QuickBooks Enterprise Solution (QBES) is a thoughtfully designed end-to-end accounting solution suitable for any business (regardless of the size) and multiple industries such as retail, real estate, accounting, manufacturing, and more.

When compared to other editions of QuickBooks, QB Enterprise comes with the most advanced features and an easy-to-use interface.

QuickBooks Enterprise Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond: What's the Difference?

Built primarily for professionals who do not belong to an accounting background, QB Enterprise is simple enough for everyone. It is capable of handling daily business processes while offering multiple advanced features like smart reports, inventory management, and higher data storage capacity for handling complex needs.

With the solution offering a vast range of simple as well as advanced features, it offers different variants – Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond.

Naturally, Platinum and Diamond are on the expensive side as they offer more advanced features, Gold is a mid-range version, and Silver is the most basic and pocket-friendly version of QuickBooks Enterprise.

Now, it’s time to have a look at each variant in detail. Let’s move from the most basic variant to the most advanced.

QuickBooks Enterprise Silver

QB Enterprise Silver is the budget-friendly edition of the feature-rich QB Enterprise. It supports all the basic functions necessary to run any business smoothly. This edition comes with customer support, product upgrades, advanced reporting but lacks features such as inventory management and advanced payroll.

QB Enterprise Silver features include: 

  • 30-user accounts
  • Dedicated Customer Success Manager
  • Online storage
  • Loyalty program
  • Advanced reporting
  • Invoice tracking

QuickBooks Enterprise Gold

QB Enterprise Gold is a mid-range version that offers a balance between advanced features and budget. It offers all the features of QB Enterprise Silver, but the most striking difference is Enhanced Payroll Processing.

With this feature, the users can:

  • Process payroll for a large workforce
  • Generate W-2 forms automatically
  • Deposit the employees’ salaries directly in their bank accounts
  • Print and create as many paychecks they want
  • Address and fulfill tax requirements without worrying about penalties
  • Calculate taxes as per the latest norms

QuickBooks Enterprise Platinum

QuickBooks Enterprise Platinum edition is a perfect business solution for industries that deal with manufacturing and supply chain. It has two advanced features – Inventory Management and Advanced Pricing. By these, the users can track their inventory and have control over product pricing.

With QB Enterprise Platinum, users can: 

  • Maintain the right inventory levels
  • Manage priority sales orders
  • Generate custom reports
  • Track items at multiple warehouses
  • Generate revenue along with offering discounts to the customers
  • Define and apply multiple pricing rules
  • Execute time-bound product promotions

QuickBooks Enterprise Diamond

QB Enterprise Diamond is the most advanced, powerful, and flexible solution in the QuickBooks lineup. This version is suitable for creating a customized solution, meeting complex business needs, and increasing employee productivity. It lets you manage your business with QuickBooks Time Elite, Assisted Payroll, VIP support, and more. You can create a maximum of 40 user accounts (10 more than any other version of QB Enterprise).

With QB Enterprise Diamond, you can:

  • Pay your employees in less than 3 minutes with Assisted Payroll
  • Sync your QB solution with the help of a CRM connector
  • Eliminate the chances of duplicate data entry
  • Get priority support with VIP Support
  • Track employee timesheets and manage your projects better with QuickBooks Time Elite

Please note that if you need a powerful QB Enterprise solution with which you can integrate multiple third-party applications without affecting system performance, it is advised to host your QuickBooks Enterprise Solution on the cloud.


QuickBooks Enterprise Solution (QBES) has variants that suit every business need and budget. Business owners can opt for the version that meets their requirements and fits their budget. Also, the prices may vary according to the number of users you choose.

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