Intuit introduced QuickBooks software for the accountants in 1994 and, in no time, it was the most popular accounting software among SMBs. More than 2 decades later, the count of its competitors has increased by many folds but that has hardly shaken the grip of QuickBooks in the market. Intuit has managed to deliver the features that can upscale and simplify the accounting operations with QuickBooks. Among recent ones, the introduction of cloud-based services has been a futuristic leap that will further empower the CPAs and SMBs for their accounting requirements.

Why QuickBooks is Still a Big Thing for Accountants

Following are some of the reasons that make QuickBooks an irreplaceable option for the accountants:

Quickly Complete Routine Tasks

Routine tasks such as estimate generation, invoice creation, bill processing, etc. are tiny tasks that consume a considerable time of the accountants. QuickBooks streamlines such processes within a few clicks. It can understand the data provided by certain information in one file and reuse it intelligently whenever the same information is required. So, the user does not have to repeat the actions unnecessarily. Overall, it saves some quality time of the accountants.

Easier Maintain of Customer and Vendor Data

With QuickBooks, users don’t have to struggle with the huge files that carry customer or vendor data. QuickBooks can efficiently store the files in a neat, legible, and secure ways to make sure that you can access them whenever there is a need. Such files can even be shared via emails with the concerned vendor or customer to improve the reporting tasks.

Better Analysis of Financial Status of the Business

QuickBooks offers betterment of profit and loss statements, balance sheets and reports etc. with easier access. Along with that error-checking in data is better with QuickBooks, which makes the information available in the various reports reliable. Thus, the user is more informed and updated on the business performance. With easier analysis, the decision making also gets the wings.

All That Accounting May Need at Your Fingertips

Sales and expense tracking, receipt scanning, invoice sending etc. are some of the very important accounting tasks that QuickBooks can execute without much of human efforts. The basic versions of QuickBooks are already very powerful to support the accounting and it can still be improvised with the help of add-ons that give a more business specific accounting. There is hardly any accounting operation that QuickBooks cannot help with.


QuickBooks offers a number of versions to allow the users to choose the one that meets their needs. To make it even better, QuickBooks hosting and QuickBooks Online are other cloud-based versions. That avails multi-user collaboration and device-independent usage of the software for the users. You might plan to make a switch from desktop to hosted version, but planning to choose some other software over QuickBooks for accounting might not a great move.

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