12 Directories to Find CPAs and Accountants for Your Business

Hiring a skilled accountant or Certified Public Accountant (CPA) is essential in achieving financial clarity and making informed decisions that drive business prosperity. However, with abundant accounting professionals available, finding the right fit for your business can take time and effort.

Every dollar counts for businesses, particularly startups, small enterprises, and fast-growing companies. While handling your business accounting independently, hiring a professional accountant or CPA can push your business to the next level.


An experienced CPA professional can help you organize your records, save taxes, set up accounting or tax software such as QuickBooks, ATX, etc., provide guidance and training on the tools and process, and make sure your business accounting is on the right track. Their expertise extends beyond number-crunching to delivering strategic financial advice, safeguarding your path to business success.

For many business owners and entrepreneurs, the challenge lies in finding the right accountant or CPA. You’ll likely be occupied with countless tasks for your business’s success.

To help you find a good accountant or CPA for your business, we have compiled a list of the best websites containing directories of accounting and tax professionals.

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What are the Best Websites to Find CPAs and Accountants?

Here are some of the best CPA directories to find expert CPAs and accountants:


CPAdirectory is one of the most extensive databases of more than 600,000 CPAs and accounting professionals in the United States. This directory provides all the information that is important to seek out the services of a CPA by specified criteria such as experience and type of industry served. You can also read existing customer reviews to ensure you choose the right CPA for your business.

Key Benefits of Using CPAdirectory

  • Access to an extensive network of qualified CPAs
  • Ability to search for CPAs based on specific criteria
  • Detailed profiles of each CPA
  • User reviews and ratings of CPAs
  • Ability to contact CPAs directly through the platform
  • Free to use for businesses

CPA Finder

CPA Finder is another platform to find CPAs and accountants that allows you to search for accountants and CPAs by their name or by ZIP code. This site makes it easier to get all the information about a CPA, such as contact details and specific accounting services, such as tax preparation, auditing, or business consulting.

Key Benefits of Using CPAFinder

  • Access to a large network of experienced CPAs
  • Ability to search for CPAs based on specific criteria
  • Detailed profiles of each CPA, including their credentials, certifications, and areas of specialization
  • “Ask an Expert” feature for getting answers to complex accounting questions
  • Ability to contact CPAs directly through the platform
  • Free to use for businesses

AICPA Directory

AICPA Directory needs no introduction. Established in 1887, The American Institute of CPAs is the world’s largest association of accounting professionals, with more than 431,000 members. AICPA is the easiest and the most reliable way to find a CPA based on their location and area of expertise. This directory lists only those CPAs who hold one of AICPA’s specialty credentials or made their profile public to access and contact.

Key Benefits of Using the AICPA Directory

  • Ability to search for CPAs by specialty area
  • Ability to read client testimonials
  • Detailed information about their experience, qualifications, and areas of specialization

State Board of Accountancy Directories

The AICPA State Boards of Accountancy Links page is a directory of links to the websites of State Boards of Accountancy. AICPA has made it easy for you to search for a CPA professional through their State Board of Accountancy.

The directory is organized by state, with external links to the State Board of Accountancy websites. Each link is accompanied by the name of the State Board of Accountancy, the address of the website, and the phone number of the State Board of Accountancy.

For example, you can visit the Arizona State Board of Accountancy website to find an Arizona-certified CPA

Key Benefits of Using State Board of Accountancy Directories

  • A list of all licensed accountants and CPAs in the state
  • Information about each accountant’s or CPA’s license number, address, phone number, email address, and areas of expertise
  • Information about each accountant’s or CPA’s disciplinary history, if applicable


TaxBuzz is a nationwide directory service with more than 500,000 professionals nationwide that helps you find and connect with the best local tax & accounting professionals. What makes it the best is the feature of reviews from real and verified business owners and local geo-location mapping that ensures you choose the right professional for your business accounting work.

Key Benefits of Using TaxBuzz

  • Tailored algorithm matches users with tax professionals based on specific needs and criteria
  • Transparent reviews from verified clients to aid decision-making
  • Dynamic profiles with multimedia elements showcasing expertise and personality
  • Instantly book appointments and consultations with tax professionals
  • Access to a wealth of tax-related articles and resources for continuous learning

QuickBooks ProAdvisor Database

The Intuit ProAdvisor Database is a directory of Intuit-certified professionals. QuickBooks ProAdvisor is a program by Intuit that certifies accountants and bookkeepers for their proficiency in operating QuickBooks. You can visit the ProAdvisor website and enter your preferred location, services, industry you work for, and the software you use.

Key Benefits of Using ProAdvisor Database

  • Quick access to certified accountants and bookkeepers proficient in using QuickBooks
  • Advanced search filters based on location, industry, and certification level
  • Display of ProAdvisor badges indicating the level of expertise and certification
  • Integrated tools for seamless collaboration between clients and ProAdvisors
  • ProAdvisors may receive priority support from QuickBooks for enhanced assistance

IRS Directory of Federal Tax Return Preparers

The IRS Directory of Federal Tax Return Preparers is a database of individuals and businesses authorized to prepare federal tax returns. This IRS directory helps you search tax return preparers near your location with the type of credentials or qualifications they have. This directory lists only those with a PTIN who hold a professional credential or have obtained an Annual Filing Season Program Record of Completion from the IRS.

Key Benefits of Using IRS Directory of Federal Tax Return Preparers

  • Access to a large network of authorized tax preparers from all over the United States
  • Ability to search for preparers based on their location, qualifications, experience, and tax preparation services
  • Detailed profiles of each preparer’s qualifications, experience, and tax preparation services
  • Ability to contact preparers directly through the platform

National Association of Enrolled Agents (NAEA)

The National Association of Enrolled Agents (NAEA), founded in 1972, is a professional association of Enrolled Agents (EAs). EAs are federally licensed tax practitioners who have demonstrated competence in the field of tax law and practice. NAEA is the largest professional association of EAs in the United States, with over 10,000 members.

Key Benefits of Using NAEA

  • One of the largest directories of tax professionals in the United States
  • Search for EAs based on their location, specialty area, experience level, and other criteria
  • federally licensed tax practitioners with demonstrated competence in the field of tax law and practice

Xero Advisor Directory

Advisor Directory by Xero makes finding the right advisor for your business needs easy. Whether you’re looking for help with bookkeeping, tax preparation, or financial planning, you’re sure to find an advisor who can help you achieve your goals.

Key Benefits of Using Xero Advisor Directory

  • Access to a curated network of advisors officially certified in utilizing Xero accounting software
  • Tailored Search Criteria to find advisors based on industry specialization, location, and specific Xero certifications
  • Transparent client reviews provide valuable insights into the advisor’s performance
  • Advisors can update their profiles in real-time
  • Access to exclusive resources, updates, and training materials related to Xero
  • Potential priority support for businesses working with advisors listed in the Xero Advisor Directory

Accounting Match

Accounting Match is a leading online marketplace for accounting and bookkeeping professionals. It connects businesses with qualified accountants and bookkeepers who can help them with various tasks, including tax preparation, bookkeeping, payroll, and more. AccountingMatch allows you to search for a CPA or an accountant by their specialization or line of business. In addition to listing the professionals as per their locations, you can also find experts offering cloud accounting solutions for better services.

Key Benefits of Using Accounting Match

  • Free to use, providing accessible accounting and bookkeeping services
  • Comprehensive search to find the perfect accountant or bookkeeper for their needs
  • Detailed profiles for a transparent selection process.
  • Easy to use, making the user experience simple and efficient.
  • Trustworthy resource with only qualified and licensed professionals listing


CountingWorks lists verified CPAs, bookkeepers, and other such accounting professionals available in your location, considering the size of your company. This directory also offers an option to filter out the accountants depending upon the expertise of the professional in the particular accounting software or a specific industry.

Key Benefits of Using CountingWorks

  • CountingWorks is free to use for businesses
  • Detailed profiles of accountants and bookkeepers, including their contact information, industry expertise, services offered, and qualifications
  • Trusted resource for businesses seeking qualified accounting and bookkeeping professionals
  • Only certified accountants and bookkeepers listed on CountingWorks have a valid professional license


The CPAverify is a free service provided by the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy (NASBA) that allows the public to verify the license status of a Certified Public Accountant (CPA). The website includes a searchable database of all CPAs licensed in the United States, as well as information on their license status, disciplinary history, and areas of specialization.

CPAverify is essential for anyone planning to hire a Certified Public Accountant (CPA). It lets you quickly and easily verify if the CPA you are considering is licensed and in good standing. Additionally, CPAs can use this tool to ensure that their license information is accurate and up to date.

Key Benefits of Using CPA Verify

  • Single search for licensed CPAs and public accounting firms across participating jurisdictions
  • Easy for the public to verify the license status of a CPA
  • Helps accounting firms to track their employees’ license renewal dates
  • Deter fraudulent use of the CPA designation

Closing Thoughts on CPA Directories

In today’s digital world, where info is everywhere, CPA directories make finding the right accountant easy. They’re like a business guide and a way for accountants to find new clients. As the accounting world keeps changing, these directories help everyone stay connected, work together better, and simplify financial services.

To sum it up, CPA directories show us a helpful world for both businesses and accountants. These platforms are like business spaces where experts meet clients’ needs. They make it easy for businesses to find skilled accountants with incredible features and honest reviews.

Looking at places like the QuickBooks ProAdvisor Database and TaxBuzz, we see these directories keep changing. They focus on ensuring businesses and accountants are a great match, like a perfect team.

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