4 Ways To Increase Your Productivity With QuickBooks Desktop

QuickBooks is one of the most popular software for accounting and financial management. It is feature-studded, reliable, and has a simple user interface. A popular software among every line and size of business, it can hold up to your expectation of unique accounting requirements.


While QuickBooks Desktop version is incredible and has a simple User Interface, there are a lot of shortcuts available which can help you work faster. Various other ways can improve your effectiveness with QuickBooks and keep your accounting practice relevant in the tech-savvy era.

Here are some useful tips to make your QuickBooks experience better, makes you more productive, and save you a lot of your precious time.

1. Use the Power of Cloud by Hosting QuickBooks on it

Cloud Computing has spread its root in almost every business, including finance. It has also empowered the functionalities of the popular desktop software such as QuickBooks. It has brought ease of performing tasks along while providing all the features of basic software.

When you host QuickBooks on the cloud, you need not worry about being present at the office all the time to work on it. You can access the software from any web-enabled device, thus implementing cross-device usage and this doesn’t mean you are jeopardizing with the security of the data since only authorized users can access it.

All the features of your desktop version are available with the cloud version. Hosting with cloud also takes away the hassle of regular update and maintenance of software. It also lets you collaborate with your team easily and on the same QuickBooks file.

Moreover, it saves you the cost of infrastructure you need to have to run the desktop version of QuickBooks.

2. Learn and Use QuickBooks Keyboard Shortcuts

So, with the easy to use functionalities and several built-in forms, QuickBooks has got things sorted for you. However, you can still make better use of it. Intuit, the developer of QuickBooks, has hidden treasures for you in the form of keyboard shortcuts to make your QuickBooks desktop experience way better.

QuickBooks keyboard shortcuts execute a task faster. If you are using your mouse, there are high chances that it can back you off because of time you require to search for an option and break concentration.

Using keyboard shortcuts is supposed to make you more efficient and accurate. There are various keyboard shortcuts like:

  1. Ctrl + R – Use Register
  2. Ctrl + I – Create Invoice
  3. Ctrl + J – Open customer center

There is a lot more can be done via keyboard shortcuts. Check this infographic that lists all important keyboard shortcuts for QuickBooks desktop.

3. Implement Data Security

There is nothing more important than the security of data. The recent growth in cyberattacks has put your data on a compromise if the security infrastructure is not implemented correctly. According to CSIS, the cyberattacks are not even sparing government agencies.

So, what you can do to secure your data? Following are some points to keep in mind to protect your data:-

a) Data Encryption – Encryption is a process of converting your data into another form known as “ciphertext” with the help of key that appears to be meaningless, and this is done to make sure that others can’t comprehend your critical information.

So, in this process, “Apple” can be converted to “CR727” with some key which no outsider will be able to understand.

b) Strong access control – Be aware of whom you allow to access your data. Create a strong password policy and also include biometrics or one-time login passwords as multi-factor authentication.

c) Backup – Always create a backup of your important If by chance your data on the cloud is inaccessible, you can always count on to your backup on local disks.

 4. Integrate with Right Apps and Add-ons

Though QuickBooks is one of the useful accounting software available for businesses, there are certain requirements of business models that QuickBooks desktop version doesn’t entertain. To support QuickBooks with that, there are various add- on or apps available.

These add-ons and apps can integrate easily to get your work done according to your business need. It also streamlines the data sharing between the different apps, which reduces the chances of errors in manual data entry and also saves your accounting staff from certain level of burden.


QuickBooks Desktop is itself a masterpiece software by Intuit, but as the time processes it is critical to look for the ways to get your work done faster and efficiently. You need certain other functionalities for that. If you are hosting it on a cloud with some authorized third-party servers, you can access it easily from anywhere and collaborate with your colleagues in real time.

The shortcuts come in handy every day to save you the time of finding an option on the software and using it. Your data is secure with the cloud if you have applied all the preventive measures and allow authorized access to it.

Integration with other apps is helpful to keep you up ahead among others by providing you different features. So with all the tips and tricks discussed above, you can make most out of your QuickBooks and pave your way to be super productive at work.

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