Compliance Reporting is an add-on used for e-filing of tax returns. It has a user-friendly interface for data entry and the ability to roll-over information from each year.

Tax forms that are prepared using Payroll Compliance Reporting include:

  • Form 941, 940 and 944
  • Form W-2 and W-3
  • Form 1099s and 1098s
  • Form 5498s

ATX tax software integrates with Payroll Compliance Reporting for filing taxes electronically and improving efficiency.

5. SmartVault

SmartVault is an online document storage and file sharing application for businesses of all sizes. It provides security and ease of access to data for clients anytime, anywhere.

SmartVault integrates with leading accounting as well as tax preparation software to simplify the workflow.

ATX tax software integrates with SmartVault in order to import documents from the tax software for better management and secure storage of the same. This add-on also offers built-in templates for new clients, new tax seasons, etc. Moreover, you can easily access your tax documents from anywhere at any time, even from your mobile device.

6. CCH U.S. Master Tax Guide

CCH U.S. Master Tax Guide is a federal tax law guide for tax preparers. It is organized to reflect tax cuts, jobs act, and changes in the federal tax law.

This guide is available in the digital (online and mobile-only) format as well as a printed book.

ATX software integrates with CCH U.S. Master Tax Guide for tax research. It is used for cross-referencing relevant tax law sources which can save your research time. This integration increases efficiency by providing context to all the tax-related information required for federal tax filing.

7. IntelliConnect

IntelliConnect is a tax research platform that helps in finding a solution to any tax-related problem. Topic areas covered under IntelliConnect include:

  • Federal, state and international tax
  • Tax preparation
  • Estate planning

It uses search tools like CCH Browser Search and CCH State Tax NexusExpert to search tax queries. CCH Browser Search directly uses search engines like Google, Bing, or Yahoo to find results to the search query. CCH State Tax NexusExpert is a knowledge center that includes research material, analysis, and tools for tax research.

ATX tax software integrates with IntelliConnect to minimize the time spent on research work, which, in turn, accelerates the pace of the tax filing process.

8. PaperlessPlus

PaperlessPlus is an online document management tool. It is used for secure sharing and storage of files and documents.

PaperlessPlus uses an encrypted file system and customizable folder structure for better management of data. It helps keep track of files using the audit trail feature.

ATX software integrates with PaperlessPlus to store tax returns along with emails, PDFs, scanned documents, among others. This add-on saves time spent on sending and receiving files through emails.

9. Client Accounting Suite

Client Accounting Suite is an accounting system used to improve workflow and productivity. It includes different modules such as write-up, employee list, account information, payroll, and more.

Client Accounting Suite can help create financial statements efficiently using built-in templates. You can easily import data from third-party accounting software like QuickBooks and Sage 50.

ATX tax software integration with Client Accounting Suite helps to sync client data in order to reduce redundant data entry. This further improves accuracy while filing tax returns.

10. BizFilings

BizFilings is a business and legal compliance manager and offers services for the same. It helps in document preparation, tax filing, business name check, business license, and much more. BizFilings also helps to track important compliance events for the state of incorporation using its service called BizComply.

ATX software integrates with BizFilings for multi-state filings, client write-ups, and tax report preparation.

11. EFileCabinet

EFileCabinet is another Document Management Software that has offered accountants and tax professionals with a centralized platform to organize their documents and files.

EFileCabinet automates the manual data entry by using Zonal OCR based technology. Moreover, it makes the document locating process simpler through an intelligent organization system that offers folder templates and pre-defined file-names to enter the mass volume of data.

ATX tax software integration with eFileCabinet ensures a secure environment for tax professionals to share crucial documents with their clients.

Complete Tax Solution with Add-ons

ATX tax software is a powerful solution for tax filing during the times of constantly changing tax laws. However, its integration with the add-ons not only enhances the functionality of your ATX tax software but also help you get the most out of it.

Do you know other useful add-ons for ATX tax software? Let us know in the comments section.

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