Compare QuickBooks 2016 Vs Prior Versions

QuickBooks is a leader among the business accounting software. One of the major reasons behind its success is that it regularly delivers the updates and manages to serve the users with changing requirements. In September 2015, Intuit released the updated versions for QuickBooks desktop as QuickBooks 2016. The new version brings with it some appreciable features over the previous editions.

In the table below, we compare new features of QuickBooks 2016 with its previous releases (QuickBooks 2015 and QuickBooks 2014) for Pro, Premier, and Enterprise versions:

2016 2015 2014
Features Pro Premier Enterprise Pro Premier Enterprise Pro Premier Enterprise
New! Bill Tracker, a dedicated dashboard to view purchase orders and bills data No No No No No No
New! Bulk clear send forms to remove multiple transactions flagged as “Email Later” at once No No No No No No
New! Filter “this year to last month” in reports No No No No No No
New! Print labels on single roll continuous labels via Label Printer Support No No No No No No
One-click form management to unclutter “Send Forms” queue No No No No No No
Auto copy of ship-to address – no need to manually type address when creating Purchase Order No No No No No No No
Previous version of company file updates to new version
Improved reporting UI for friendly reading and editing No No No No
New look for Reminder Window No No No No
Tracker with the option to add time & expenses No No No No
Copy/Paste enabled registration process No No No No
Termination of multi-users option for Admin No No No No No
Lead Center to Track Sales Followup No No No No No No
Import data from Excel


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Given the intense competition among accounting software makers, Intuit has remained on its toes since last decade to keep improving for the better. Its latest QuickBooks release has focused on simplifying the accounting operations further for the users. Some might still find some lacking with the tool, such as sharing files between the different device versions. But, such issues are resolvable with facilitating QuickBooks over the cloud. QuickBooks hosting ensures that a number of users are able to work together on the same accounting files irrespective of their location and device. With the newer version, it just gets even better.

Did you try QuickBooks 2016? Did you find it better than the previous versions? Let us know with your review in the comments below.

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Comments (1)

  • Boone Gorges says:

    Bar code capabilities in Enterprise help to streamline accounting operations to a significant extent. It improves the accuracy of data entry.

  • Andrew Mowe says:

    This seems to be very useful information; almost all of the features have been covered. One of the annoying issues with QuickBooks faced earlier that you can have loads of transactions that have Email later box checked, even when not required to send some of those transactions — has been simplified. This issue has been cleared as in one step; multiple transactions can be removed from the list.

  • Caroline Moore says:

    An amazing new feature added in all of its versions i.e. Bill tracker — a dedicated dashboard to view bills data and purchase orders has simplified the process of bill tracking significantly. Thus, helping to simplify the accounting operations.

  • Gary says:

    Constant up gradations in QuickBooks helps us to meet the constantly changing requirements. An addition of an outstanding feature lacking in QuickBooks 2015 enterprise — time-tracking capabilities has helped to maximize my firm’s capability to a significant extent.

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