[Infographic] QuickBooks Shortcuts to Make Life Easier for Accountants

QuickBooks shortcuts are the combination of keyboard keys that execute specific tasks. For professionals working on QuickBooks, using the shortcuts can enhance the speed as they don’t have to use the mouse to dig into the menu for various options.

Using keyboard shortcuts is a practice that is proven to make the users more efficient and precise with operations. QuickBooks accounting software is richly packed with various features and options for accounting professionals to keep them organized and accurate.

If you are using the mouse to reach these options in various menus, it can slow you down and can often be distracting with information.

The infographic below lists the important QuickBooks shortcut of the activities that are most used.

QuickBooks Shortcuts to Make Life Easier for Accountants Infographicquickbooks-shortcuts-accountants-infographic

You can use the embedding code of the infographic to share it on different platforms, or you can download it on your device to keep it handy to memorize important QB shortcuts when required.

How Using QuickBooks Shortcuts Makes You Efficient

Initially memorizing the shortcuts and bringing them into practice can be time-consuming if you are already familiar with the use of mouse for navigation activities. However, for regular QuickBooks users, using QuickBooks shortcuts can be an efficient way once they bring it in regular practice because:

  • Using shortcuts reduce the hand movement from keyboard to mouse.
  • It reduces the time you spend searching for the option that’s buried under a different level of menu options.
  • It keeps your concentration on the task at hand as you can use the keyboard shortcut without moving your eyeballs to the menu (or other sections to look for the feature/option).

Such benefits might look insignificant. However, the users working on QuickBooks with a deadline approaching, the time you save in small split of seconds can eventually be a great efficiency booster at the end of the day.

Considering that tax season, when accounting professionals and tax preparers have to manage multiple clients and workload is humongous, being familiar with QuickBooks shortcut can be your trick to be productive.

Final Note

How many of the mentioned shortcuts do you find useful? Would you like to add more to the list?

Post your comments below to share your opinion on the infographic, or mention you experience with QuickBooks shortcut.

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  • Calico says:

    I appreciate the timing of your blog. With a significant number of users having tight deadlines, each minute matters and such shortcuts play a small but significant role in time-saving.

  • Saha says:

    Can I share it on my social media channels? This infographic would help a lot of friends and colleagues. Thank you for creating such an informative blog.

  • Abraham says:

    You missed out on Ctrl+H, which tells the history of a transaction. It is a very beneficial and useful feature. Apart from that, a well-summarized list.

  • Rad says:

    A very informative infographic. Includes all the shortcuts required which helps to reduce a significant amount of time wasted.

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