DaaS Cyber Security: Meeting Challenges of Hybrid Work with Multi Layered Secure DaaS Services

The nature of work has changed dramatically over the last few years. Organizations rapidly embraced hybrid models, equipping the workforce with tremendous freedom in where, how, and when work gets accomplished. Along the way, IT enforced various solutions to encourage hybrid work. In some cases, this brought major security risks, of which cyber-attacks took advantage.  

In 2020, the Ransomware attacks or supply chain threats loosened a lot. Since then, IT teams have recognized the need for a comprehensive and integrated way to keep employees productive while ensuring critical data, assets, and networks. 

Here, DaaS has built-in, multi-layered, and automated security controls to control breaches. Citrix managed desktops by ACE equip enterprises with the most all-in-one, secure, and cost-efficient remote work solution available in the market today. 

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 Security Threats Are Growing- IT Needs to Evolve 

In 2021, global cyber breach costs are anticipated to exceed $6 trillion. With that in mind, businesses have understood that hybrid work demands a proactive approach to data security. Enterprises are in a rush to support hybrid work. However, that has undoubtedly presented new loopholes in security architectures that IT departments must address with a comprehensive approach in the long run.  

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Here are few critical contemplations for your hybrid work strategy with strengthened DaaS security: 

  • Lower reliance on VPNs for security 

VPNs are not that safe when it comes to remote work. The reason — VPNs connect to home networks that are insecure and poorly configured. However, DaaS services are highly encrypted and provide VPNs less access to data and corporate resources housed in the cloud, reducing the cyber threats level.  

  • Adopt zero trust security framework 

VPN or other traditional security solutions are based on the concept of “implicitly authorizing.” However, modern-day attacks take the edge of compromised credentials or stolen APIs. Zero trust works against this and believes in verifying every device, user, and URL, from initial access requests to the session end. 

  • Decrease data loss risks  

Since the workforce functions from different locations, it can also include public areas where the chances of stolen data increase significantly. Therefore, keeping the desktop as service security in mind is the best approach to keep all data off any endpoint and house it in the cloud. This strategy also minimizes the influence of malware or Ransomware because IT can remotely undermine and tap a compromised endpoint. 

  • Simplify IT management 

Every business has a different employee base, where IT needs a holistic and integrated solution that scales while saving significant resources. Also, DaaS is a solution that enhances a company’s security posture by lowering the solutions that IT can manage all at one time. 

 Strengthening Infrastructure with Ace DaaS Security 

Ace DaaS security fulfills business imperatives and tracks industry best practices for ensuring hybrid work is at its best phase.  

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  • Employing natively secure devices 

Desktop as a service model is created for different levels of companies keeping security in mind. As it is based on storing all data on the cloud and nothing on any device, this solution becomes ideal for businesses where employees work from different locations or devices. 

DaaS security is based on zero-trust policies to block all insecure connections continuously. Adding Transport Layer Security encryption provides cloud-delivered security updates and patches so that each employee’s workspace environment is always up-to-date. 

  • Fostering zero-trust security standards 

With increasing cybercrimes, enterprises need a new approach to reach security level, based on ‘always confirm, never depend’ whenever a user request accesses. By so doing, they consider access attempts harmful until proven otherwise. 

The DaaS platform enables zero-trust models by delivering security at the application level and verifying user identity. Additionally, the DaaS security platform utilizes Secure Private Access, where enterprises can set up fine-grained policies that provide contextual access controls on their devices. This ensures that only approved sessions or requests are allowed, and different factors are considered each time, such as location, time of day, and other data points before web apps are loaded onto the device. The additional visibility into who is accessing what data allows for better decision-making, allowing companies to keep DaaS secure without sacrificing usability. Defensible DaaS security should be a priority for all organizations, and the Ace desktop as a service provides a reliable way to do so without disrupting standard usage patterns. 

Daas functioning

  • Providing granular access privileges 

DaaS provides IT admins granular control over user data by implementing policies at various network tiers—from the local to the organizational level. By maintaining these policies, IT specifies if a user, device, or group of users has permission to print, copy or paste from local drives. These granular controls are meant to reduce security concerns with third-party workers. 

 Ace DaaS Services Simplifying IT Management 

With DaaS, IT gets a simpler, scalable process where they can streamline management processes. Further, it offers additional benefits to IT. 

  • Centralizing IT management   

DaaS delivers integrated, centralized control of endpoints, users, applications, and desktops, all from the cloud. Accordingly, IT managers can remotely be updated through security alerts from the ground up, wherever employees choose to work. ACE virtual desktops are integrated with Citrix’s native integration console to make it easier for IT to provision devices with the workspace without having the device physically. The acquisition provides real-time insights to automate DaaS security enforcement based on user behavior.  

  • Providing an excellent user experience    

Beginning a new job or even a typical workday can be effortless with virtual desktops as users open the device, log in with credentials, and get right into the workspace. This one-click access to the workspace offers a secure and extraordinary experience to the users where IT configures DaaS to launch when employees automatically sign in to their devices. 

 ACE Strengthening DaaS Security to Help Enterprises Grow 

ACE with Citrix-managed desktops or DaaS support businesses of all sizes and industries to create the secure digital workspace experiences your people need to do their best work. Whether your employees are working in the office, at home, or on the go, they get a secure hybrid work experience that allows them to think, create, and innovate regardless of location or device boundaries. 

To know more, please click on the icon below and get in touch with our experts, who can guide you through the DaaS security policies and how they prove to be beneficial for their enterprises. 



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