Why Do Accountants Love QuickBooks?

There is not just one, but many reasons why CPAs want to use QuickBooks accounting software. They want to get the maximum benefits from the features designed in this software to simplify their work-related tasks.

QuickBooks was launched in 1998. It was loved by accountants because of its features and easy-to-use interface. Now it has already been around two decades since its launch. But its popularity amongst the accountants across the globe is continuing to grow with time.

Why QuickBooks is Still a Big Thing for Accountants

Even its grip in the accounting software market has not shaken up at all.

This software is known for the assortment of features that aim at simplifying accounting functions, including accounts payable, accounts receivable, financial reporting, etc.

Furthermore, there is cloud technology to back up its features and make them even more valuable for accountants.

Following are some of the reasons that make QuickBooks an irreplaceable option for the accountants:

1. Easy to Use Software’s Interface

Experienced accountants have mastery over dealing with diverse accounting and finance-related tasks. But you cannot expect every CPA to be tech-savvy.

People learn to use technology as per their needs only.

A typical user perspective is that if a form of advanced technology is difficult to understand and use, let’s just skip it to find a better one.

QuickBooks, on the other hand, is designed with intuitive features. It is easy to understand and use, even for those who lack technical prowess.

All its features are user-friendly and can be put into use as per the needs of a specific business.

If you as a CPA, feel difficulty in handling other accounting applications, start using QuickBooks, and feel the difference.

2. Improved Productivity at Work

Before the age of technology, accountants had to do their work manually, be it generating tax reports, creating invoices, processing bills, etc. All these routine tasks took a lot of time, thereby leading to lower productivity levels at work.

But the time then changed afterward. Now, accountants have QuickBooks software to streamline the routine tasks to be done.

One can easily get the routine accounting tasks done in just a few clicks while using the software.

Unlike saving document files in the office, accountants can save their business-related data in the software and access it later quickly whenever required.

In this way, they can eliminate redundancy at work, saving their precious time, which can be utilized for other productive tasks.

3. Easy to Manage Client’s Data

Accountants indeed have to deal with a huge amount of their client’s accounting data. They can often be found struggling to manage the data saved in the physical, paper-based form in their offices.

Having piles of accounting data inside the office also make it look cluttered, which may demotivate an individual to start working on it. Plus, there is a risk of loss of data from the office when kept in documents.

QuickBooks helps accountants and even accounting firms a lot in this aspect. They can work upon and store the data files in the local systems in well-designed, usable formats.

Also, these data files can be shared via emails with clients in electronic formats, thus minimizing the use of paper at work.

4. More Focus on the Core Accounting Tasks

It has been rightly said that what we focus on grows.

But factors like higher redundancy at work, loss of files, lower work productivity, etc. can make CPAs lose focus at work. For them, it is very important to deal with them timely to avoid possible happenings.

With the help of technologically advanced QuickBooks, the probability of facing disruptive events gets reduced to some extent. They can focus more on dealing with their client’s data, making profit/loss statements or balance sheets, etc. without worrying about other possibilities.

Ultimately, it helps them in analyzing the performance of their business and making plans for its growth.

5. Easy Accessibility of Work-Related Data

In the life of accountants, it often happens that they need to work for a specific client after regular working hours or even on holidays.

In some situations, they just can’t make their clients wait for the next working day, and the required task has to be done immediately.

If they weren’t using cloud-based accounting software, they would have to work hard to reach the office computers first, then find the required files and work on them as needed.

Such situations can be avoided with the help of QuickBooks hosting solution. Because of cloud technology, it can be accessed for use anytime and anywhere from an Internet-connected device.

The basic versions of QuickBooks are already very powerful to support the accounting and it can still be improvised with the help of add-ons that give more business specific accounting.

All this makes accounting data accessible to accountants at their fingertips, which can be highly advantageous for them.


QuickBooks is a renowned accounting software loved by accounting professionals all over the world. If you are a CPA too, starting to use it for your business will turn out to be highly advantageous.

You can make it a part of your accounting work to gain more than what you need to pay for it.

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Comments (1)

  • Charlie says:

    QuickBooks has been with me for 4 years now. We started with the 2011 version and now use the 2015 one. The interface is excellent and simple so even the new interns don’t have much problem getting familiar with it quickly. It has been an essential and super helpful part of our work.

  • Ellie says:

    While being a little pricy QuickBooks is an awesome tool. The cheaper alternatives do sound good in the start but QuickBooks more than makes up for its cost by providing a wide range of features. Accountants especially those who feel comfortable working on a computer should definitely go for QuickBooks. The seamless integration of add-ons, the simple and intuitive interface as well as the superb analysis services make QuickBooks an almost irreplaceable tool.

  • Calvin says:

    QuickBooks is highly overrated. While in the past accountants had no choice but to opt for QuickBooks as there were no better alternatives, the internet is now full of services that are better than QuickBooks and cheaper too. Software like FreshBooks ,Yendo, Kashoo, etc. are a much cheaper alternative and unlike QuickBooks they don’t dump their customers if they don’t keep regularly buying their products.

  • Tim says:

    QuickBooks is awesome. As an accountant, it has been my only choice for the past 8 years. The software is easy to use and the support is superb. Even the fresh interns who use it quickly get the hang of it.

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