Top 10 Add-ons For ProSeries Tax Software

ProSeries Tax Software is among the most widely used tax software for individuals and accounting professionals. Per the 2023 tax software survey by the Journal of Accountancy and The Tax Adviser, ProSeries is professionals’ most preferred tax software.

Using ProSeries software is relatively easy. However, clients might need some add-on integrations to enhance their productivity and streamline management using automation.

This blog will explore the ten most helpful add-ons available for Intuit ProSeries. With these third-party integrations, you can enhance ProSeries functionality to streamline and enhance your tax filing experience.

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Why Do You need add-ons for Intuit ProSeries tax software?

ProSeries Tax Software comes in two versions: Basic and Professional. The basic version helps to file individual tax returns, i.e., Form 1040, and the professional version is for accounting professionals to file business returns. Some of the features of ProSeries are –

  • On-screen help while filing returns
  • Finding the correct form and data entry assistance
  • More than 1,000 error-checking diagnostics
  • Tracking and managing clients’ return status
  • Easy-to-use user interface

Although ProSeries offers various features, some functionalities, such as data organization, file management, payment collection, and digital signatures, are also required to manage the tax process.

With these 3rd party ProSeries integrations, you can extend its functionality and perform additional tasks such as collecting clients’ information, digital signatures, etc. The best part is that most of these add-ons are compatible with ProSeries cloud hosting solutions.

Top 10 Add-ons for ProSeries Tax Software

Here is a list of the top 10 add-ons for ProSeries Tax Software that ensure smoother tax filing processes.

1) Pay-by-Refund

Pay-by-Refund is an Intuit payment-collecting app. With this app, accountants and CPAs can easily collect their tax preparation fees from clients. Also, clients can start the tax filing process without any upfront cost.

Moreover, Pay-by-Refund provides identity theft protection for secured transactions. The services provided to ensure identities are –

  • Identity restoration
  • Identity-theft insurance
  • Dedicated fraud resolution support

Let’s now see how the Pay-by-Refund add-on works with ProSeries:

  1. Enroll: Choose from Intuit bank partners to process and distribute your client’s tax refunds.
  2. File Returns: Fill in the integrated Pay-by-Refund form when filing taxes using ProSeries to leverage Intuit banking products to process refunds faster.
  3. Processing: The IRS will deposit tax returns into a temporary account provided by your chosen bank partner.
  4. Disbursement: The partner bank of your choice distributes funds according to the details you submitted in the Pay-by-Refund forms.

ProSeries integrates with Pay-by-Refund to ensure smoother payments for clients and accounting professionals.

2) Intuit Link

Intuit Link is an online portal to collect the clients’ information required to file taxes online in an organized way.

With Intuit Link, tax professionals can create a customized questionnaire and send it to their clients through the portal.

Steps to use Intuit Link:

  • First, prepare a tax organizer in ProSeries and share an invite with your client to use Link.
  • Your client then understands which documents they need to provide.
  • They then upload the required tax documents. Intuit Link then updates the status of your request.
  • Once your clients submit the required documents, you get notified. After that, you can continue working on your client’s taxes.

The best part of using Link is that it lets you import data directly from your client’s documents. This feature reduces any chance of human error by eliminating the need for manual entry.

Intuit link can also send automatic reminders to your clients to notify them about missing documents. Thus allowing you to collect all the information with minimum delays.

Pricing: Intuit Link add-on is free to use when you buy ProSeries or Lacerte.

3) eSignature

Get any forms or documents digitally signed by your clients anywhere, anytime, and any preferred device using the eSignature app. Thus allowing you to collect signatures remotely from customers.

It saves both clients’ and accountants’ time. The app also has eight eSignature notification statuses to check when the form is delivered, signed, declined, voided, expired, or authentication has failed.

Requesting eSignatures using the addon is straightforward. First, select a document or form type (for example, Federal8879, CA 8879, etc.). Next, specify client details. After that, review the details and submit the digital signature request.

Features you get with eSignature app integration:

  • Setup automatic reminders to request digital signs from your clients
  • Dashboard to track eSignature requests
  • Knowledge-Based Authentication (KBA)
  • Option available to collect an in-person digital signature from clients in your office


To request an eSignature, you send an envelope to your client. You can include up to 130 documents (or up to 25 MB) in one envelope. Based on your requirements, you can buy credits to request eSignatures.

ESignatures on 50 envelopes cost around $139.50 ($2.79 each). For more details, check the pricing here.

4) Revver (Previously eFile Cabinet)

eFile Cabinet is now known as Revver. It is an excellent alternative to the Lacerte Document Management System DMS. The app automatically recognizes and categorizes the files by name and their content.

The documents can be shared securely directly using the app. Users can manage the recipient’s permissions for files, set expiration on the consent, and receive notifications for shared files.

ProSeries integrates with Revver to automate most simple tasks and reduce manual errors. Tax professionals or business owners can set governance on files or folders to stay compliant.

5) Smart Vault

SmartVault app allows accounting professionals to go completely paperless by storing, sharing, and managing documents on the cloud.

Customize documents with your tax firm’s logo before sharing the files for enhanced authenticity. SmartVault also has an eSignature feature to get your clients’ signatures on a digital file.

You can easily integrate ProSeries and SmartVault to automate workflow with bank-level security, automatic file lock, and compliance tools.

6) QuickBooks

QuickBooks is one of the most used applications for managing accounting processes. It allows accountants to manage expenses, track bills and invoices, generate reports, process tax returns, and more.

QuickBooks integrates with ProSeries tax software, allowing you to manage inventory, track sales, etc quickly.

Business owners can also manage the sales and earnings of employees, which can be used to do payroll taxes from QuickBooks.

Pricing: Quickbooks pricing starts from $30 to $200 per month. Check out the Intuit pricing page for more details.

7) QuickCollect

QuickCollect by Intuit is a tax preparation fee collection app. QuickCollect allows clients to pay the tax preparation fee from their tax refund amount.

Once the tax refund is initiated, the tax preparer gets their payment. Tax professionals can use this app if they are sure the client is getting a tax refund, as it does not have a payment collection option in case of zero refunds.

ProSeries integrated with QuickCollect assures the tax professionals of the fee payment. It also helps in business growth by including clients’ who are otherwise skeptical of tax refund fraud.

Pricing: ProSeries QuickCollect costs $15 per return, automatically deducted from your Tax preparation fees.

8) Quick Employer Forms Accountant

This app helps accounting and tax professionals to generate clients’ payroll forms. Users can review the forms before e-filing or printing them. The app also has an option to e-file the forms to the IRS or Social Security Administration directly.

Quick Employer Forms Accountant integrated with ProSeries software allows the creation of 1099 and W-2 forms faster. Users must answer some questions, and the app generates the proper forms.


The cost of Quick Employer Forms for ProSeries is $189. With the latest 2023 version, you can quickly search, sort, and filter payees. In addition to that, you get bulk e-file support for multiple businesses.

9) Fixed Asset Manager

Fixed Asset Manager is an asset-tracking app that calculates depreciation. Users can import assets from the ProSeries software, split the asset into two or more new assets, get monthly depreciation reports and group assets, calculate interim depreciation, and much more.

ProSeries integrated with Fixed Asset Manager allows asset sales and purchases to be tracked throughout the year to calculate depreciation for tax filing accurately. It also provides printing tax worksheets for 4562, 4797, and 4626 forms.

Features you get with Fixed Asset Manager:

  • Unlimited and automatic depreciation calculation
  • Supports different Modified Accelerated Cost Recovery System (MACRS) depreciation methods
  • Prepare and file client property tax return
  • Print monthly depreciation reports
  • Report Wizard to create your depreciation reports

Pricing: You must buy Fixed Asset Manager software separately from your ProSeries subscription. It will cost you around t$412 per year.

10) Tax Scan and Import

Tax Scan and Import are two app features that are in one place. Professionals can scan the documents and import the data from the scanned document directly to the 1040 form of the client. The app also has a feature to edit the imported document and check its accuracy with the help of the Transaction Data Reviewer.

Tax Scan and Import app integrated with ProSeries Software allows accountants to scan the documents without leaving the tax software, ensuring data security during transmission.

It supports several forms and schedules, such as W-2, 1099-B, 1099-Mortgage, 1099-DIV, 1099-G, Schedule K-1 (1065, 1041, 1120-S), and consolidated brokerage statements.


  • It uses 128-bit data encryption for data transmission
  • Dual optical character readers for accurate results
  • Supports bookmarked and highlighted PDFs to verify the source of the scanned data
  • Form reviewer tools for checking data before importing in any tax return


You can use the Tax Scan and Import add-on with a total number of tax returns.

  1. Purchase by return: $14 per tax return
  2. Unlimited tax returns: $1405

Wrapping Up

Choosing the right add-ons for ProSeries tax software not only increases the software’s functionality but also helps in better management of data, faster accounting processes, and improved productivity, resulting in an increased number of billable hours for your firm.

To know more about ProSeries software add-on integration, contact our Solutions Consultant at +1-855-223-4887.

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