Top 10+ Free Online Resources to Learn Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is the utilization of a network (usually internet) to store, manage or process the data or applications from a remote computer. Imagine cloud as your CPU that has been shifted to the internet. Cloud can store data, run applications, and can do almost all other computing stuff with a remote login.

Free Online Resources to Learn Cloud Computing

For its amazing features, such as high mobility, device independence, and lesser hardware use, cloud computing is in huge demand.
Experts believe that, sooner or later, it is going to replace the traditional form of computing that relied mostly on the local infrastructure. Facts support such claims. According to Forbes, the public cloud market over the globe are predicted to be $178B in 2018, which was $146B in 2017. The expected compound annual growth rate (CAGR) will be 22%.
Cloud computing, considered an important resource in the future, can add immense value in different ways. As learning cloud computing is almost essential, but the extent of knowledge, you may need varies as per your need.
Indeed, a developer willing to work on the cloud has different challenges to face than a photographer who needs cloud only to store his photographs.
Here is a list of some of the best informative resources on cloud computing that would help you enhance your knowledge.

Online Courses:

Online courses are, perhaps, the best way to learn cloud computing. They contain videos, animations, articles, eBooks, infographics, reports, and lots of other such material to help the learners. Some of the websites with the quality courses are listed below:

  1. Course Era: Coursera is one of the renowned online educational course providers. This service offers a good number of online courses from well-known universities in the world. To find the online courses related to cloud computing, you can follow this link.
  2. EDX: EDX is among the most significant collections of online courses. It is backed by some of the globally renowned universities and has quality study material on offer for willing learners. Reach the courses related to cloud computing on EDX by following this link.
  3. Cloud Academy: This online service aims exclusively at providing education on cloud computing. Cloud Academy offers almost all levels of education material related to cloud technology. You can reach Cloud Academy by following this link.
  4. Course Academy: Course Academy is dedicated to offering education in the field of computing. Course Academy might not be the most suitable options for the beginners because it generally provides content that may need the learner to have some prerequisite knowledge of specific topics. You can check out the courses available on Course Academy here.
  5. Degreed: This is not exactly a course offering website, but even better than that. Intended to keep a record of all the learning that one has achieved, Degreed can be the most extensive educational resource finder for you. You got to sign up with this service to search the content for the website. Follow this link to reach Degreed.


Blogs have emerged as the most popular source for learning in the last decade. Blog, a service that is mainly powered using cloud service per se, can be a rich source for learning about cloud computing. Online courses listed above are a little biased towards the cloud developers, but the blogs listed here try to emphasize on the cloud from the user’s point of view.

  1. Forbes: Forbes hardly needs an introduction in the field of publication. Known for its excellent command in the field of market, business, and finance, Forbes can be your source to understand the whys, hows, pros, and cons of cloud computing for your business. Read on Forbes about cloud computing here.
  2. TechTarget: TechTarget is known for keeping things simple. If you are a beginner with the cloud computing, then TechTarget should be your ideal place to learn. Even the experts can visit the website just to keep their basics right. The website offers information on almost all the computer-related topics. Follow this link to reach the cloud computing section on TechTarget.
  3. Thoughts on Cloud: Thoughts on Cloud is IBM’s resource for you. With the platform, IBM lists articles and blogs on this website are delivered by some of the most intellectual minds in the industry, and they cover almost all the aspects of the cloud for business, social, and individual needs. To reach Thoughts on Cloud, you can follow this link.
  4. Sys-Con Media: It is again a very famous media house that owns an appreciable platform for cloud computing. You can read by following this link.
  5. InfoWorld: InfoWorld is well known for its insight, expertise, and news in the field of technology. This service has been in action since years and has kept its standards rising. You can reach InfoWorld by following this link.
  6. CloudAve: CloudAve is recognized for its work in explaining the influence of cloud on business and technology. With the backing of renowned experts in the cloud industry, such as Salesforce and Workday, this website is worth trusting on.
  7. Ace Cloud Hosting: Ace Cloud Hosting is globally known for its application hosting, managed hosting, and VDI hosting solutions. The company has a vast experience in the cloud industry, and its blogs offer great insight on the latest happenings in the field of cloud computing and possible influence. To read on cloud computing blog, you can follow this link.
  8. CIO: One of the most trusted sources of information in the tech world, CIO brings the bundle of news, trends, and expert opinions. You can even find the reviews and how-tos of leading cloud solution providers on this platform. Find more in this link.


Different cloud services have their idiosyncrasies for usage and development. To help you learn about these peculiarities, the cloud service providers offer some resources on their own. Some of the learning resources provided by the key players in cloud computing are given below:

  • EBooks for Azure by Microsoft– Get them here.
  • Videos for Amazon Web Service by Amazon– Get them here.
  • Videos for Google Cloud Platform by Google– Get them here.

Other Resources:

  • Wikipedia is one of the favorite places of learning for online You can follow this link to reach the cloud computing page on Wikipedia.
  • P.S. – Do not forget to check the Reference section. It has links to some of the most crucial pieces of information on cloud technology.
  • YouTube is the hub of online videos, and it will not let the willing learners down with Cloud computing as well. You may like to visit Cloud Computing Tutorial channel on YouTube to grab some more knowledge on Cloud computing.

Wrapping Up

The learning resources mentioned in this article are for the assistance of the readers. As per interest and needs of the learner, the priorities and choices may vary.
If you think we have missed out on any of learning website that should be a part of this article, please share in comments below.

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    Instead of Blog website, I prefer following particular authors and bloggers. And I recommend following FB or Twitter pages of these websites. Whenever there is anything new, we get notified.

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    Those willing to learn about Cloud should understand that shifting from basic level to the professional ones will take some time. One online course can’t really do it all for you. I know some people who consider cloud computing a very small thing.

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