How Does DaaS Support Firms in the Changing World of IT?

As the world is going hybrid, IT needs to change too. When the global pandemic hit, enterprises fundamentally changed their IT strategy blueprints without putting their corporate resources at risk.  

While most firms are returning to normal, it’s crystal clear that no business will survive without cloud workloads. Cloud data centers processed 94 percent of all workloads in 2021, and that’s increasing day by day. The work process has transformed the way firms operate. Desktop as a service (DaaS) has opened the door to remote work with better innovation and a competitive business edge. 

With economical Desktop as a Service Pricing, companies of all sizes can knock down every business risk and reap the rewards. Many businesses are already doing well on their journey to evolution. 

 Let Flexibility Win the Race 

Earlier business processes were restricted to a single place where an office was built, and employees worked there. However, this is no longer the case. A recent poll by Zippia found that the number of fully remote workers increased by over four times from 2018 to 2021. 

Regardless of where employees work, they need secure and reliable access to the systems to get work done in response to the pandemic; enterprises need to engage and be efficient no matter where they happen to be. And virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) surely got them through and will continue to do so if firms have big budgets to host the infrastructure in-house. 

Undoubtedly VDI is a technology that raises bars on who has access to what business resources, but managing it is a highly complex process. And the workforce operates on the go, so they gain access using public networks. In such a scenario, hackers are waiting for a minor error to make your network vulnerable. However, IT can ward off by pushing the infrastructure to the cloud.  

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Given that the workforce demands freedom and they aren’t going to give up, IT leaders surely need Desktop as a service (DaaS) to work on their flexible models for the year ahead with the freedom to work on devices and applications they wish. 

Bringing in a lot of flexibility and resilience, DaaS is a cloud-native trend that support IT teams to increase their footing in the core areas rather than configuring individual devices for their teams. The DaaS setup is quite different from the traditional infrastructure, and such setup operates from the central server to drive agility by keeping virtualization as the foundation. 

 Tear Down The Confinements 

CXOs rethinking their office and a way to break free of age-old confinements has given DaaS a huge push in the market. Not only DaaS deployment acts as a framework for digital transformation but also massively improves productivity for teams working remotely. 

For instance, it powers web developers, designers, and networking professionals can work on any thin client and expect a good application performance on GPU Intrinsic machines

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This is not all; DaaS is a subscription model that makes sense economically as it gives IT leaders time to develop their infrastructure at scale with added security and at an experimental edge. And that comes with business-friendly DaaS pricing. This is critical now, holding the digital savvy nature of today’s employees to whom user experiences count the most.  

DaaS solutions create a ‘work from anywhere’ environment that provides the workforce with the applications and tools they require to achieve different types of goals optimally. 

 Hire Remote Talent Wherever They Are 

Enterprises are offering their workforce planning strategies a fresh look as the workers are on the move. And to ensure that business is running along with them, DaaS supports enterprises to offer cloud-based access to recruiting talent that is not anywhere in the office hubs. This also makes space for freelancers and temporary workers who are needed at the time of peak demands, such as developers, to work on a 3D modeling project. Thus, businesses can look beyond geographical boundaries to reshape their workforce, where DaaS vendors look after the management tasks.  

Get On Board With ACE Desktop As A Service 

The future of IT lies in DaaS solutions that enable them to provide managed access to all employees based on the work they need to do, wherever they are. 

Unlike in-house VDI, Desktop as a service secures exposed data stored on a cloud server rather than on separate machines. And IT can employ them to overcome the unique challenges of dispersed work benefits. 

  • Bring your own device (BYOD) protection: 

The workforce today likes to use their own devices to work from home. However, from the security point of view, it isn’t easy to ensure how secure these multiple devices are. DaaS vendors implement a robust zero-trust security approach so that IT can keep a check on all the devices with access. 

  •  Securing APIs: 

User experience on any application is a lifesaver for every business, and when multiple operating systems are being used to access web applications, companies need to eliminate IT vulnerabilities. ACE leverages firewall, end-to-end encryptions, and DDoS protections within the DaaS environment to ensure all APIs are secure across the cloud. 


  •  Seamless Team Collaboration: 

Remote working indeed ensures that work can be done without being in the office, but it doesn’t eliminate the need to collaborate within a team. 

Collaboration is necessary to get the work done; therefore, integration with some communication applications is crucial. For instance: For a great user experience, DaaS integrates with communication platforms such as Skype, MS Teams, and Outlook. Further, this blocks webcam compression and ensures that the user can have an exceptional experience even when they are working on low-configuration devices. 

 ACE DaaS Can Be Summed Up In Three Words: Flexible, Secure, And Unified 

DaaS is here to stay, and enterprises embrace it to empower their digital transformation strategies. DaaS brings advancements in VDI technology, and thanks to its managed infrastructure, enterprises can leverage its benefits without massive DaaS costs and IT headaches. 

In the near future, DaaS can help enterprises of all sizes to build a strategy that can deliver a thoughtful end-user experience and control access for their work environment at scale.   

Have you started leveraging Desktop as a service solution as your cloud initiative? If you want to know more about DaaS can reshape your IT strategies, then connect with our experts, or let us know on  Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. 

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