How to Access UltraTax Tax Software Remotely with Ace Cloud Hosting?

CPAs and accounting firms have been using UltraTax tax software for a prolonged period. They use this software to simplify the tax preparation process followed within their organizations. However, with tax season knocking on the door, traveling to the office to access the software could waste time. As a result, you might fail to give the best to your clients. UltraTax remote access feature can mitigate such issues efficiently and is what you can opt for. 

UltraTax Cloud Hosting

Imagine having access to your clients’ UltraTax and other crucial documents via your laptop, iPad, smartphone, or tablet. Now imagine accessing the software and those documents from anywhere, anytime. Over the years, thousands of CPAs and accounting firms have turned to UltraTax hosting to do just that. 

Ready to Host your UltraTax Software on Cloud?

Secure your Tax Filing Experience with UltraTax Hosting

With Ace Cloud Hosting, you can remotely access UltraTax and other essential documents on any of your clients’ computers quickly. Read on to explore how you can do that and gather some valuable insights into UltraTax cloud hosting benefits that can transform how you prepare taxes. 

Is UltraTax Cloud Based? 

UltraTax tax software is cloud-based and offers two hosting solutions – Virtual Office CS and Software-as-a-Service for CS Professional Suite. You can use Virtual Office CS to do all your tax and accounting tasks from the comfort of your home. On the other hand, UltraTax tax software works on the pay-as-you-use model. It is a scalable solution and helps you reduce IT costs to a vast extent – a primary reason why most businesses opt for the SaaS CS Professional Suite. 

UltraTax Cloud Hosting

The Benefits of UltraTax Remote Access 

One of the significant benefits of UltraTax remote access is that you stay productive, even when you’re on the move. Besides, you can: 

  • Reduce the number of working hours each week 
  • Eliminate stress while getting all your work done 
  • Assist your clients even during non-business hours 
  • Use mobile devices like smartphones, tablets, iPad, laptops, etc.  
  • Reduce travel time 
  • Work from anywhere in the world 
  • Ensure that less paper is used 
  • Save a lot of time, effort, and money 

CPAs and accounting firms require a secure and reliable tool that offers accessibility and flexibility. UltraTax remote access ticks all the boxes, making it the best way for tax professionals to access client documents anytime. 

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How to Access UltraTax Tax Software Remotely? 

One of the best ways to access UltraTax tax software remotely is by hosting the software on the cloud. You can use the UltraTax setup installed on the cloud hosting provider’s servers remotely. The primary benefit of cloud-hosted UltraTax software is that you get the same features as the software’s desktop version and the benefits of hosting services. 

UltraTax Cloud Hosting

You can avail yourself of authorized hosting services for UltraTax desktop software on third-party servers. It means authorized users can access UltraTax installed on the hosting provider’s server. You can use compatible internet-enabled smart devices to access the software anywhere. Besides, your hosting provider handles the additional effort of software maintenance, eliminating the requirement of hiring in-house IT professionals. 

You can follow the below-mentioned steps to get UltraTax remote access: 

  1. Purchase UltraTax tax software license or lease it. 
  2. Choose a reliable cloud hosting provider. 
  3. Once UltraTax is hosted on the virtual servers of the cloud provider, log into the portal either by Remote Desktop Protocol or other methods suggested by the service provider. 
  4. Access hosted UltraTax CS remotely using your preferred device. 

In addition to the above, hosting providers help you integrate UltraTax with multiple third-party apps. This enables you to attain other objectives for your business. 

Below-mentioned is the list of apps that you can integrate with UltraTax software: 

  • Universal Business Computing Company 
  • SafeSend 
  • Accountant’s Relief 
  • ProSystem fx Engagement 
  • Client Ledger System 
  • Fiducial Advantage 

Why Ace Cloud Hosting for UltraTax Remote Access? 

With remote access to UltraTax tax software, CPAs and tax professionals can eliminate many problems. These include upfront charges to deploy the software, hiring in-house IT professionals, issues with scalability, etc. 

Once you host UltraTax on the cloud, you can use preferred devices to access the software from anywhere in the world. It gives you an excellent opportunity to ensure improved productivity and maintain a work-life balance. 

With Ace Cloud Hosting, you can host UltraTax on cloud and rest assured of the security of your mission-critical business data. We are a leading cloud hosting provider backed with high-performance computing servers that check every box for quality standards, including security, availability, and speed consistency. Our SLA-backed high uptime of 99.99% maintains the uninterrupted availability of services. We ensure hassle-free cloud solutions to our customers with a team of skilled experts available 24×7, 365 days. 

Contact our Solutions Consultant via phone, chat, or email for any query or concern and get immediate assistance. 

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