Why Tax Professionals Should Seek a Cloud Platform to Host Their Drake Software?

One of the most popular tax software programs, Drake helps tax professionals accomplish their tax-related tasks efficiently and quickly. Irrespective of the size of your business, the software allows you to stay focused on your core business operations and mitigate any tax-related challenges. Features like built-in forms, multi-state returns, automated data flow, etc., make the software among the most reliable and trusted resources. Drake Tax Software HostingAlthough Drake is among the leading tax software programs, its desktop version has some flaws that often create hurdles for tax professionals. For instance, tax professionals cannot perform their tasks if they aren’t physically available on the system. Such occurrences often delay the tax filing process, which can drastically impact the financial objective of a company. You can opt for Drake Tax Software Hosting on the cloud to eliminate such occurrences, which improves your tax-related productivity and efficiency. Read on to explore how. 

Why Host Drake Software on the Cloud? 

While hosting Drake software on the cloud offers you a bundle of benefits, the below-mentioned pointers are the ones that give you an edge over your competitors.  1. Remote Accessibility  2. Real-Time Collaboration 3. Cost-Effective  4. Excellent Software Performance  5. High-End Data Security 6. Disaster Recovery and Backup 

Remote Accessibility 

Instances like the inability to undergo a tax consultation with your client during non-business hours can bring your business down. If you are not at your office and don’t have access to your system, you cannot access tax data until you’re back in your office. In such cases, you might feel helpless as your desktop-based Drake software is installed locally on your system. This leaves you dependent on the hardware, and until you get device access, you can’t think of initiating consultation with the client.  By availing Drake Tax Software Hosting services, you get an excellent opportunity to access your tax data from anywhere in the world. Using devices like smartphones or laptops, you can access cloud-hosted Drake software at your convenience, which a local-hosted Drake doesn’t offer. 

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Real-Time Collaboration 

Sending tax data files via email could be very hectic and tedious. At the same time, managing multiple files and searching for the final one could be more frustrating. Availing the services of Drake Tax Software Hosting eliminates the requirement of sharing multiple files. This is because everyone on the cloud can make changes in a single company file and finalize it in real-time.  Drake Tax Software HostingWith Drake Tax Software hosting, you can check who has made the changes and at what time. Moreover, you can give a view or edit access to the professionals according to their roles and responsibilities in your company. Such features always ensure smoother and faster execution of tax-oriented tasks, which, in turn, provides a significant spike in the productivity of tax professionals. 


Running a tax firm and setting up a dedicated server for hosting Drake software requires you to set up your own IT infrastructure. Ranging from investments in hardware equipment to hiring tax professionals, you might end up spending a hefty amount. Drake tax software hosting on the cloud negates this as everything is hosted on remote cloud servers. The service provider deploys the Drake solution and takes care of its maintenance which means neither you have to hire IT personnel nor develop expertise in installing the software. As such, you can reduce your business’s overall IT load and ensure complete focus on your core business objective. Additionally, you get 24×7, 365 days customer support services – an affordable alternative to hiring in-house IT personnel.  Also Read: The Impact of Cloud in the Accounting Industry: A Review and Analysis 

Excellent Software Performance 

Computers are now an integral part of our daily lives. However, the more we keep installing software on our computer, the more it could deteriorate its performance. Similarly, if you add multiple business applications, including Drake and other applications on your computer, you might encounter hindrances in your work and experience a decline in productivity.  Drake Tax Software HostingAn effective and simple way to solve such problems is hosting Drake software on the cloud, as most Drake tax software hosting service providers use high-performance computing servers. Besides, you get an option to select a dedicated server for Drake software to experience incredible system performance. As such, you can ensure that you don’t undergo any performance lag irrespective of the size of your data. 

High-End Data Security 

Ensuring top-notch security of your confidential tax data should be of epitomic importance for your business, irrespective of its size. Drake tax software hosting on the cloud meets the demand effectively, provided you avail the services from an authorized cloud solution provider  An authorized service provider will ensure the provision of cutting-edge security technologies such as Intrusion Detection and Prevention (IDS/IPS), 256-bit data encryption, antimalware, and antivirus. These are some of the most compelling features that help protect your data from potential online threats.  If you’re planning to avail the Drake tax software hosting services, it is recommended that you check out the kind of security level they provide. In addition, you can check the cloud services history along with the types of solutions they provide in case of any problems. 

Disaster Recovery and Backup 

Disaster Recovery is an essential aspect of a business. Running the Drake software on legacy systems would not allow you to recover your data during natural calamities. It might also happen that you lose all your data permanently. Drake cloud hosting eliminates such risks by replicating and storing your data in multiple data centers. They automatically take secure backups of all your data across various locations. All you require is to log in to your cloud account and recover the data. As such, you can quickly recover your data in such conditions irrespective of the geographical boundaries. 

Wrapping Up 

Availing Drake tax software hosting services can reap numerous benefits for your business. Features like remote access enable you to assist your client without being physically present on your system. As the cloud service providers manage the technicalities of the hosted software program, you can always focus on the main objective of your business.   If you prefer to get a competitive edge over others, switch to the Drake Tax Software Hosting solution today. Have you got any queries? Feel free to contact our skilled professionals @ 855-363-0916

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