QuickBooks 2016 vs. 2015: What’s the Difference?

Intuit recently launched QuickBooks 2016, an enhanced version of its popular desktop accounting software for Pro, Premier, Accountant and Enterprise solutions. It contains a number of new features and enhancements to the previous versions. But how does it compare to QuickBooks 2015? Should you upgrade it to from its forefather?

Let’s find out what is new in QuickBooks 2016 by comparing it with QuickBooks 2015 version with the help of this comparison chart.

QuickBooks Editions Comparison

2016 2015
Key Features Pro Premium Enterprise Pro Premium Enterprise
New! Bill Tracker, a dedicated dashboard to view data for purchase orders and bills
New! Bulk clear send forms, to remove multiple transactions flagged as “Email Later”
New! Advanced reporting features include a “this year to last month” filter
New! Label Printer Support to print labels on single roll continuous labels
Improved! Manage forms in a single step—unclutter your “send forms” queue in a single click
Improved! Update company file for new version option
Auto copy of ship-to address – no need to manually type address when creating Purchase Order
Maximum Number of simultaneous users 3 5 30 3 5 30


According to Intuit, QuickBooks 2016 will improve efficiency and help manage accounting better with these new features. In all, even if you are using QuickBooks 2015, the upgrade to 2016 may be worth if you were looking for latest features, new look and feel with a smoother experience.

If you are confused about the upgrade, talk to our QuickBooks experts. If you have already upgraded, share with us in the comments section below.

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Comments (1)

  • Paul says:

    I had wanted to switch to a newer version of QuickBooks as I was using the 2011 version. I was going to get the 2015 version but a colleague advised me to wait out a few months and get the 2016 version instead. His advice couldn’t have been better. I am using the 2016 version and it’s so much better than 2011. The interface is pretty good looking and all my records are pretty easy to manage. This version is the definite winner.

  • David says:

    I purchased QuickBooks 2015 in July. Will I be able to upgrade my QuickBooks to the 2016 version or will I have to buy it again? There are a few considerable plus points but I can live without them if it means that I will have to pay again.

  • Victor says:

    If you purchase QB 2015 in July then you can upgrade to 2016 freely

  • Marcia says:

    Will 2015 work with Windows 10? Or do I have to buy QB 2016?

    • Deepanshu Gahlaut says:

      Marcia, though QuickBooks 2015 is compatible with Windows 10, it is recommended to use the latest software version (which is QuickBooks 2016) for ease of usage, reliability, and greater security. So, I would suggest you to go with the QuickBooks 2016.

  • Angela Martin says:

    I was using the 2014 edition, as a new version of QuickBooks wanted to switch. I was going to get the 2015 edition, but a colleague and I have to wait a few months out of the 2016 version instead advised to obtain. His advice could not have been better. I am using the 2016 version and it is so much better looking than the 2011 interface is very nice and all my records are very easy to manage. This version is the definitive winner.

    • Deepanshu Gahlaut says:

      Definitely Angela, QuickBooks has improved quite well over the years and the latest version scores better than previous ones on many factors. It’s nice to know that you are enjoying working on the latest version so well.

  • Rob says:

    Hi I downloaded the 2016 pro from the site but cannot find any way to register it and obtaining my licence key. Strange enough no indications on the page too. i am little confused. This is the third Quickbooks I purchase but it is getting more difficult to get where to pay for it. Thanks

  • Huzaifa says:

    Hello, I want advice regarding which QuickBooks to buy between Enterprise or Premium. My nature of business is Engineering and have to track inventory.
    I am confused !!!

  • louis says:

    QuickBooks Pro 2015
    how do you back up doc center

    • Deepanshu Gahlaut says:

      QuickBooks company file stores all of your doc center data. To backup your doc center, you only need to take the backup of your company file.

  • Bonnie Carroll says:

    Just upgraded to 2016, but have noticed in the reports that the job name no longer appears under “name” (with the vendor name appearing under “source name”.) Now the vendor name appears in both columns. I miss that feature! Do you know any way to make the job name appear on a report? (i.e. running a quick report on a credit card account) Thanks!

  • Teree Castanias says:

    Has the 2016 version changed the way it puts extenders on the backup file? I have a client using 2016 and I have 2015. Her backup file has the extension “.qb2016”, and my version can’t read it. Do I have to upgrade to read her file?

  • Keith says:

    Hi, I prefer the old bank transactions download center (with bank register above and downloaded bank transactions below.) I was able to change the format to the old style on 4 of my companies but now I have a new client and can’t figure out how to change it again. Help?

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