Top 10 Features of Intuit ProSeries

Intuit ProSeries is an all-inclusive solution for tax preparers looking to file their returns seamlessly. This tax software is highly preferred by its users due to the ease-of-use.

Top 10 Features of Intuit ProSeries

ProSeries tax software is available in 2 versions: Basic and Professional. ProSeries Basic is an entry-level software used for filing individual returns, and ProSeries Professional is used by experts for handling business returns. Users also have the option to choose from 3 existing packages as per their requirements:

  • 1040 Package
  • Pay-Per-Return
  • Unlimited Returns

Intuit ProSeries assists professionals and individual tax preparers by providing advanced features for a better tax filing experience.

Here are some features of Intuit ProSeries in detail.

1. Data Input Assistance

Intuit ProSeries offers robust tools that help tax preparers to fill the details in the tax forms. The help tools provided by the software include:

  • On-screen Help: It allows users to obtain information from the online knowledgebase while working on the return.
  • Line-sensitive Help: It is used to trace the source document for any field data and helps to figure out the information required for a particular field.
  • Where Do I Enter?: It is used to locate the right form and field in Federal 1040, 1065, 1120, and 1120s products.

These features help make the e-filing process faster and easy-to-use.

2. Extensive Form Library

ProSeries tax software provides over 3700 forms and schedules, including 1040, 1041, 1120, 1120S, 706, 709, 990, and more to meet the need of businesses.

ProSeries offers support for an unlimited number of 1040, individual, federal and state, and gift returns. Furthermore, professionals can import K-1 business data to the individual returns easily. It saves time spent on manual entry work and improves efficiency.

3. Client Management Solutions

ProSeries offers in-built tools for tracking and managing e-filing progress, client status, and missing data.

The e-filing acknowledgments can be retrieved or downloaded manually within the tax software using e-file announcements. Client Status solution helps to keep a check on the progress of client returns and make reports or a checklist for the same.

Moreover, the Missing Client Data Tool enables professionals to keep track of empty fields. The status of the missing data is then tracked, and an automated request is sent to the particular client through a customized email.

4. Error-Check

Intuit ProSeries covers over 1,000 error-checking diagnostics. It provides an extensive error-check for an accurate tax filing process.

ProSeries Professional version has an in-built feature of Forms Bar, which is used for locating errors and fixing them in any tax return. It also guides users to the required tax form and entering the necessary data in it. This helps in staying productive during the long run.

5. E-Signature

E-Signature offered by DocuSign is a convenient way to sign crucial documents, forms, and files digitally in an IRS-approved way. It also saves time by collecting signatures and client approvals in minutes or hours instead of days.

ProSeries users can easily collect signatures for Form 8879, which helps to serve the clients in a better way.

From the tax year 2019, eSignature has added a new feature of the automated dashboard which covers up to eight statuses for tracking and reminders, which include:

  • Declined
  • Delivered
  • Authentication Failed
  • Multiple
  • Signed
  • Partially Signed
  • Voided
  • Expired

6. Intuit Link

Intuit Link helps to simplify the process of gathering information from clients by offering an online portal. It is a convenient and secure platform that enables professionals and users to share crucial data.

Intuit Link further offers time-saving tools like automated reminders, custom email templates, document requests, and more. Professionals can keep track of the progress and notify clients in case of any required information or document.

It is secured by 256-bit encryption in order to avoid the risk of any unauthorized access. Intuit Link helps to file tax returns faster and organize data easily.

7. Tax Planner

Tax Planner is an in-built feature in ProSeries tax software used to estimate tax payments for 1040 return of the current year and beyond. It is present under federal tax returns in both the Professional and Basic versions.

Tax Planner provides two major worksheets that can be filled by the tax preparer for better planning of the process:

  • Tax Planner Summary Information Sheet
  • Tax Planner Taxpayer Information Sheet

Summary Information Sheet helps keep the record of the tax year, plan description, inflation percentage, etc. Taxpayer Information Sheet holds the information about taxpayers filing details, and the salary and wage information.

8. Integration Capability

Intuit ProSeries can integrate with third-party add-ons for added functionality. It assists professionals to grow their practice by increasing the value of their services. Some of the most helpful integrations with ProSeries tax software are:

  • QuickBooks: Imports accounting data directly into the ProSeries tax software.
  • Pay-by-Refund: Collects fees from clients through their refunds conveniently.
  • SmartVault: Manages documents and offers client portal for secure sharing of files.
  • Fixed Asset Manager: Imports assets directly into Schedule E and Schedule C.
  • eFileCabinet: Automates the data storage and organization process.

These integrations allow tax preparers to do more in less time.

9. ProSeries Client Organizer

Client Organizer is available for ProSeries Professional version. It helps in arranging the required information from clients for different forms and returns, like:

  • W-2 income
  • Capital gains
  • Refund deposition
  • Car and truck expenses

It also automates most of the data entry work by importing data directly into the necessary forms. Client Organizer also contains a short version for clients with comparatively simpler returns.

10. Quick Employer Forms Accountant

Quick Employer Forms Accountant is accessible directly from Intuit ProSeries software. It provides step-to-step guidance on filing forms, including 1099s (1099-MISC, 1099-INT, and 1099-DIV) and W-2.

Intuit Quick Employer Forms Accountant e-files the necessary forms in three easy steps:

  • Simple questions are curated for clients to answer to choose the right form.
  • Clients can review forms before taking out the final print of the same.
  • E-Filing is done, and forms are mailed to the IRS.

To Wrap Up!

Intuit ProSeries tax software has a plethora of features that give peace of mind to the tax preparers. Its user-friendly form-based interface makes it an easy-to-use software.

Furthermore, Intuit ProSeries software with the power of cloud technology provides storage scalability as per the need, team collaboration on a single platform, anytime, anywhere access to the tax data, and much more.

To know more about ProSeries tax software on the cloud, get in touch with our Solutions Consultant at +1-855-223-4887.

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