QuickBooks Desktop Editions- Which Is the Perfect Fit for Your Needs?

Dispatching services in a timely fashion is the soul of any business. Therefore, every business requires tools that are able to readily provide services in a short span of time. QuickBooks software has arrived as a boon to all accounting business where fine and accurate data can be produced to provide high-quality service to customers.

QuickBooks Desktop Editions Which Is the Perfect Fit for Your Needs2

This software gives freedom from bulky manual work. Now, more emphasis can be laid on increasing the QoS (Quality of Service) and on finding new ways to bring success to the accounting business. With QuickBooks, the easy achievement of a realistically set accounting target can be assured.

The Hard-To-Ignore Features of QuickBooks for Hassle-free Accounting

QuickBooks accounting software is highly flexible in carrying out smart accounting activities and is the first choice for entrepreneurial business firms. QuickBooks offer features that help to ease accounting tasks, such as:

  • It tracks the data of all the invoices and generates customized reports with the most precise and easy-to-understand manner. The report can be exported to any desired format like PDF, Excel, CSV, etc.
  • QuickBooks help keep track of time and billable hours of employees and add the same to their invoices.
  • It can integrate with many third-party add-ons, including various tax software, time tracking applications, and document management that increase the functionality of the accounting software.
  • It consists of automatic reminders for due payments, bills, invoices, and more.

QuickBooks For Industry-Specific Solutions

QuickBooks is available for industry-specific purposes as well. Based on the size of the company, the functionality and modules can be different. The data fields in industry-specific editions are related to the commonly used accounting terms specific to that business. The three main editions of QuickBooks covering different ranges of functionalities are:

  • Pro Version– It is for small business purposes, simplified and low-cost software.
  • Premier Version– It is the advanced version, has more features than Pro but less features than Enterprise.
  • Enterprise Version– It provides full access and control to the various features that are required for accounting.

Here is a detailed overview of each of the QuickBooks desktop versions mentioned above:

1. QuickBooks Pro

QuickBooks Pro is basic-level accounting software that caters to the needs of small to medium-sized businesses and can support up to 3 users simultaneously. It is available in two variants: QuickBooks Pro and QuickBooks Pro Plus.

It helps to create reports, invoices, estimates, purchase orders, and more. Businesses can send multiple invoices to the clients at a time via email and track up to 14,500 clients through QuickBooks Pro.

2. QuickBooks Premier

QuickBooks Premier is a sturdy accounting application that covers more features compared to QuickBooks Pro. It can support up to 5 user licenses and is also available in two variants- Premier and Premier Plus.

It offers industry-specific inventories to track and create reports for all the expenses. QuickBooks Premier also includes an added feature of the sales forecast to predict revenues and cashflow.

3. QuickBooks Enterprise

QuickBooks Enterprise is an advanced application that offers an extensive set of features to its users. It can support up to 40 active user licenses simultaneously. Intuit offers QuickBooks Enterprise in three variants- Silver, Platinum, and Diamond depending upon the requirements of its users.

It offers advanced, easy-to-use functionality that includes built-in customized templates for generating required reports. QuickBooks Enterprise also automates most of the calculations for payrolls and tax payments. It has six times the capacity compared to other QuickBooks products.

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QuickBooks is low in cost but high in functionality. To make this experience even better, QuickBooks hosting can be a feasible pick. Why would you need it?

The installation of QB software on your local machine can sometimes be troublesome. Besides, the data storage and access functionality becomes limited, which leads to improper utilization of a good number of features offered by QuickBooks.

How QuickBooks Hosting Can Make Accounting Experience Better?

With remotely installed software, accountants can simply surpass the IT troubles in terms of incompatibilities. The multi-user environment with data storage and access through a central point can be an added advantage for easy working and consistent data availability.

On top of this seamless experience, the hosted files can be accessed and modified from anywhere, anytime, with the help of an internet-supported digital device. With all these benefits at a small cost, hosted QuickBooks is but a deal in the black for accountants.

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