ATX Tax Software Hosting: How Tax Firms Are Getting the Benefits? 

Regardless of the industry, ATX Tax Software has been helping tax professionals, CPAs, and tax firms prepare their taxes, especially during tax season. Features like Return E-Filing, Ease-of-Usage, Tax Compliance Forms Library, Errors & Omissions Checker, Refund Meter, etc., make the software among the leading choices of many businesses. Besides, you can integrate the software with other applications such as practice management software, law research systems, etc., to simplify the tax filing process. 

Although the Desktop version of ATX Tax software comes with a bundle of benefits, it lacks features like remote accessibility, high-end security, usability, customization of financial statements, and collaboration with multiple users. Hosting ATX tax software on the cloud can be an ideal solution. It offers unlimited benefits that ensure a never-before tax filing experience.  

ATX Tax Software HostingRead on to explore the many benefits of hosting ATX software on the cloud and learn how to generate greater profits for your business. 

Why Do You Need ATX Tax Software Hosting? 

ATX Tax Software hosting helps you simplify taxation procedures, especially during tax season when taxation experts go crazy. With hosted ATX Software in place, tax professionals leverage the convenience of managing all tax data across devices like laptops, smartphones, iPads, tablets, etc. 

ATX Tax Software HostingBut what if any of these devices crash and all your tax data is lost? You must create a backup to mitigate this, which could be messy and time-consuming. Switching to ATX Cloud hosting can be crucial as it offers you a bundle of benefits compared to the traditional ATX on-premise system. Below mentioned are a few benefits you can seek by hosting ATX Tax software on the cloud:  

  • Ease of use 
  • Flexibility 
  • Easy incorporation of data from multiple sources 
  • Easy imports 
  • Easy customization of financial statements 
  • Remote access to your hosted ATX software 
  • Effective collaboration 
  • High Uptime 

How Are Tax Firms Getting the Benefits? 

Whether it’s tax season or not, using ATX tax software on the cloud offers you an all-in-one solution that simplifies tax preparation and filing. Let’s look further at some of the unique features of using the ATX tax software on the cloud:  

1. Lesser Operational Issues:

Accountants, CPAs, and tax preparers often think that switching to the ATX cloud may be complicated due to a change in platform. The features and functionality of the hosted version of ATX are the same as the desktop version. The only difference is in the initial login process. When you host ATX tax software on the cloud, you don’t need to install it on the local device. You can use either a smartphone, laptop, iPad, or tablet to access the hosted application – perfect flexibility. Besides, most reliable cloud hosting providers offer round-the-clock support. Whenever you encounter any challenges, you can get in touch with them to get instant help. 

ATX Tax Software Hosting2. Advanced Security:

Whether it is a tax firm, CPA, or tax preparer, security is always a significant concern as they work on highly crucial data. Besides, considering a shift to ATX tax software on the cloud, the top-notch security of tax data demands paramount importance. 

With ever-increasing instances of data theft, cloud service providers offer protocol- oriented solutions that ensure the high-end security of tax data. These include end-to- end encryption, Intrusion Detection System (IDS) / Intrusion Prevention System (IPS), user access management, and automated backups. A reliable cloud service provider ensures full-time monitoring of your security systems. Additionally, they offer multiple levels of control for users to ensure advanced data protection and business continuity. 

3. Cost-Efficiency:

Compared to conventional systems, hosting ATX tax software on the cloud is affordable. Availing the services of ATX tax software hosting requires you to only pay the rent for the use. As such, the costs of IT infrastructure and servers are almost nil. You can choose the hosting resources according to your requirements. 

During peak times like tax season, you can seek for the provision of more capacity and later deprovision when not required. The pay-per-use model is also applicable to data storage space, which means that you can get as much space as you require. 

Tax professionals often need multiple tax and accounting applications depending on the requirements of their customers. With ATX Tax software on the cloud, you can ensure that your desktop applications remain compatible on the same platform, and you don’t have to worry about storage space, RAM, etc. This also keeps your expenses in check. Besides, using ATX on the cloud eliminates the requirement to hire an in-house IT workforce as your service provider will take care of all your queries and issues. 

4. Easy Collaboration:

Approvals from different teams and clients are required in tax filing processes. You need good collaboration amongst the stakeholders to file the taxes quickly. In a conventional method, you’d require approval via email or by transferring the files from one location to another, which involves a lot of time. You can make collaboration much more manageable and ensure a quick tax filing process with cloud technology in place. By hosting ATX Tax software on the cloud, you can collaborate with your team members from anywhere. It gives your employees an excellent opportunity to work together on a single file and update or edit simultaneously. 

ATX Tax Software HostingDue to the real-time access to tax files, the data management process becomes more simplified for everyone, ensuring an enhancement in work performance. It means easy collaboration can help you file taxes in comparatively less time and error-free. 

Final Words 

Irrespective of the size of your business, ATX tax software hosting can reap multiple benefits for you. Whether it is anytime, anywhere access, effective collaboration, being cost-effective, round-the-clock customer support, or top-notch security of your tax data, ATX on the cloud covers them all. Should you think of switching from the on-premise ATX software version to the cloud version, ensure that you identify your business objectives and ask the service provider as many questions as possible. 

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