Top 10 Add-ons For QuickBooks Point-of-Sale Software

QuickBooks POS (QB POS) is one of the best Point-of-Sale solutions in the retail industry, which makes the retail process fast and efficient. It provides Point-of-Sale features such as inventory management, payment and return processing, and many more.

Despite having various features, there are some requirements in every retail process that cannot be fulfilled by QuickBooks POS alone.

Top 10 Add-ons For QuickBooks Point-of-Sale SoftwareRanging from small businesses to multi-store business, retailers need additional tools and applications which can give them hassle-free management of retail processes.

To fulfill and enhance the retail experience, add-ons (also called third-party tools) are integrated with QuickBooks Point-of-Sale software to save time and money, automate information processing, maintain CRM, market products on platforms, and many more.

Here are top 10 add-ons for QuickBooks POS to ensure seamless retail process:

Addons Functions
Agiliron eCommerce Solution Suite
Method:CRM Customizable CRM
HandiFox Inventory and Sales Management
TimeTracker Payroll and Billing Management
InvoiceTracker Accounts Receivable
QQube Reporting and Analytics
Shopify eCommerce Solution Suite
WooCommerce eCommerce and data sync
SmartScan Barcode Scanning
EasyCommision Financial Services

Let’s explore these add-ons in detail:

1. Agiliron

Agiliron is an omnichannel commerce suite for retail, wholesale, and eCommerce businesses.

It allows its users to sell products across multiple platforms like Amazon, eBay, B2C Websites, but manage inventory as well as sales in one place only.

When integrated with QuickBooks, it automatically syncs with the QuickBooks accounting file, item list, and company information. It also syncs all customer purchases, sales receipts, invoices, orders, sales returns, credits, sales tax, and more.

2. Method:CRM

Method CRM is the most customizable CRM platform for QuickBooks Point-of-Sale users as it seamlessly integrates with it and provides solutions to every unique business need.

With Method CRM, customers and leads are centralized in a shared contact list. It makes the sales process fasters as it allows the sales team to get an estimate without access to QuickBooks accounting software.

Method’s sync with QuickBooks allows users to create complete streamlined workflows across the entire company by making customer information, transactions, and order details available.

3. HandiFox

HandiFox is the leading mobile inventory tracking and sales management software solution that seamlessly integrates with QuickBooks POS.

It allows small and medium-sized businesses to automate their sales, make the deliveries faster without any errors, and improve time estimates. HandiFox provides an intuitive interface on an easy-to-use mobile platform with a scanner.

Its integration with QuickBooks allows the inventory transactions such as purchase orders, invoices, sales orders, and transfers to be directly sent to HandiFox software running on mobile devices during each synchronization.

4. TimeTracker

TimeTracker is the third-party tool by eBility that offers employee time tracking for billing, payroll, and productivity management.

It eliminates the use of data entries and spreadsheets, thus saving time and money. It provides the feature of tracking employees in different locations, even offline.

With the seamless integration with QB POS, it is easy to track time and expenses from anywhere. Also, invoices and processing payrolls becomes quick and easy in QuickBooks.

5. InvoiceTracker

InvoiceTracker is also an addon by eBility that automates business accounts receivable by sending automated payment reminders via email and helps to follow-up on unpaid invoices.

It helps in making informed business decisions by improving the cash flow and keep track of it in real time. Also, it provides the feature of customized email templates for reminders to add a human touch and maintain client relationships with legitimate messages.

InvoiceTracker with QuickBooks connects to accounts in just few clicks. It syncs with QuickBooks POS in every few minutes so that when a payment is received, the email reminders stop.

6. Circulus (formerly XTBills)

Circulus is a bill and expense payment solution in which retailers can schedule the bill processing date and choose to pay via ACH or check.

It allows owners to view payment history, outstanding payments, vendor balances and helps to keep track of the cash flow. It provides the feature of simple enter-and-pay to controlled approval processing payments, according to the business needs.

Circulus seamlessly integrates with the QuickBooks Point-of-Sale, and automatic data synchronization is kept streamlined and accurate in both the accounts.

7. Shopify

Shopify is a tool by Connex for QuickBooks POS that automates the accounting, inventory, and order management from all the sales channels.

It provides built-in tools that help to create and execute social media campaigns on Facebook and Google. A single dashboard is available to manage all the eCommerce channels in one place.

On integration with QuickBooks, double entries are eliminated, and common inventory issues like oversells, missing items are solved.

8. SmartScan

SmartScan is a third-party tool that is developed for QuickBooks users to print bar code labels from item list or transactions easily.

It eliminates the exporting of products information to spreadsheets, SmartScan connects directly to QuickBooks POS to retrieve the bar code information.

Moreover, it allows printing labels in the single print run.

9. WooCommerce

WooCommerce is the most customizable eCommerce platform for starting an online retail business that allows retailers to sync all sales channels with QuickBooks Point-of-Sale in real-time.

It provides easy two-way sync with QuickBooks POS. WooCommerce is entirely an open-source app in which there is no limit of products or users.

Furthermore, it is supported with every QuickBooks version and dedicated 24/7 support is provided by live chat, support ticket, or email.

10. EasyCommission

EasyCommission is an add-on that is used for calculating the sales commissions. It is a web-based application that allows the owners and sales representative to access information directly over the Internet, from anywhere, anytime. Also, it offers various commission plans for each user.

It seamlessly integrates with QuickBooks POS and takes the sales data of sales representatives, applies commission calculations and, produces commission statements.

To Sum It Up

With the flawless integration of add-ons with QuickBooks POS, retailers can improve the way retail processes are performed. They not only save time and money but also enhance the overall productivity of the business.

Do you know other QuickBooks POS add-ons? Let us know in the comments section.

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