5 Customer Relationship Management Software That Integrates With QuickBooks

QuickBooks is an all-in-one accounting software solution, preferably used by accountants, CPAs, small and medium enterprises, and even the accounting department of multinational firms. QuickBooks optimizes the time-taking accounting processes, with features like automation of tax filing, inventory/stock management, and many more. In addition to it, the software has helped businesses to deliver results and increase clients.

But, though QuickBooks and its versions solve almost every issue that is related to accounting, they fall short of some. And to resolve these business issues, QuickBooks can be integrated with other business-specific software. The integration of third-party software and tools falls under one of the many advantages of QuickBooks.

5 Customer Relationship Management Software That Integrates With QuickBooks

One such important integration that businesses need with QuickBooks is CRM (Customer Relationship Management). Customer relationship management tools help enterprises or companies to analyze, understand, and categorize consumers’ mindset, demands, demographics, and deeds.

Depending upon the results, businesses make various changes in their strategies that help them meet customer demands and increase their profitability considerably. Today, there are many CRM software that integrates with QuickBooks and help businesses amalgamate accounting, finances, consumers, and clients.

Let us see the most important Customer Relationship Management Software solutions that integrate with QuickBooks and deliver results quickly.

1. Builder Prime CRM

Builder Prime is a customer management software for businesses in the construction industry. The software also serves as a project management tool that can be accessed by employees in the offices or on the site.

Builder Prime software offers functionalities like document control where businesses can manage their track orders and provide processes like requests for information (RFIs). The tool provides interactive features for businesses to analyze leads, provide automation of sales processes, take down vital consumer data, schedule jobs, and integrate E-signatures as well.

The interface of Builder Prime has a client console where clients’ of a particular business can easily see the details regarding a project and keep an eye on how the project is performing on a daily basis. The software is a cloud-based infrastructure that can be integrated with QuickBooks whenever needed and can help businesses deal with more clients and deliver results on time.

2. Legrand CRM

Legrand CRM or Legrand Cloud CRM is another cloud-based Customer Relationship Management software that helps businesses to see customer sales summaries and transactions simultaneously. Such information is always vital for companies because they can better their response time regarding sales and services with such valuable information at their fingertips.

Legrand CRM also provides businesses with customization of data fields and a figurative check on a firm’s sales activities. The list management option at the drop-down menu of the system’s interface helps businesses to categorize their contact lists based on demographics, age, gender, and even demands.

This information can always be vital for companies and firms to create a mailing list for their consumers, helping them send personalized emails. It can be essential for email marketing purposes as well and even brings the marketing department of a company on-board during the process of usage of the software.

The seamless integration of QuickBooks with this software is essential for companies to bring accounting, finance, sales, and marketing departments on a single page.

3. Method CRM

One of the biggest headaches for companies today is to manage sales, marketing, and lead data. Method CRM provides a solution for just that. The software offers a customizable customer relationship management solution for businesses where businesses can easily integrate it with all possible versions of QuickBooks and manage both their leads and clients efficiently.

It even syncs all the data in QuickBooks, and thus, accounts, payments, and transactions can be easily transferred into Method CRM and shared with employees of other departments seamlessly. The best possible way to use Method CRM and QuickBooks is to integrate both the useful tools on the cloud platform by hosting QuickBooks with CRM.

In addition to it, Method CRM allows the customers and vendors to check different kinds of essential things like transaction history and the statuses of the pending orders and services.  The software also has a user-friendly interface where one can see the purchase histories of clients, upcoming and pending meetings, acquisitions, and interactions.

When it comes to Customer Relationship Management, Method CRM is one of the best-reviewed software because of its user-friendly interface and capability of integrating with any accounting tool. Method CRM even provides a 30-day free trial for new consumers to give an overview of its features and services.

4. Results CRM

Another software for customer relationship management is Results CRM. Businesses can easily integrate the software with all the versions of QuickBooks and enable companies to manage business relationships, the organization of documents, the management of projects, and the growth of sales as well.

It helps companies and other firms connect all the departments and manage, organize, and track data effortlessly. The starting price of Results CRM is around $49.00 per year and varies according to the number of users. Though it does not have a free version of the software, it provides a trial at a very minimal price.

5. SugarCRM

FayeBSG Software, also known as SugarCRM QuickBooks Integration software, is a tool used by businesses to manage and maintain their end-to-end customer relationships and helps companies to sync all the data. It integrates with all versions of QuickBooks and makes accounting and sales data at the same place.

Concluding Words

Integrating a Customer Relationship Management software with QuickBooks ensures a smooth workflow in the organization. Moreover, hosting both on the cloud gives you advantages like easy scalability, remote accessibility, and better security. You can try the CRM software mentioned above and see the difference.

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