For years, QuickBooks has been the favorite accounting software for the accountants and bookkeepers. The scenario has displayed a major change in the availability of the Cloud computing for famous accounting software. Now, more and more businesses, CPAs and other accounting professionals are rushing in to adopt QuickBooks Cloud.
Why QuickBooks Hosting is better than QuickBooks Download?

Experts have shown strong faith in the capacity of the Cloud and stated a number of reasons for which it becomes an easier choice over the QuickBooks desktop or any other downloadable version of QuickBooks. Even among the Cloud version, the users have two choices- one is Intuit’s very own QuickBooks Online and the other one is QuickBooks Desktop hosting with a third party.

Here we’ll see the top advantages of going with QuickBooks hosting over downloading and installing QuickBooks desktop for each and every system for your business accounting.

Get Started Faster:

QuickBooks Desktop setup usually amounts more than 500 MBs and definitely, that takes some time to download, depending on your internet connection. After that, add some more time for the extraction and installation processes. Then you got to customize the settings as per your need to finally start the program. Repeat these steps on all the systems that you want to work on with QuickBooks.

QuickBooks Hosting might hardly take 10 minutes to complete all the setup work to create account and access for different users since it is installed and accessed from the high-speed and secure data servers. That means even before you can download the setup on a couple of devices; QuickBooks on Cloud will be ready to serve your complete organization. Pretty fast and easy!

Multi-user Access:

QuickBooks Hosting allows different users to work on the same file at the same time from different locations. The collaboration feature ensures the swifter working and monitoring on the files. For the best experience of collaboration, the users can connect with each other using different devices and that too from different locations.

Without QuickBooks on Cloud, you require QuickBooks installed in all the system you’ll use whether it is your office laptop or your personal computer. QuickBooks hosting let you use the same QuickBooks by just entering a username and password whether you are working in the office, at home or even traveling with your tablet.

The freedom of geographical mobility and multiple-device compatibility can boost up the performance of the accounting team as they remain productive even on the go.

Better Add-ons Support:

QuickBooks is loaded with a number of features to deliver ease and effectiveness with the operations. Most of the regular users must be aware that there are a number of add-ons that can integrate with QuickBooks to serve more accuracy and efficiency for the business. Using such add-ons with QuickBooks Desktop may actually add burden on the hardware of the computer. With hosted QuickBooks, it works without any issue.

Easier Management and Maintenance:

Bookkeeping for the businesses is critical and its complexities keep on growing with time. At the same time, you also need to keep the older invoices, statements etc. safe and secure. This invites huge complications with the management of data. QuickBooks hosting saves the users with better and user-friendly management features. Well supported with automated bills and invoices sending feature, a number of hassles are further cut short.

Benefits of storage space and automated backups are some of the well-known features of cloud-based services. Needless to mention, they are available with QuickBooks cloud hosting as well. Depending on your choice of the QuickBooks Hosting service provider, you can considerable addition to an already studded list of the features. So, opting hosted QuickBooks can be the edge that will lead you to better accounting services.

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