Top 11 Benefits of Drake Tax Software on Cloud for Tax Preparation

One of the leading tax software programs, Drake enables CPAs, individual tax preparers, and business owners to simplify tax operations efficiently. Features like Drake Tax Planner, Drake Scheduler, etc., play a pivotal role in enhancing taxation capabilities to the next level.

However, some drawbacks of the software’s desktop version restrict you from attaining some crucial objectives. These include timely filing of returns, IT support during non-business hours, data security, etc. This is where the cloud hosted Drake Solution comes in handy. 

With built-in security and privacy protections, an automated backup system, integration capabilities, etc., hosted Drake Software enables businesses to unleash the software’s full potential. 

Read on to explore the benefits of cloud-hosted Drake Tax Software that enhance its capabilities and allows you to simplify everyday workplace tasks. 

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How Does Cloud Drake Software Benefits You? 

1. Round-The-Clock Global Access 

Being available to assist clients at all times is crucial for businesses. If your client needs tax consultation during non-business hours, you must be able to do it, failing, which may lead to loss of your reputation. Furthermore, such repetitive instances could restrict attracting new clients to your business.

Yes, locally installed Drake Software requires you to depend on a specific hardware device. Inability to access the device would leave you unable to assist your client. 

However, with cloud-hosted Drake Tax Software, you can access your data regardless of location. You can use smart devices like smartphones, laptops, iPad, or a tablet to access the hosted Drake software anytime. Such a feature is helpful, especially during peak tax season.

The cloud-hosted Drake Solution eliminates the need to be physically present in the office. Instead, you can use your preferred devices to complete the task from the comfort of your home or while on the move.  

2. Security of Data 

CPAs and tax professionals handle a massive pile of sensitive financial data of their clients. If this data falls into the wrong hands, the outcome can drastically impact the financial integrity of a client. If your preferences are to safeguard your clients’ data, you must have a robust data security strategy. 

To ensure the aforesaid, Drake Tax Software on the cloud is the ideal solution. Hosting the tax software on the cloud by partnering with a reputed cloud hosting provider promises the following: 

  • TLS 1.3-based Data Encryption System 
  • Antimalware 
  • Antivirus 
  • Multi-factor Authentication 
  • Intrusion Detection System and Intrusion Prevention System 
  • Multi-layered Firewall System 

In addition to the above, a reputed hosting provider has SSAE-16 certified Tier 4+ and Tier 5 class data centers, ensuring your data’s high security. Moreover, cloud-hosted Drake Software has centralized system management, which, once deployed, protects your entire network. 

Such high-end security protocols of hosted Drake Tax Software eliminate the risk of losing data. Even if there’s a breach, you can contact your hosting provider and get instant help with the data retrieval process.  

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3. Disaster Recovery 

Natural disasters and their consequences could be fatal for any business. Floods, earthquakes, and fires can significantly damage various companies, including the tax and accounting sectors. If you use on-premise Drake Software, then recovering data in such cases becomes challenging. As a result, you will experience a loss of clients, business reputation, and revenue to a significant extent. 

To mitigate such circumstances, you can use cloud Drake Hosting services from a reputable hosting provider. They ensure data replication in redundant servers across various geographical locations. In a natural disaster, if any server crashes, you can still retrieve data from the other quickly.  

4. Cost-Saving 

Traditional implementation of Drake in your workflow requires a dedicated in-house server setup for data storage and running the application. Besides, you need a complete IT infrastructure to maintain the upkeep of the software.

These include hardware resources and IT professionals where you must invest significant money. It means you must invest a considerable chunk of your budget in establishing the server. Additionally, you must bear the ongoing overhead expenses to maintain the server. 

Isn’t it a hurdle to ensuring cost-effective business continuity? Indeed, it is! 

To eliminate such bottlenecks, you can host Drake on the cloud. Cloud hosting providers take care of server setup, security, and maintenance. If you encounter any issues with the hosted application, you can seek instant help from your service provider.

Most cloud hosting providers are equipped with certified professionals who provide round-the-clock IT support to their clients. You can reach them via various means such as phone, chat, email, etc. 

5. Multi-User Capabilities 

Collaboration amongst team members is imperative for any business. When it comes to tax preparers, they require error-free tax calculations which include detailed financial data in a well-organized manner. As a tax preparer, you must be able to collaborate with team members to ensure correct tax returns. 

But, what if some of your team members couldn’t be physically present in the office? 

In such cases, they can work from anywhere using the cloud-hosted Drake Software and collaborate effectively, without delays. All the team members can work on a single file simultaneously and make real-time changes if required. It helps every team member to remain up-to-date with the latest changes to a file and ensure productivity simultaneously. 

In addition to easy collaboration, cloud-hosted Drake allows you to add multiple users to access the software. It means adding more users to your Drake account to work together and prepare taxes quickly – a boon during tax seasons. 

6. Scalability for Growing Tax Practices

When handling taxes, being able to grow smoothly is super important. Imagine if your way of managing taxes could easily adjust as your business gets bigger. That’s what we mean by scalability, and it’s a big deal when you opt Drake Tax Software with cloud hosting.

With regular ways of doing things, you might need to invest a lot in big machines when your business grows. But with cloud hosting, you can change how much computing power you use without the need for these big investments. So, whether you’re a small tax business or a large one, you can adjust things easily, making sure your setup matches how big your business is.

I’d be honest here – money matters, especially for smaller businesses. And, cloud hosting has flexible and budget-friendly options. Small businesses get what they need without spending too much, while bigger ones get the extra power they need without blowing their budget. It’s like paying for exactly what fits your business size.

During the busy tax seasons, you need everything to run smoothly. Cloud hosting can make your setup bigger or smaller based on how busy you are. No need to worry about your systems slowing down or causing problems during the busiest times. It’s like having extra help when you need it the most.

So, when we talk about scalability, we’re talking about a system that can grow with you, fit your budget, and handle the busiest times without a fuss. It’s like having a flexible and reliable teammate for your tax business.

7. Streamlined Workflow and Efficiency

Drake Tax Software with cloud hosting allows you a streamline and efficient workflow when preparing for tax season.

Cloud hosting turbocharges Drake Tax Software, ensuring speedy and efficient tax return processing. Complex calculations are simplified, making your workflow faster and more hassle-free.

Moreover, it facilitates seamless collaboration. Your team can access and work on the same tax files simultaneously, irrespective of their location. This boosts communication, minimizes errors, and keeps everyone on the same page during tax season.

Cloud hosting provides a reliable infrastructure, ensuring your team can work consistently. This reliability minimizes interruptions, contributing to overall efficiency and client satisfaction. Streamline your tax preparation process and experience a more productive and collaborative tax season.

8. Automatic Software Updates

Drake Tax Software with cloud hosting provides you an extra edge with automatic software updates.

You don’t need to do manual updates. With cloud hosting, Drake Tax Software automatically receives the latest updates without requiring your intervention. This eliminates the risk of oversight, ensuring your software is always up-to-date and equipped with the latest features.

Automatic updates mean you’re always at the forefront of innovation. Your software is consistently infused with the latest features from Drake Tax, providing you with the tools needed to navigate evolving tax regulations and streamline your processes.

Staying current isn’t just about features; it’s about performance too. Automatic updates optimize the overall performance of Drake Tax Software. Experience improved speed, efficiency, and functionality, contributing to a smoother and more responsive tax preparation experience.

9. Cost-Efficiency and Reduced IT Overhead

Unlock cost-efficiency and free up your focus for tax preparation with the winning combination of Drake Tax Software and Ace Cloud hosting.

Say goodbye to the burdens of buying and maintaining expensive hardware. Ace Cloud eliminates the need for hefty upfront investments, allowing your tax practice to enjoy substantial savings on both hardware and ongoing maintenance costs.

Enjoy the simplicity of predictable monthly costs, allowing you to plan and allocate resources more effectively. No surprises or hidden fees – just straightforward and transparent pricing.

By entrusting your hosting needs to Ace Cloud, you can redirect your attention where it matters most – core tax preparation tasks. Forget about IT distractions and troubleshooting. With reduced IT overhead, you’re free to concentrate on delivering high-quality tax services to your clients.

When you host your Drake Tax Software with Ace Cloud it won’t only treamline operations but also brings significant cost savings. Experience the freedom to focus on what you do best while enjoying predictable and budget-friendly hosting solutions.

10. Eco-Friendly Cloud Computing

Make a positive impact on the environment while advancing your tax practice with the environmentally conscious approach of Drake Tax Software and cloud hosting.

Traditional methods of data storage and processing contribute to environmental strain. Cloud hosting, on the other hand, reduces your carbon footprint by minimizing the need for physical servers and the associated energy consumption.

Cloud hosting offers an energy-efficient alternative. The infrastructure supporting Drake Tax Software on the cloud is designed for optimal energy consumption. This not only lowers your operational costs but also aligns your tax practice with sustainable and eco-friendly business practices.

Take a stand for a greener planet. You actively contribute to a more responsible business approach when opt cloud hosting. Your tax practice becomes part of a broader movement towards sustainability, showcasing your commitment to environmental responsibility.

Make a positive impact on the environment, reduce your energy consumption, and contribute to a greener and more responsible business ethos.

11. Ace Cloud: Making Tax Prep Easy

Get ready for a smoother tax season with Ace Cloud, designed to make using Drake Tax Software a breeze.

At Ace Cloud we host your Drake Tax Software on cloud to make it more powerful. It’s like having your favorite tools supercharged in the cloud, making tax prep a simple and smooth process.

If you ever need a hand, Ace Cloud’s support team is here for you. We make sure everything runs smoothly, helping you whenever you have questions. It’s like having a helpful friend ready to assist.

Ace Cloud doesn’t just host your tools; it keeps an eye on things to make sure they’re running well. No worries about slow systems or glitches—it’s all taken care of in real-time.

In a nutshell, Ace Cloud is your ticket to an easier and more efficient tax preparation experience. It’s about simplicity, support, and making your tax season hassle-free.

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Final Thoughts 

The listed benefits of Drake Software Hosting must have helped you realize its importance. If you are a tax preparer and want your taxation capabilities to move to the next level, cloud Drake Hosting is an ideal choice. Apart from the many benefits discussed here, the solution adds value to your business in other ways. These include high server uptime, superior software performance, automated backups, scalability, and more. 

Discover how ACE Cloud can help host all your team members on the same cloud platform with their Drake Tax Software hosting service. 

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