Last updated on January 16th, 2023

The world of cloud computing has grown bigger over the last decade. Majority of IT organizations around the world are widely incorporating this technology into their business operations. SMBs and experienced organizations are accessing cloud technology to increase their revenues and scale up their customer base. As the innovations in this sector will unfold, more and more key players will establish themselves.

Key Players in Cloud Computing

There are different cloud service providers, but some of them have really taken the game to whole another level:


The Seattle based e-commerce company is the largest internet based retailer across the globe. The company offers different web services to various clients in different countries. Services include cloud storage, cloud solutions for increasing computing processes and cloud servers depending upon the need of the customer.

Amazon has brought in great innovations in the field of cloud computing. With services like virtual servers, database web services let you access your important data reports on the go.


The grand stature of Google is because of cloud computing. Right from the existence of the internet, Google has been the key player in cloud industry.

Google App Engine gives the ability to entrepreneurs to store their Java, Python and other apps on the cloud. Google cloud storage has been a strong force in the cloud market and on the other hand it has been a great competitor to other counterparts like Amazon and Microsoft.

Google Drive has also made decent value over the years with its simple yet ground breaking services has really up the ante. Moreover, Google is bringing in different other cloud related technologies such as Google Cloud Print, Google Cloud Connect for Microsoft Office and Google Chrome OS a platform that let the user use application through Internet rather than installing it on the computer.


The services of Microsoft have been a great aider to the cloud computing arena. The company has won million hearts by launching its efficient cloud services. Azure launched in 2010, has offered great cloud services over the years. It has by far been one of the best cloud services providers in the world. The pricing of Azure makes it a better option than Amazon and Google.

Microsoft has other well versed cloud services like Hotmail and Sky drive which has their well reputed image in the market. Office 365 is also a great move, because it lets the user work on his documents and worksheets on the go, the same services that Microsoft Office provides to its customer for personal computers and mobiles. With Office 365, the user can store his personal files and documents on the cloud and work on them from anywhere, anytime.


The cloud computing has shifted its reins from being a mere start up in the tech world to now being an industry that has great results awaiting in the future. The competition among key players has really brought in some great new innovations out of which many has worked in favor of the user.

The fact that cloud computing is cost-cutting, green and easily affordable will surely bring in bigger contributors to cloud technology. The ongoing growth suggests that there are many more dimensions in which cloud computing can really pull off its magic. The world of technology, sooner or later will witness even bigger innovations and great business prospects in the field of cloud computing.


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