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New ACE Cloud Hosting Setup Guide (Windows)

Welcome to the Ace Cloud Hosting!

We are pleased to announce that your server is ready for use.This guide is to assist you with the process of connecting to your server. This is the most important guide that we send so it is crucial that you read this information. Most support issues we see can be avoided by following this guide, so be sure you save a copy of this document and then forward it to other users that connect to the server.


Connecting Your PC to Your Server

Included in your initial Welcome email is a .RDP file that should have been sent to you as an attachment along with 2 separate PDF files. Please copy the RDP file to your local desktop and then follow these steps to connect to your server:

  • Double click your RDP Icon that you just saved to your local computer’s desktop from the email


  • If prompted with a Security Certificate window, check the box that states, “Don’t ask me again for connections to this computer” and then click continue/connect./li>


  • Enter your username (mostly prefilled) and password that was given to you in your welcome email and click OK.

(Your password link can be opened 3 times or 15 days, whichever earlier. Please make a note of it, before closing the browser tab)

Enter Your Credential

  • If prompted with a Security Certificate window, check the box that states, “Don’t ask me again for connections to this computer” and then click continue/connect.

Changing Password

  • Once connected to the server, double click the “Change Password” icon located on your server desktop

Change Password

  • Select “Change a password”

Change New password

  • Enter the existing password in the “Old Password” dialog box, then enter the password you would like to setup and confirm it.

(Password should contain at least 1 Upper Case, 1 Lower case and 1 Special Character, have length of more than 8 characters and should not have dictionary *word)


  • Click the right facing arrow when finished typing in your new password.

Expired Password

Your passwords will periodically expire as a proactive security measure. If your password has expired & you are not able to login to the server, you’ll need to send an email (Registered Account Owner’s authorization email required) to [email protected] to request a fresh password. Kindly mention your server name and username (for which password reset is required) to avoid confusion. Once password is reset, you will receive an encrypted link which can be viewed only 3 times. Please note down the password for future reference or you may change it immediately using the instruction above.

Microsoft Office Applications not on your server unless specified

By default, Microsoft Office applications are not present on the server (unless it was requested at the time of completing the registration form). You may export your reports to CSV file and run Excel on local system. If you already have Office 365 license (Apps for Enterprise, E3 and E5 license only), we may install Office 365 on the server at no additional licensing cost. In case you do not have Office 365 subscription, you may buy Office 365 subscription from us as we are the authorized reseller of Microsoft.

Requesting Support

While contacting support, details are immensely important. We can work faster to determine the cause of the issue, given the appropriate details are provided on time.
If you receive any error message, please include it along with a screenshot if possible. Also, always include your server name and username (Username to log in to server) while contacting us. If you are facing printing issues, we would require make and model of your printer along with the system type (Windows or Mac) to resolve the issue as soon as possible. In case of urgency, please call us instead of sending email. You may also use the below link to connect with us over live chat Ace Cloud Support Chat.

Changes in Account

In order to make any changes in the account (User addition & removal, Application addition, data migration etc.), you’ll need to send an email from using registered email id with us to [email protected] to submit a request. Any changes required in account may take up to 4-6 hours (except password reset), hence we request you to kindly inform us well in time, so that we can prepare and test the changes on the server as per your requirements.

Server Backups

Server Backup

Please be aware that we utilize advanced backup systems that creates a backup of your server once in every 24 hours. We provide 100 days rolling backup coupled with Disaster Recovery solution.

Contact Details

We do expect that you may sometime encounter issues which are not covered in this guide. Here is a list of contacts to which you may contact for such scenarios.

Technical Support (24×7)

call icon new +1 888-415-5240
email icon new [email protected]
chat icon new Live Chat

Sales Team (24×7)

call icon new +1 855-781-8934
email icon new [email protected]

Billing Team (10:00 AM to 07:00 PM EST)

call icon new +1 888-590-2786
email icon new [email protected]