How to Pick Sage 100 Hosting Provider? 7 Key Areas to Check Out

Are you planning to move Sage 100 ERP software to the cloud, or are you frustrated with the poor service quality of your hosting provider? If yes, factoring in the key areas to consider a cloud hosting provider will be imperative for your business. Not all Sage 100 hosting providers have the proficiency to suitably support a business. This is because every cloud environment is different, and the inefficiency of hosting providers in understanding this could deteriorate your cloud-hosting experience.


Here, we will guide you through the top 7 areas to check out while zeroing in on a Sage 100 hosting provider. Read on to explore them and prepare yourself for the hosting journey you have never experienced before. 

Why Host Sage 100 on the Cloud? 

Hosting Sage 100 ERP on the cloud brings a bundle of benefits compared to the on-premise software version. The on-premise Sage 100 version requires you to be physically available in your office and use the dedicated computer system to access the software. On the contrary, hosted Sage 100 ERP gives you remote access. It means you don’t have to be confined to a specific location to access the software. You can use your preferred devices, like smartphones, laptops, iPad, tablets, etc., to access the software from anywhere. 

While remote access is one of the significant benefits of hosting Sage 100 ERP on the cloud, various other advantages help you unleash the software’s full features. Here’s a look at them: 

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Data Security: Sage 100 hosting providers ensure that you get complete protection of your mission-critical data when the software is hosted on the cloud. They provide the below-mentioned advanced features to secure the data and protect them from potential online threats: 

  • Regular data backups 
  • Multifactor-authentication 
  • Data Encryption 
  • Multi-level firewall 
  • Intrusion Detection System (IDS) and Intrusion Prevention System (IPS)

high security 

Effective Collaboration: Cloud-hosted Sage 100 ERP enables you to collaborate with your team members seamlessly. Even if your team members aren’t physically available in the office, you can collaborate with them on the cloud and can access, edit, or share the files. Besides, anyone making changes to a file is visible in real time, and you don’t need to maintain multiple versions of the same file. 

Cost-Efficient: With cloud-hosted Sage 100 software, you don’t need to spend anything on IT infrastructure. Additionally, you don’t need to hire in-house professionals to maintain the upkeep of servers. Sage 100 hosting providers take all the measures to facilitate you with the requirements. Besides, they provide round-the-clock customer support to their customers via various channels such as phone, chat, email, etc. 

Choosing a Sage 100 Hosting Provider? Factors to Consider  

Now that you know the unique benefits of hosted Sage 100 software, read on to explore the various factors to consider while choosing Sage 100 hosting providers: 

Basics First – Analyze Business Needs 

The first and foremost thing you need to do is identify your business requirements. Once you list them, check if the potential cloud hosting provider can fulfill them. This is crucial when choosing a cloud hosting provider, as various service providers offer multiple perks and specializations. 

Security Features 

For businesses of any sort and size, data security is paramount. According to Statista, external factors, such as hackers, pose maximum threat to businesses using cloud services. Mitigating such issues requires Sage 100 hosting providers to equip themselves with robust security systems.  

Sage 100 cloud hosting services from such service providers, you get the complete security of your business data. In addition, they will take care of all the security updates, eliminating your requirement to invest in the software update process. Hence, ensure that the cloud hosting provider offers you these benefits to get complete data security. 

Server Uptime Reliability 

It is impossible to access your Sage 100 ERP software and files remotely if the server is down. Maintaining uninterrupted productivity of your business requires you to have round-the-clock access to data. To ensure this, you must avail Sage 100 cloud hosting services from a reputed hosting provider with a proven record of maintaining an SLA-backed server uptime of at least 99.99%. Availing services from such hosting providers would enable you to access the ERP software whenever required, as there will be less chance of the server being down. 

Sage 100 HostingIf you ever encounter a problem with data access or the cloud-hosted Sage ERP software, you must be able to contact the cloud provider for immediate help. So, ensure that the cloud provider has a high server uptime record and has appropriate ways to mitigate downtimes. 

Customer Support 

Another vital factor to consider while choosing a Sage 100 hosting provider is to ensure 24×7, 365-day customer support. You must ensure that the service provider has a dedicated customer support team to assist their customers round the clock. Additionally, ask about the various means by which you can contact the customer support team. You may choose a hosting provider with multiple means of communication like phone, chat, email, etc. 

In addition to the above, ensure that the cloud hosting provider has a low response and resolution time. This will quickly resolve your problems, enabling you to maintain high productivity. 

Experience Level and Field of Expertise 

The availability of multiple Sage 100 hosting providers can make it challenging to select the best fit for your business. In addition, each service provider might have experience hosting a particular software. As such, it is crucial that you verify the below-mentioned details with the cloud hosting provider to get the right environment and resources for the Sage 100 software:  

  • Proficiency in hosting the Sage 100 application 
  • Number of years of experience in Sage 100 application hosting 
  • Check the client base and reliability 

Free Trial 

Commitment by Sage 100 hosting providers must align with their services. You can ask the hosting provider if they offer a free trial to verify this. Using the hosted Sage 100 software for a few days could help you decide whether or not to continue with the service provider. In addition, walk through the hosting provider’s SLA carefully to understand all the terms and conditions before choosing them. 

Subscription Pricing Structure 

When choosing Sage 100 hosting providers, check if they have a flexible Sage 100 cloud pricing structure for their subscription plans – Monthly and Yearly. It will help you choose the appropriate option depending on your business budget. Further, you can ask the hosting provider for itemized cost estimation for Sage 100 hosting and compare it with other service providers. Lastly, get a clear picture of the pricing policy and the services they offer, plus any hidden costs or offer-related discounts. 

Sage 100 Hosting

Customer Feedback 

Going through feedback from old customers will help you make a firm decision when selecting a Sage 100 hosting provider. It will give you valuable insights into the service provider’s actual quality of service. You can visit various social media channels like Facebook and Twitter or search for customer reviews on leading search engines like Google. 

Wrapping it Up 

It is undeniably a fact that cloud-hosted Sage 100 ERP software provides unique benefits to businesses. Features like remote access, data security, collaboration, cost-efficiency, etc., make hosted Sage 100 amongst the leading choices of many. However, measuring the capability of a Sage 100 hosting provider plays a vital role in ensuring these benefits. 

Considering the listed factors will help you choose the best Sage 100 hosting provider. Follow them carefully and prepare yourself for the cloud hosting journey you’ve never experienced before. 

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