For the computers connected to a network, it is possible for them to access QuickBooks company files stored in any one of the computers. This feature is availed using QuickBooks Hosting Mode. This Mode allows the computer (host) with QuickBooks company files permits the access for other computers (users/ workstations). In other words, you can consider it as a way to set up the multiuser access over QuickBooks.

Note that QuickBooks Hosting Mode should not be confused with QuickBooks Hosting on the cloud as the mode is helpful in accessing files over the local servers. Even if QuickBooks Hosting Mode is Off, you can access and work on cloud-hosted QuickBooks.

What Does QuickBooks Hosting Mode Imply?

QuickBooks Hosting Mode allows a local computer to control the access of QuickBooks company files to other computers on the network. To allow other computers to access QuickBooks company files the QuickBooks Hosting Mode should be turned on at the host machine. Workstations that are seeking the access to the company files can keep this mode turned off.

Server Manager and QuickBooks Version:

For QuickBooks Hosting mode, different QuickBooks versions have different Database Server Manager. You can configure server managers from ‘Users for this computer’ section in User Accounts (in Windows Control Panel).

Version Database Server Manager
QuickBooks 2016 QuickBooksDB26
QuickBooks 2015 QuickBooksDB25
QuickBooks 2014 QuickBooksDB24
QuickBooks 2013 QuickBooksDB23
QuickBooks 2012 QuickBooksDB22

How to Configure QuickBooks Hosting Mode for various hosting patterns?

1. Dedicated Hosting

The server that is hosting the company files must have QuickBooks installed, but it is not QB user. The server is connected to the different workstations while keeping the QuickBooks Hosting mode turned on. The mode will remain off for the workstations and QuickBooks must be installed on them for accessibility.


2. Peer-to-Peer Hosting

Here, one workstation carrying the company files acts as the host. The host and all the workstations will have QuickBooks installed, but QuickBooks Hosting Mode is enabled only on the host. Rest of the workstations will require the mode to remain disabled.


3. Alternate Hosting

Compared to the dedicated hosting model, in this model one QB, user/workstation can control the hosting server. That workstation acts as host and allows the access path to rest of the workstations. QuickBooks is installed on all workstations, as well as the host. QuickBooks Hosting Mode is kept on only for the host and workstations will have this mode off.


Things to Remember With QuickBooks File Sharing Over a Network

  1. Sharing permissions of the files for Windows users must be set to ‘Full Control’ to enable the file sharing.
  2. Apart from QuickBooks login, the database server must be set to the open the company files.
  3. Correct hosting mode must be set for workstations and hosts.

Other Ways of Sharing Files and Maintaining Multiple Users

Switching to the cloud can enhance your experience of sharing files among your employees and clients without restricting them to a network. Cloud solutions, such as – QuickBooks hosting offer better sharing capability along with controls on the permissions for the different users.

These tools allow the accessibility to the users over the internet and offer additional benefits, like – remote access and real-time collaboration.

Users can access and work on the files from anywhere using any device and can even collaborate together to work on the same files from different locations. Enabled with the feature to enable the automatic and instant backup, any unwanted change with the files can also be recovered.

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