How DaaS Is A More Secure Option for Businesses When It Comes to Virtual Desktops

Technology has been changing rapidly since the last decade. With this fast-evolving technology, businesses need to keep abreast with the latest developments to keep ahead of their competitors.          

Nowadays, companies are looking for solutions where they can simplify their IT management and reduce bulky hardware to work hassle-free. A lot of energy, time, and expense is wasted in IT management, buying or upgrading desktops for their workforce, and renewing software licenses.

How DaaS Is A More Secure Option for Businesses When It Comes to Virtual Desktops

However, the most pressing concern faced by businesses all over the world is data security, such as data breaches and DDoS attacks.

Due to the above problems, the idea of virtual desktops was introduced. The most advanced platform available for the creation of virtual desktops is VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure). Although VDI can be deployed on-premise, it’s best to opt for services from a third-party provider – popularly known as Desktop as a Service.

By taking DaaS services from the providers, organizations can work with more flexibility and security. DaaS providers offer you regular data backup on the cloud and guaranteed uptime, which means you don’t have to waste your billable hours due to the server going down. They provide you 24×7 IT support that resolves your technical issues in no time.

Here are the six ways in which DaaS is a more secure virtual desktop option.

1. Multi-Layer Security Safeguards

In the world of the Internet, office desktops are vulnerable to data breach problems. Cyber threats have become a common issue nowadays.

By taking DaaS services, your data is protected under safeguards like OS patching, multi-factor authentication, antivirus management, TLS 1.3, and 256-bit data encryption, along with DDoS protection and ransomware best practices.

2. Data Backup 

Even after multiple layers of security safeguards, there are chances that you may lose your data due to any cyber threat or virus attack.

However, if you opt for DaaS, then you are away from all these tensions. DaaS providers backup all your data regularly on the cloud. Even if you lose your data by accident, you can always restore it safely.

3. Data Centers

Companies have loads of data, and therefore more care has to be taken to handle it. However, endpoint devices or servers cannot control these extensive data.

DaaS helps ease your data storage problems as the providers store data securely in state-of-the-art data centers. These data centers deploy on-premise physical security and CCTV surveillance to monitor any unauthorized entry. Moreover, the data centers are equipped with redundant infrastructure and fault-tolerant systems to avoid data loss.

4. Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)

We live in a world full of uncertain events like earthquakes or floods due to heavy rains and other disasters that humans can’t control. But what if you can continue working even when the endpoint system or server gets damaged due to these uncertain conditions?

The competent DaaS providers offer a robust Disaster Recovery solution, where your entire business process is replicated in multiple data centers. Hence, even if one data center location is affected by a disaster, desktop access is shifted to the backup data center. So now, you can work uninterruptedly.

5. Access Control

We always want that nobody touches our phones or laptops without our permission. For safety, we set multiple pins or patterns as a password.

So, why not implement the same for your business? DaaS gives you multiple options like biometric access, 2-factor authentication, and digital locks so that you can access your system safely. You can even set permissions for files according to the roles defined so that no unauthorized person can access them.

6. 24×7 Network Monitoring

Today, monitoring plays an integral part in observing glitches or loopholes, which can threaten the company’s data security.

However, you don’t need to worry about adding IT professionals to the workforce and increasing your expenses. DaaS providers give you a dedicated IT support team that monitors the network day and night for any unusual data traffic behavior.

Take Away

A hosted virtual desktop is the solution to all your business security needs. Companies prefer DaaS because of the many advantages, and major ones being multi-layer security safeguards, automated backup, and business continuity, even in disasters.

If you want to try DaaS for your business, then get in touch with our Solutions Consultant at 855-264-8722.

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