Why You Should Take Lacerte to the Cloud This Tax Season

Only a few things are certain. Earlier it was just death, then tax came into the count and now tech experts have added cloud to the list – specifically for those who are working on the taxes more than most people.

Lacerte is one of the most commonly used tax software among CPAs and other accounting professionals working intensively on the filing client returns. The software in its desktop version is able to offer a number of features ranging from massive built-in forms to real-time Federal and State e-file information.

All these features make Lacerte a competent tax software but hosting it on the cloud can help you make the best of its potential.

Why You Should Take Lacerte to the Cloud This Tax Season

Here are some reasons why you should be hosting Lacerte Tax Software on cloud:

1. Easier Sharing

Filing returns is a tough task in terms of updating and verifying information for a large number of clients with some of them being businesses. A tax firm has to exchange the information between the clients and employees endless times. Lacerte offers the feature to email the form as PDF but multiple emails of the same forms repeated between different parties lead only to chaos.

With Lacerte Cloud Hosting, you are able to provide the same platform for the client and accountant working on their taxes, where they can work together and update forms in the real-time. So you always have the same file for a unique client for easier management of shared details. Along with that, changes that they make can be tracked and revoked when needed.

2. Faster Client Returns Filing

As mentioned above, the client and accountant serving them can work together. Not only it eases the sharing but also adds more speed to the operations on Lacerte as details can be shared and checked instantly on the same platform.

Another reason that contributes to increasing pace of the filing is that you can work on a number of files with a cloud-hosted application and that too from anywhere, anytime.

Cloud-based hosting allows you to work on Lacerte using any device – smartphone, desktop, laptop, etc. while traveling without staying in the office for extra hours. During the tax season, when need to meet the deadline is intense, the faster filing of client returns can easily be your edge over your competitors.

3. Pay for What You Use

Who can challenge accounting professionals at the tracking of expenses? But the local infrastructure and Lacerte licensing that are bought during the tax season often remain unused for the rest of the year, which actually letting money down the drain.

Some client demands require you to work on certain accounting add-ons, so you add more resources to the server and the client may leave after a certain time. And there is not much that accounting experts can do control such expenses unless cloud is adopted.

Cloud services offer Pay-as-you-go pricing model, which lets you pay for the services and features that you use. Additionally, most of the plan offers are monthly, quarterly and annual, so you can upgrade or lower the opted plan as per the requirements of the current season. What makes it an even more convenient experience for the accountants is that it will only take minutes for the hosting provider to make the changes with resources.

4. Enhanced Security

The importance of the client’s accounting data residing in Lacerte cannot be compromised by the accountant at any cost. But in the digital world, there are various ill-minds that have been continuously attempting to penetrate into your local machine and gain that data.

Cloud hosting services rely on various high-end security practices, such as – encryption, intrusion prevention system, firewall, offsite & onsite backups, etc. that most of the accounting firms do not go within their local machines. So, to stay on the safer side, cloud hosting of the application is a more trustable solution.

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Comments (1)

  • David Herrera says:

    Are there still some accountants who have not adopted the cloud?

    • Christopher Spires says:

      Not some but many. A significant number of accounting professionals, especially those who are accustomed to the desktop accounting solutions, have not made the switch to cloud. However, that the numbers in the favor of cloud are growing at a steep pace.

  • Clifton Griffin says:

    Cloud is more convenient for the integration of Lacerte with the accounting software.

  • Gary Pendergast says:

    Most users know the benefits using Lacerte and other software on the cloud but the hassles of switching are restricting them.

  • Daisuke Takahashi says:

    Smaller businesses and individual may do taxes over Lacerte without cloud, but accounting firms and larger enterprises have no escape. They have to share the tax information, files, etc. With different parties within and outside their organization. Emails and other traditional mediums are not comfortable. Ease that cloud offers is immense. Same platform, not multiple versions of same files, realtime collaborations. These benefits cannot be ignored.

  • George Stephanis says:

    Mostly, the issue remains in making choice between software’s cloud version and hosting of desktop version. Fortunately, Lacerte does not have that issue.

  • Grant Mangham says:

    Working on cloud with tax software and accounting applications certainly enhanced my abilities and productivity.

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