QuickBooks Hosting: The Importance of Uptime

Are you aware of QuickBooks Software? Everyone who is associated with the accounting industry must have heard about or used QuickBooks.

It is a premium accounting solution with robust functionalities and is used by businesses of all sizes. While its desktop version significantly revolutionized the entire accounting generation, hosting it on the cloud takes it to the next level and boosts its pre-existing functionalities.

QuickBooks Hosting: The Importance of Uptime

The uptime-downtime ratio of your cloud-hosted QB software is of great significance here. It significantly affects your QuickBooks experience and results in lower business productivity and revenue loss if not properly managed. Although downtime is an unavoidable part of QuickBooks hosting, you can mitigate it to a great extent with suitable measures.

So, before we look at why uptime is critical, let’s understand what uptime is and the reasons behind its unavailability.

Downtime: A Major Hindrance For Your Business

Uptime is the total time during which your QuickBooks is running and available for your usage, irrespective of whether it is running on your device or the cloud. So, while installing it at local servers might seem like a better idea, it is the opposite.

No matter how modern, the local hardware setup is prone to failure at some point in the future. So, even if you enjoy unrestricted usage with the on-premise installation, a sudden hardware failure can jeopardize the safety of your data and even make it permanently unavailable. Also, what about the downtime you suffer when the hardware is being repaired?

A remote setup is different. It is hardware-independent and allows you to access data via the internet.

Another way by which you can face downtime is because of cyber-attacks. Hackers commonly install malicious software and encrypt your entire data. It makes your data unavailable to you and causes your organization to suffer from significant downtime. The hosted solutions are generally more secure with the latest anti-hacking tools.

Why Is Uptime Important In Quickbooks Hosting

Here are some points explaining its importance in detail:

1. Unaffected Productivity

QuickBooks plays an essential role in the modernization of accounting operations and has empowered its users to be more productive, efficient, and improve the accounting process. The benefits of QuickBooks hosting optimize the workplace and helps you attain higher growth output. Uptime, too, is an equally important factor.

Any downtime directly cuts off QuickBooks access, which then interrupts the whole chain of organizational operations. This could delay your important projects, leading to revenue loss. And since recurrent downtime tends to disrupt your workplace tempo, the productivity losses you suffer are also significantly higher. Hence, to enjoy the full benefits of the QuickBooks hosting, you must hire a CSP that offers an SLA-backed uptime guarantee with a minimum of 99.99% availability.

2. Economic Benefits

Another reason why uptime is crucially essential is because of its economic impact. Let’s understand this with an example. Suppose your employees are using QuickBooks and catering to your customers’ demands. However, there is sudden hardware, and your system turns off.

While an occasional downtime (few minutes in a month) may not hurt that much, what if it becomes a regular occurrence? You may start losing customers, as they may switch to other firms with better uptime. Also, prolonged downtime will cause your internal processes to suffer. This will delay your projects, lower your workplace productivity, which ultimately leads to considerable financial losses.

3. Customer Experience

Hosting QuickBooks on the cloud has allowed accounting firms to offer quality customer service. Unlike the traditional methods, cloud applications are accessible via the internet. It has allowed firms to offer their services from anywhere, anytime. This way, you can easily outsource your work and get it done rapidly.

Also, instead of solely relying on having in-person meetings, you can connect with your clients through phone calls and video conferencing. However, for a client to smoothly enjoy services from the comfort of their homes, your business must be free from recurrent and prolonged downtime. Such downtime incidents can also leave a wrong impression on your clients, prompting them to move to other firms and causing you to lose your valuable customers.

4. Business Performance

Integrating add-ons with your QuickBooks carries numerous benefits for your organization and helps you in improving your business performance. With the help of add-ons, you can quickly generate financial reports, automate business operations, accurately track time, and manage customers.

And since a hosted QuickBooks solution uses high-performance quality servers, you can easily integrate multiple add-ons at once. However, an organization suffering from recurring downtime can never fully utilize its full potential. With every downtime instance, the access to the add-ons is also cut off. So, it would be best if you had a hosting provider that offers at least 99.99% uptime for utilizing the cloud and ramping up your business performance.

5. Market Positioning

A steadily growing customer base is significant for a business to flourish. However, to continuously attract new customers and retain its previous ones, it must also consistently offer quality service. And this is where uptime becomes very important. You can be the best accounting firm with economical packages, but you can still fall behind your competitors if you are not consistent enough. The recurrent downtime sets a bad example for your organizational services and undermines your image.

Also, if you have an unmatched uptime availability, it gives your firm the much-needed unique selling proposition (USP). This way, you can build credibility within the market and gain more customers.


Uptime is the pillar behind your hosted QuickBooks solution. It can be a strong selling point to your clients and build your credibility in the market. However, choosing the right QuickBooks hosting provider is necessary if you want your hosted QB solution to accompany your business vision. Thus, it would help if you chose a reliable service provider that offers SLA guaranteed high-uptime.

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