Last updated on January 12th, 2023

Intuit has added another version of ease for the business accounting with QuickBooks 2016, available from September 8th 2015. The latest version is available for Windows as Pro, Premier, Accountant, and Enterprise. QuickBooks 2016 for desktop carries a number of new additions that will add more value to the already a well-placed business accounting software.

QuickBooks 2016: Let’s See What’s So Exciting about It

QuickBooks 2016 has a strong emphasis on improved reports, easier bill tracking and faster deletion of transactions. Furthermore, there are a number of more fresh flourishes available with this version that will enhance the overall accounts handling for CPAs and SMBs. Let’s see what is new in QuickBooks 2016.

1. Better Bill Tracking

This is the newly added feature that was not available in previous versions of QuickBooks. In a fresh dashboard, the user can track all the bills in one window, which lists the overdue bills as well. This feature resembles the Income Tracker that had been available in the previous versions of the accounting software. So, the overall user interface remains almost the same and still helps in managing the client big ways. Not only overdue bills can be seen quickly on the dashboard, but the options to take quick action with these bills are also available in the same window to increase the overall work efficiency.

2. Get Rid of Bulky Transactions Faster

The new version of QuickBooks brings the option to delete or void the transactions in bulk. So, a number of transactions that are no longer required can be removed in just one go. The feature gets even better with a number of filters available to ease the selection of the transactions to be deleted. This new feature also shows the linked transactions. To keep you on the safe side, Intuit brings the integrated data backup as well, so that the accidently deleted transactions could be recovered.

3. Reporting Like Never Before

Reporting with QuickBooks has gained a number of new additions in the 2016 version. To begin with, QuickBooks 2016 will offer a date filter for Current Fiscal Year-to-Last Month reporting. Then with the company filing, it lists an improved data updating, verification, and rebuilding features to keep the records error-free. There are many more custom fields available now with some editions of QuickBooks.

4. Simplified Complex Operations

QuickBooks 2016 will use simplified dialog to keep the improved backups when working on an existing file. Label printing has also improved as printing on single roll continuous labels options also added. Earlier, the page-oriented label was the only available option. For the enterprise edition, column sorting option has been added to the Payment screen.

5. High on Efficiency

To increase the overall efficiency of the accounting processes for a business, Intuit has introduced many changes in the existing features of QuickBooks. Particularly with the multi-tasking, QuickBooks 2016 has taken a significant leap as one can now work on multiple files at the same time, multiple users can work on the same file with separate copies, and accounting communications are possible within QuickBooks.

Final Note

QuickBooks 2016 version looks immensely powerful with these features and still remains the same on the user end as there is no major transformation of the interface. While the best choice of the version- among Pro, Premier, Accountant, and Enterprise will depend on the particular needs of the business, QuickBooks has made a healthy effort for expanding its feature to serve maximum accounting operations.

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