A First-Timer’s Guide to Filing Taxes in 2016

Tax filing is not entertaining, but it will not be painful as well if you can follow the right course.

If you are new to tax filing, the smart choice to learn how to get this done instead of delaying for you will require it every year now. As the tax season is here and the deadline for tax filing is closing in, there is still no demand for you to press the panic button. It just needs some calm nerves and thoughtful decisions to smoothly file the taxes.

A First-Timer's Guide to Filing Taxes in 2016

By following guidelines given, you can get a fair projection of how you can deal with the taxes filing.

1. Understand the Basic Tax Terms

When it comes to accounting and taxes, terminologies have a big role to play. There is quite a difference between income, gross income, and taxable income. Then tax slabs, exempts, deductions, and benefits come into the play. To understand how one can file the right tax with the appropriate saving, it is almost essential to understand the basic terminologies. Most of them are pretty simple and understanding them will give a fair idea of how you need to proceed further.

2. Decide If You Can Do It on Your Own or Need an Expert

Now that you know how things work with taxes, you can easily layout the over tax structure that you will be indulged in. Most often, filing the tax as an individual will not have huge complexities. However, a business may have certain complexities that will ask for an expert. So, give a thought on your abilities.

The best possible option is perhaps asking an experienced friend or colleague, in almost similar tax slab as yours if they are able to manage the taxes without much of hassles. If there seems a requirement for the financial advisor, do not shy away from contacting a professional accountant.

3. Pick Your Software

No matters if you are going solo or with a professional accountant, accounting software will help. An accounting software can automate a number of processes with the taxes and eradicates the chances of calculative errors. Furthermore, it takes care of the formats for the printing of forms.

Keeping an updated version at your service will have the latest tax regulations of your state and country, which will help your miles. So, using software is always on the cards.

Going with a financial advisor will mean that you can choose the software of their choice. In other cases, you will have to do some research before finding the best solution. The market is affluently filled with the tax and accounting software, which offer plenty of features.

Intuit’s TurboTax is the leader and H&R Block is the one that follows. Recommended choice of software should consider the solutions that meet your requirements instead of an easier user interface. Moreover, for an enhanced ease of accessibility, hosting tax software on the cloud can be a very effective solution.

Wrapping Up

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has been working pretty well to simplify the things for taxpayers while keeping a check on the tax frauds. It has been working internally with the tax software providers to develop solutions that can control fraud activities.

At the same time, it offers around the clock service for the taxpayers to help during the tax crunch duration and that too is toll-free. So, you can contact the IRS via 1-800-829-1040 when needed. This service can help you find the nearest IRS office or to make an appointment at that office at that office to get handy help.

Keeping visiting website of IRS to check if they have something new to share for your assistance and subscribe to certain accounting and tax blogs to stay updated with the quick tips and solutions.

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