Last updated on January 13th, 2023

IT issues are particularly more important to address, especially when the data being handled is the financial structure of a business enterprise.

Through the years, QuickBooks has provided great accounting ease to clients. Each successive version of QuickBooks software provides marvelous functionality and new & interesting features to work with.

6 Most Common IT Issues QuickBooks Users Get Stuck WithHowever, despite the seamless functionality that QuickBooks software offers, many-a-times, it happens that users come across various big or small IT issues. Here are some common problems that most new users get stuck with and also their rectification procedures:

1. QuickBooks Does Not Start

One of the most common issues arises when QuickBooks software fails to start. Generally, there may be two reasons for this. Either the software is not installed properly on your computer, or there is some virus problem that has corrupted some files of the software.

The best way to deal with this problem is to uninstall the QuickBooks software with all its components in safe mode (Enter F8 on start for safe mode). Install the software again, check all firewall settings that may block access to the files, and run a complete antivirus scan to detect the presence of any viruses.

2. Reinstalling QuickBooks

With the full version of QuickBooks software, installation CD facilitates the user to reinstall QuickBooks in case it was not installed properly or got corrupted due to some reason. A complete guide is also available with CD to help you in installation.

If you purchased the license online, you can download the .exe file along with related components, install using Online help documents available on Intuit’s website, validate with your credentials, and start work.

Moreover, when you are re-installing the software, remember to uninstall the earlier version and clear out its directory by following the path C:\Program Files\Intuit\QuickBooksXXX directory (where XXX is the release number).

3. Failure in Updating Data Files

It sometimes happens that when we edit a file or update it, the file throws an error “Updating of Data File Failed.” In such a case, check whether the file is corrupted.

This error mainly occurs due to the mishandling of files like forceful opening or improper closing. Another reason for this issue to occur is if the QuickBooks application is updated to a newer version, then the earlier version files are not readable.

The rectification of such an issue is the recovery of the file or creating the file once again from the previously created file. There is a chance of losing data in such a case, which is dreadful for any accounting purpose. Backup of the file can be quite helpful in this case.

4. QuickBooks Runs Slowly In Multiuser Mode

This is a general problem which is faced by most of the users when working in a multi-user mode. In such a case, the use of large capacity of RAM and the hard disk is recommended so that it can bear the load of multiple users performing crucial accounting tasks simultaneously.

If it seems like there is no hardware issue, then another reason for a slower multi-user mode can be linked to the data files. It is advisable to use the Clean Up Company Data tool found under File > Utilities.

5. Lost Admin Password

This is one of the most occurring issues. If you lost your admin password, it is recommended to reinstall QB software on your system.

There are many software programs available in the market which can break the admin password, but simultaneously, there also is a need to protect your data from such threats. So, the safer path is to reinstall.

6. Unable To Find Licensing Info

In case you are not able to find the documentation you received at the time of purchasing QuickBooks, and you need the licensing information, then you can easily access it through the application itself. Click either [F2] or [Ctrl] while you are still logged in to the QuickBooks application and accessing it.

However, it is difficult to retrieve the validation code in this case. Therefore, it is advisable to note it down beforehand.

Final Note

QuickBooks Web Hosting offers a one-stop solution for all these problems. All installation, validation, data storage, and backup are managed by the hosting service provider along with complete customer support to help accountants get through their accounting tasks in a timely manner without wasting any time or effort in resolving IT problems.

Hence, it provides them enough time to focus on their core competencies.

To know more about how to streamline your accounting process with QuickBooks, chat with our Solutions Experts.

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