Top 5 Benefits of UltraTax Cloud Hosting You Cannot Ignore

Tax professionals keep looking for ways to automate corporate tax workflows and streamline document management systems. UltraTax CS is one such cloud-based professional tax software that meets all of your tax preparation needs. The software allows you to streamline your workflow process by eliminating the need for manual data entry. It further helps you increase the productivity and profitability of your business. 

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While UltraTax has excellent features, hosting it on local systems has disadvantages. Difficulty in collaboration, lack of scalability, lesser data security, etc., are to state a few. This is where cloud technology comes in handy. UltraTax cloud hosting is an alternative method of software deployment wherein it is not installed in local systems but on remote cloud servers of a hosting provider. Cloud-hosted UltraTax allows you to overcome all the limitations of the traditional on-premise solution effectively. 

Read on to explore the benefits of UltraTax hosting and how it can transform how you handle tax workflows. 

What is UltraTax Cloud Hosting? 

When you host UltraTax on the cloud, your hosting provider creates a virtual environment backed by high-performance computing resources. UltraTax CS software on the cloud allows you to access and use the tax preparation software anytime, anywhere. With UltraTax CS hosted on the cloud, you can ensure an easy and error-free tax preparation process.   

An UltraTax cloud hosting solution helps you use the power of cloud technology and many other advantages like remote access, high performance, reliability and security, and more. When hosted on the cloud, UltraTax eliminates the requirement of investing in on-premise IT infrastructure, renting space for office use, and software maintenance. It gives all your organization’s stakeholders the chance to collaborate and work together with better efficiency. In addition, you get bank-level security to protect your confidential business data from potential online threats. 

Benefits of UltraTax Cloud Hosting 

1. Multi-User Collaboration in Real-Time 

One of the most common problems that CPAs and tax professionals face while working on their local systems using UltraTax CS is the inability to collaborate. Hosting UltraTax CS software on the cloud eliminates this bottleneck easily. When the tax software is hosted on the cloud, you can share files and collaborate with your team in real time. It means you no longer need to send the same file to and fro via emails, and neither do you have to walk to your team member to discuss anything. Every authorized user can access the cloud-hosted UltraTax and files simultaneously.  

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2. Scalable Solution 

Whether it’s retail, eCommerce, real estate, IT, or construction, the pace of business keeps changing. For tax professionals, things are no different. At times, they work at a low and steady pace. But during tax season, they need to stretch to complete the tax preparation for their clients. Such variations in workload also mandate the use of UltraTax more efficiently. Businesses might often find it impractical to invest in in-house IT resources for any varying needs. Besides, upgrading or downgrading the resources also becomes challenging. 

UltraTax cloud hosting overcomes this challenge much more easily for CPAs and tax firms. Hosted UltraTax software enables you to scale the resources whenever required. Most cloud hosting providers follow the pay-as-you-go model, which means that the cost of UltraTax hosting will be in accordance with the usage of the resources. As such, you can save a significant amount during non-tax seasons. All you need to do is convey your requirements (upscale or downscale) to the hosting provider, and they will do the rest.  

3. Accessibility Gets Easier 

Restricted data access due to locally-stored UltraTax data often pisses off tax preparers while they travel. Such instances not only decrease productivity but also make collaboration a challenging task. 

However, UltraTax CS software on the cloud significantly enhances tax professionals’ productivity as they can access their tax data from anywhere, anytime, using their preferred devices. All you need to do is log into the system with valid login credentials, and you can access all your data from anywhere, irrespective of the geographical region. As a result, you can always be on your toes and work flexibly, maintaining a work-life balance.  

4. Save Your Time 

It might be challenging for you to complete a time-consuming task when using UltraTax in a locally-hosted environment. For instance, manual entries of data and then making copies of them is time-consuming which impacts the focus of tax professionals on other important work. As a result, doing this task for multiple clients gets delayed further. 

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To eliminate such monotonous redundant tasks, you can simultaneously update the same file in real-time using UltraTax hosting. You can work on a single file and update it without creating multiple versions of the same file with repetitive entries. You can also simplify the file management process using UltraTax cloud hosting services. 

5. Cost-Effective 

Being cost-effective is one of the most critical aspects of businesses of all sizes. However, the in-house setup of IT infrastructure and its maintenance can significantly impact this aspect as it increases capital expenditure. It becomes more concerning as you need to hire additional staff to maintain the upkeep of the IT setup. 

Hosting UltraTax CS software on the cloud is an effective way to save that extra money, as there’s no need to invest in software installation or maintenance. Your cloud hosting provider takes care of everything from installation and maintenance to software upgrades. It also means that you don’t need an in-house server and IT professionals to maintain its upkeep. 

Cloud-hosted UltraTax software makes your tax preparation process simpler. The listed benefits of UltraTax hosting help businesses of every size to be more productive, ensuring financial growth. 


Whether you are an individual tax preparer or a tax firm, you can host UltraTax on the cloud to experience a seamless workflow between your teams and clients. Additionally, you get remote access to all your UltraTax data, scale your resources up or down, get round-the-clock support for all your queries, and much more. 

Want to know how UltraTax hosting works or what UltraTax CS hosting pricing is? Contact our Solutions Consultant @+1-855-362-3703.

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