3 Reasons Why QuickBooks Hosting With The Help Of An ASP Makes Sense

All over the world, accountants are taking the plunge towards simplifying the way they do their accounting tasks, one of which is the extensive use of QuickBooks.

In between this modern approach to accounting, it has become easier for them to think about getting the benefits of cloud technology alongside.

A good number of accountants are now switching to cloud-hosted QuickBooks and are availing its benefits.


Cloud is not new to the field of accounting. One of the main differences now and a few years back in time is related to the growing rate of cloud adoption, which was not considered a necessity before.

The accounting industry is growing at an intense pace. Even small business firms and individual accountants feel the need of QuickBooks Hosting to stay competitive in the market.

With the help of an application service provider (ASP), one can get several benefits of hosting QuickBooks on the cloud.

Why Choosing the Right Cloud ASP Makes Sense?

ASPs are third-party service providers who offer cloud services to a diverse clientele and get their applications and data hosted on their remote cloud environment. Authorized users can access their saved data files on the cloud using the Internet anywhere and anytime.

Since there are several QuickBooks hosting providers in the market, making the right choice is crucial.

Before hiring an ASP, you need to understand the services they offer and their benefits for your accounting operations.

1. No Need to Invest in Local IT Infrastructure

Local servers, network wires, and loads of complicated connections to be managed, these are some of the basic requirements of setting up an in-house infrastructure. But it costs a lot of money in general.

Choosing an ASP for QuickBooks hosting is advantageous in this aspect.

The required servers and storage resources are maintained by the chosen ASP, which eliminates the hassles and additional expenses of setting them up at your end.

So, the users only need to have a computer or a mobile device to access the cloud using the Internet, without having to pay extensively for the in-house infrastructure.

2. Easy Integration of QuickBooks Add-Ons

QuickBooks is not only an easy-to-use software but also an all-inclusive one.

It has almost all the features that an accountant would need to simplify his work-life.

For the features it lacks in, there are pre-built QuickBooks add-ons which can be integrated into this accounting software to make it even more powerful.

The best part – you can also get these add-ons integrated on the cloud-hosted QuickBooks.

All you need to do is to ask your ASP to get the required integration done in the cloud environment.

3. Easy to Switch to the Cloud Environment

For the ones who use desktop versions of QuickBooks, migration to the cloud-hosted QuickBooks is not a difficult task.

The cloud service providers set up the application hosting network for them, install their applications, and store their data on the remote servers.

Also, the transfer of data from their desktop to the cloud environment is implemented in a secure, risk-free environment. Most of the QuickBooks hosting providers do not bind their clients through strict contracts or termination policies.

So, you can rest assured you won’t face any complications while migrating your accounting data to the cloud.

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  • Rachel Nabors says:

    We are getting a big advantage of QuickBooks Hosting from ASP services since there is no further need to manage and take continuous backups.

  • Misko Hevery says:

    ASP definitely has many benefits for accounting firms. Most of the QuickBooks add-ons that directly integrate with QuicBooks can be hosted by ASP.

  • Anthony Leston says:

    Affordable pricing is the main reason for small organizations like ours to use QuickBooks on ASP.

  • Ben Vincent says:

    One of the good things about QuickBooks on ASP is that the application and data is stored on third-party remote servers and users can run their applications smoothly online.

  • Mike Friedman says:

    Hosting QuickBooks on ASP is really a good option for small companies as it helps a lot to reduce the hardware and maintenance costs.

    • Takane says:

      I love the idea of how SIMPLE this web-based software is, elliceapsy since I’m really struggling to keep up with my PayPal transactions through Etsy!Not being able to download bank acct transactions is a total bummer though I sell on my main website too, so that has a lot of bank transactions with my credit card merchant acct.Also, I don’t see how to do splits on the income pulled in through PayPal (i.e. how much of each sale was Goods, Shipping, Sales Tax that kind of important stuff.) Maybe I’m missing it.THANKS for the intro to this software it has lots of promise! For now, Quickbooks it will be, but I’m keeping my eye on this!

  • Robert Lion says:

    QuickBooks on ASP is one of the fantastic services for CPAs since migrating to the cloud is quiet easy in this case.

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