Why Host QuickBooks Enterprise On Cloud?

QuickBooks Enterprise sure packs a punch for its extensive tool-set and various features. It can effortlessly cater to different industry verticals, with mid-size and large businesses exclusively using it for their operations.

   Benefits of QuickBooks Hosting

However, with recent developments in the cloud industry, it is now possible to have a next-generation experience by hosting QuickBooks Enterprise on the cloud. Cloud hosting helps you overcome QB Enterprise desktop limitations like restricted access, inadequate data security, etc.  

Simply speaking, you can enjoy more benefits with a hosted QuickBooks Enterprise solution. Here, let’s have a look at the top 11 reasons why you should host QuickBooks Enterprise on the cloud:  

1. Remote Access  

A traditional QuickBooks Enterprise environment provides you with local software access. This means you can only use it on a particular device on which it is installed. However, when you host QuickBooks Enterprise on the cloud, you can easily access it via a laptop, MacBook, iPad, etc. All you need is an Internet connection and valid authorization from a web browser.  

2. IT Maintenance  

While you can always deploy your own cloud infrastructure, it is costly and challenging. But, when you host QuickBooks Enterprise on the cloud, there is no need to set up your own IT infrastructure. All the resources are hosted on the cloud servers of your hosting provider.   

All you need to maintain are the end-point devices. Thus, QuickBooks Enterprise hosting carries fewer maintenance liabilities and is easier to manage than the mainstream desktop infrastructure.   

3. Business Expansion  

Expanding your business to another location means investing extensively in procuring a workplace, deploying IT infrastructure, and other business requirements. This ultimately makes many business owners reluctant while planning to expand their business.   

However, you can access a hosted QuickBooks Enterprise remotely. You can quickly expand by hiring remote workers for catering to clients from another city/overseas on a remote basis. And the best part is that you can do all this without needing a physical presence in that geography.  

4. Uptime   

Downtime can occur due to multiple factors like fire at the workplace, earthquakes, etc. This means you may lose numerous productive hours, eventually leading to a financial loss. Reputed QuickBooks Enterprise hosting providers offer up to 99.99% uptime availability.   

Their IT infrastructure is supported with top-rated hardware components and infrastructure redundancy. All this combined reduces your downtime to less than 6 minutes per year.  

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5. Data Security  

A hosted QuickBooks Enterprise solution comes with quality data security tools that you cannot deploy in a usual desktop environment. With cybercrime expected to reach $10.5 Trillion annually by 2025, hosting your QuickBooks Enterprise from an experienced hosting provider ensures that your critical financial data is secured effectively.   

QuickBooks Enterprise hosting providers create a multi-level security framework with the latest available technology. They offer AI surveillance, network filers, and Intrusion Detection and Prevention system. Furthermore, you get bank-grade encryption, multi-factor authentication, advanced anti-malware within their security framework.   

6. Role-Based Access 

In a hosted QuickBooks Enterprise solution, you control file visibility and access. You can set hierarchical role-based data access for your employees. This ensures that critical data can only be accessed by authorized personnel.   

Furthermore, every login into the system and data changes are monitored and tracked (if needed). They leave behind an audit trail that you can trace for verification.   

7. On-Demand Scalability   

Hosted QuickBooks Enterprise lets you enjoy flexible scalability options. All you have to do is contact your service provider. They will arrange the required resources. The resources are added to your existing subscription plan at a nominal fee.   

Also, unlike the conventional QB Enterprise deployment, you can avail yourself of these resources temporarily. You don’t have to make any permanent investment and can scale down when you don’t need extra resources.  

8. Data Backup  

In a conventional QB Enterprise environment, the data is stored locally. If your workspace is damaged due to man-made/environmental factors, it carries a higher chance of permanent data loss.   

However, with the hosted QuickBooks Enterprise solution, such issues do not occur. The cloud providers automatically take regular data backups on multiple servers. So, in case your data gets lost or damaged, you can retrieve it quickly.     

9. High-Performance Servers  

The end-user experience while using QB Enterprise greatly depends upon the system configuration on which it has been installed. Renowned hosting providers deploy High-Performance Computing (HPC) servers.   

It gives you a much smoother and lag-free user experience with higher computational capacities than a typical desktop environment. So, even if you process large data sets, you do not experience any performance issues.   

10. Better Collaboration  

A hosted QuickBooks Enterprise is based upon a cloud environment that has a unique offering. It has a centralized database and instantly reflects any changes made to it. Moreover, the changes are reflected in real-time.   

This way, your employees can collaborate with different teams and other stakeholders without engaging in the usual back-and-forth email file transfer. Just share access to that particular file, and everyone can work on the data simultaneously.  

11. Cost-Effectiveness  

Setting up your own QB Enterprise involves purchasing the software license and hardware. Also, you need to hire expert IT professionals to set up and maintain the infrastructure. You also need dedicated office space to keep the infrastructure running to add to the expenses.   

With QuickBooks Enterprise hosting, the service provider takes care of your IT needs. They have expert IT professionals to look after your hosted QuickBooks Enterprise solution. You do not have to hire IT experts to keep your infrastructure running. Thus, it is a cost-effective solution. Furthermore, since the infrastructure is hosted on the cloud, you can manage with a smaller office space.  

Parting Thoughts  

If QuickBooks Enterprise adds value to your business, you should try QuickBooks Enterprise hosting once. You get modern benefits such as anytime, anywhere access, enhanced data security, better employee collaboration, and superior performance.  

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