What Will 2024 Look Like For The Future Of Cloud Computing?

Cloud adoption is never going to be stagnant. As competitive dynamics continue to emerge, enterprises must keep up by adopting new cloud technologies such as Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI). While some of our cloud trends include the VDI market, some new subsets technologies will scratch the surface soon.  

So, what’s going to happen in the year ahead? Will cloud desktops and metaverse make the headlines? Or hybrid work increasing the adoption of cloud technologies come to the forefront of conversation?   

To know more about it, we at Ace Cloud Hosting reached out to some leading industry experts to understand their views on virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) trends and predictions for 2021 & beyond. Read these predictions from the industry’s leading expert Rory Monaghan to learn more!  

Rory Monaghan, who resides in Galway, Ireland, is a founder at Rorymon Solutions. His top skill sets include Virtualization, Application Delivery, and Citrix. Rory is currently a Citrix CTA, Microsoft MVP, and VMware vExpert. He has several publications to his name and is a contributor to WhatMatrix and his own Application Delivery Matrix.  

He said: “2022 may be the year of catching up and enhancing what you have already got after the pandemic. As we know, 2020 was a crazy year for everyone on the planet, and from a work perspective, there was a heavy lean on End User Computing to provide remote work solutions.  

Those lucky enough to already have cloud technologies survived will continue to do so if they can streamline IT workloads while providing an enhanced user experience to employees.”  

Top 5 Cloud Computing Trends to Look Forward In 2024  

  • Rethinking The VDI Solution- Getting Practical  

The Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) is a unique technology and has been made across in VDI market in 2024. Since the last decade, the VDI continuum has grown as companies have created business plans in the cloud market. While a complete set of VDI benefits still need to be discovered, businesses still hesitate while going for it. However, we have seen a significant change to how money flows in the cloud -market, with security solutions and scalable models capitalizing on this growth with more integrations.  

VDI market is ready to bring immersion into our work patterns more than what happened before COVID. We are in the era of technology where simulated virtual environments are created with cloud-based VDI that will help firms to gain strong momentum in 2024.  

Picture 2 cloud trends

Say Hi to Multi-cloud  

While 2022 was the year of hybrid cloud, 2024 is expected to see a significant shift to the blend of all cloud, multi-cloud environments. Enterprises wish to optimize their cloud adoption by adopting numerous managed service providers who use multi-cloud- public, private, and hybrid.  

Enterprises want to leverage the benefits of clouds as per their need—especially in a stricter macro-environment. Top cloud service providers have intensified their offerings in the last few years. Thus, offering a higher level of flexibility, especially when dealing with security, compliance, scalability, and other major challenges can be solved by multi-cloud usage. This cloud trend is expected to continue in the coming years as providers focus on providing more open-source offerings. These solutions orchestrate workloads across IT to offer a great transition to the cloud.  

XaaS Is the Future 

The growth of Everything-as-a-Service will help to drive cloud investments in 2024. — where a broad range of cloud services are provided to clients in a managed form. As per the survey by IMARC Group, the global XaaS market is anticipated to reach $624.1 billion by 2027. This survey talks about the desktop as a service, security as a service, and network as a service.  

From the point of end users, XaaS brings a host of benefits such as flexibility, savings, and speed through flexible models where enterprises can pay for what they use rather than a whole set of on-site equipment. The XaaS model is expanding in the IT market, which makes it up quite easily.   

The XaaS model is gaining traction in the professional services industry, where companies are combining digital capabilities, data, or assets with people-based services. The model enables professional service providers to scale their offerings while allowing businesses to pay for the number of services used rather than the time spent.  

Further, newcomers and legacy firms will develop and improve their offerings in 2024.  

FinOps Takes Over to Eliminate Economic Complexities  

While enterprises will increase their cloud consumption by next year, they also need to monitor how spending on technology, especially as inflation is increasing the cost of doing business. As per the survey by IDC, 80% of companies using cloud services will establish the FinOps function while automating policy-driven optimization to maximize value. FinOps is a practice done by enterprises to check cloud technology costs. As on-demand cloud model costs fluctuate, FinOps is a great way to have visibility into costs.  

This approach is long-term and will require a higher demand curve that must be integrated to offer clients true added value.  

Green Cloud Brings Innovation  

Green cloud is a term that offers the potential advantages of cloud services by utilizing sustainable IT resources and innovations to lower carbon footprints. According to IDC Forecast, emissions will be reduced by 1 billion metric tonnes as businesses adopt green cloud and data centers will go for more ingenious sustainability measures.  

With years, it will favor a good relationship with the environment to the extent that cloud computing services will diminish the adverse effects of hardware and software. On that note, adopting green cloud computing technologies will lead to increased efficiency while reducing the utilization of non-renewable resources.   

The Bottom LineThe Bottom Line  

2024 is setting up as a fascinating year ahead from technology, and while the VDI market continues to bring new fronts, it’s all certain that businesses surely need to go for a cloud-centric computing solution to bring a competitive edge to their IT.   

Get ready for the future! 

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