7 Benefits Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Offers to the Business  

The business landscape has changed exponentially in the last few years. COVID-19 has made hybrid work culture a survival tactic for a business. Here, cloud solutions such as Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) have acted as primary business support by enhancing remote working. Cloud-based VDI enables the business to pave its path towards boosting productivity by saving the expense on endpoint devices.  

As stated by Allied Market Research the cloud VDI market is estimated to reach $10,154 million by 2023. It is growing at a CAGR of 16.5% from 2017 to 2023. 

Before diving into the benefits of hosted virtual desktops for businesses, let’s know a little more about VDI. 

Benefits of Virtual Infrastructure

What is Cloud VDI?

A VDI is a virtual computer that can be operated anywhere, anytime, and on any device. When VDI moves to the cloud, it offers a hybrid architecture to implement Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS). In simple terms, the data is now not hosted in in-house data centers but on the service provider’s cloud. 

Instead of managing a desktop on your desk, you can run it on a server in the data center. Unlike on-premise Desktop VDI, it works on a virtual machine and doesn’t require a high-end server installation on your office premises.   

And the best part is that it creates a flexible working environment for firms opting for a work-from-home culture. In other words, it acts like a physical desktop that stores your data on a cloud-based server. Moreover, the business applications are hosted via virtual technology, ensuring better security.  

Cloud-based VDI offers immense benefits to businesses.

Here are the top seven VDI benefits you should know to make an intelligent decision for your firm: 

1. Make Remote Working Efficient 

With remote work being a need, firms strive to achieve a competitive advantage. Now, you can work from anywhere, be it your home, a thousand miles away, or from another country. However, this has made space for higher productivity. VDI offers you access to work resources on a virtual server and also allows your employees to enjoy the flexibility and collaborative advantages without being in a physical workspace. 

2. Cloud VDI Centralizes IT Management  

One of the best benefits of a virtual desktop infrastructure is centralizing your management structure. It allows the IT administrator to manage all virtualized devices simultaneously. Not only does this make it secure, but it also saves time by not having time to fix each desktop individually. It makes it simple for IT administrators to secure data and applications from bug fixes. It has reduced the dependence on IT teams to upgrade traditional desktops. 

It doesn’t matter if hundreds, thousands, or tens of thousands of devices are there.  

And what’s more, it also allows you to ensure that your data won’t get lost even if there is a technical glitch since it’s not on your device’s hard drive. 

3. Convert Capital Expenditure Into Operating Expenditure 

Global cloud-based VDI deploys savings for every business, whether private, public or hybrid. Along with top-notch security, companies can avoid the extra maintenance cost for traditional systems. Moreover, it acts as an asset for businesses. As every process is done on the server, installing an endpoint device is no longer required. It reduces technology and administrative costs while enhancing security, backup, and user experience. 

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4. Cloud VDI Offers Scalability 

As the modern workplace continuously adapts to new changes, so does technology. VDI enables you to control the applications and resources that are overutilized and underutilized. These actions can decrease data center complexity and let you align business strategies better. 

Leverage the advantages of pay as you go Cloud VDI model and meet the growing demands of your business. 

5. Cloud VDI Supports BYOD implementation 

With VDI, you can quickly implement the BYOD (bring your own devices) policy in your workspace. If the employees use their own devices with virtual machines, it saves time and money to install an on-premise VDI. Also, the data stays secure. Data remains in the data center, even if employees are working from the office or not. 

6. Cloud VDI Improves the User Experience 

The hosted VDI desktop intends to give the best experience to the users – which counts the most. User experience is one of the most important aspects of a business. Imagine how fast the server needs to be when the clients are ready to work from any location around the globe. Therefore, with cloud VDI, you will not face any lags while working on graphic-intensive applications.  

It forms a digital workspace, building a better user experience and ensuring continuous business flow to get the closest idea of the end-user experience. You can work uninterrupted on virtual desktops with high performance and superior graphics to support your workload with us. 

7. The Biggest Concern: What About Security?  

For a business, security is the top hosted VDI benefit. Addressing data security issues is often more accessible when the cloud centrally stores all the hardware, software, and applications. 

Firstly, the data is safe from antivirus thefts and breaches as the virtual servers store your data, not a local device. Then, with encryption and multi-factor authentication, your data is never in the wrong hands. Not only does it prevent data loss, but it also ensures that no unauthorized access is provided to any third party.  

The Bottom Line- How Virtual infrastructure Impacts Business Environment 

Now it’s clear that VDI is beneficial for small-to-large-sized companies. If you want to have increased work efficiency in future hybrid work culture, then VDI is a solution you must look forward to. 

We understand that every firm has different needs. So, we offer you a VDI solution to meet your business’s security needs. We make it effortless for users to keep sensitive data secure. With VDI security, the data is hosted in SSAE 16 certified data centers. So, if you host VDI with us, your information is secure. We have Tier-3+ and Tier-4 data centers with multi-redundant infrastructure and fault-tolerant systems. 

To know more, talk to our Solutions Experts or click the chat button below.

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