How Does ATX Cloud Hosting Benefits Tax Professionals?

Tax preparation was never easy until the inception of some robust software programs. ATX is one of them. One of the popular tax preparation programs, ATX, makes tax preparation easy. Over the years, tax professionals and individual tax preparers have been using ATX to make their tax practices more productive. The software is an excellent option that lets you focus on the details you need to get workflow accuracy, efficiency, and profitability. However, with time, businesses are switching to ATX cloud hosting to use the software’s full potential. Cloud-hosted ATX gives you some unique benefits that take you on a tax filing journey you’ve never experienced before.

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Read on to explore how hosted ATX software on the cloud is a value-addition factor for tax professionals. But first, let’s understand what ATX cloud hosting is.

What is ATX Cloud Hosting?

ATX cloud hosting is the process of hosting the ATX desktop software on the remote servers of cloud hosting providers. Using compatible smart devices, you can access the ATX hosted desktop software from anywhere and anytime. Tax professionals, CPA firms, and individual tax preparers find cloud-hosted ATX extremely useful as the technology solution enables them to access powerful computing resources. It helps them manage tax operations and file returns with utmost accuracy.
Hosting ATX on the cloud saves you significant time, which you can use to focus on the core area of your business. This is because when you use ATX cloud hosting services from a cloud hosting provider, they take care of all the IT-related requirements. In addition, you get round-the-clock IT support for all your cloud-hosted ATX-related queries and concerns.
ATX, integrated with cloud technology, features the same UI and functionalities you are aware of; however, with added benefits of the cloud. These include round-the-clock accessibility, superior performance, high-end data security, improved collaboration, and more.

Benefits of ATX Cloud Hosting

Now that you have an overview of cloud-hosted ATX software, read on to explore the benefits of ATX cloud hosting. Here’s a look at them:

Remote Accessibility

According to a survey, “approximately 34 percent of workers prefer working in the cloud and will look for a new job if they are required to return to the office.”
ATX hosted desktop software allows you to access tax data, business documents, and other sensitive data from anywhere and at any time. It means you don’t need to be physically present in the office or work on a dedicated computer system. Whether on vacation, at home, or while on the move, you can easily file taxes using your preferred devices.
ATX Tax Software Hosting
With remote access to your data, you can save the expenses required to travel to the office. Besides, you don’t need to rent physical office space and arrange dedicated computer systems for your employees. You can ask them to use their preferred devices from anywhere. They can use devices like smartphones, tablets, iPad, laptops, etc. while maintaining a work-life balance with improved productivity.


It takes a lot of time and money to arrange storage space for tax data, do the software setup, and maintain them. Besides, you need to invest significantly in renting physical space for the office.
With ATX cloud hosting in place, you don’t need to invest in any of the aspects mentioned above in your business. ATX hosting doesn’t even require you to install the software on computer systems. You get the flexibility to work from anywhere by using account login credentials on your preferred device. Your cloud hosting provider makes it possible by hosting the tax preparation software on remote servers. That said, you don’t need to hire in-house IT professionals to maintain the upkeep of servers or resolve IT-related issues.
For any queries or concerns, you can reach out to hosted ATX tax software support via various means such as phone, email, chat, etc. Reputed ATX hosting providers provide round-the-clock IT support to their customers and ensure that you have a smooth, flexible tax filing experience.

Advanced Data Security

Data security is essential for businesses, especially tax professionals who work on sensitive data. Cloud technology is highly advanced, and hosting ATX on the cloud provides enterprise-level data security from various threats. These include hardware theft, physical damage to storage devices, accidental data loss, etc.
ATX Tax Software HostingLeading ATX hosting providers deploy advanced security mechanisms to ensure the security of your mission-critical data. These include:

  • Multi-level firewalls
  • End-to-end data encryption
  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Antivirus
  • Antimalware
  • Intrusion Detection and Prevention System

In addition to the above, cloud hosting providers monitor every potential cyber threat to protect your data. Besides, they keep on replicating the data in multiple remote servers. You can retrieve your data quickly and ensure business continuity if a natural disaster occurs.

Easy Add-on Integrations

Augmenting the tax filing process requires tax professionals to use third-party applications and tax preparation software. Using the desktop version of ATX, you might not be able to accomplish this. It is because the desktop-based application doesn’t offer features like automated document entry, file sharing, etc. As a result, you need to purchase third-party applications and then integrate them with ATX, compromising the performance of the software.
With ATX hosted desktop software, you can easily overcome this limitation as it offers seamless integration with third-party software. Cloud-hosted ATX imports and exports all the data from one application to ATX and vice versa easily. Easy integration of the tax software with third-party applications improves the scalability of the process, ensuring no adverse effect on performance.

Team Collaboration Gets Easier

The process of tax filing involves approvals from different departments as well as from clients. It requires a strong collaboration amongst the stakeholders to file the taxes faster and stay up to date with any changes.
Working on a desktop-based ATX setup, you’d get approvals via email or send files from one place to another, which is time-consuming. However, with ATX cloud hosting, you can efficiently collaborate with team members from anywhere and simultaneously work on a single file. It means that any changes to a file are visible in real time, enabling everyone to make the process of data management more simplified.

High Uptime

Ensuring high server uptime is crucial for maintaining a business’s productivity and revenue generation. Hosting ATX on the cloud guarantees high uptime, enabling you to have round-the-clock access without any lags.
AtX uptimeReliable cloud hosting providers guarantee high SLA-backed server uptime of even 99.99%. If you plan to choose an ATX hosting provider, verify if the service provider has good uptime records. If any of them offers a free trial for ATX hosting, go for it and see if the server performance meets your expectations.

Wrapping it Up

Cloud technology is paramount for every industry, especially for tax professionals using ATX tax software. Features like remote access, data security, team collaboration, etc., allow tax professionals to manage tax filing more efficiently and accurately. Besides, hosting ATX on the cloud eliminates hiring human resources to maintain and support the on-premise IT infrastructure.
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