10 Things You Can Do While Working Remotely Which You Couldn’t Earlier

With the changing times, remote working has become an essential part of our lives. The privilege of working from our homes instead of offices has transformed our lifestyles.

10 Things You Can Do While Working Remotely Which You Couldn't EarlierThe professionals from all around the world are enjoying the freedom it involves, like working at your own pace without being constantly judged. According to Global Workplace Analytics, about 4.7 million people in the U.S. work from home at least half of the week. Thus, it is safe to say that remote working is no longer the way of working; it is more of the way of living now.

Moreover, there are a number of things that can be done when one isn’t bound to be present at a physical office every day.

Are you wondering what all you can do apart from just lounging around all day long while working from home? Well, let’s explore what all you can do when working remotely.

1. Sleeping In And Working Late

We all have fixed working hours when working from the office. This schedule can make our working styles monotonous, leading to a decrease in productivity and the inability to think creatively.

Whereas, when working from home, you can choose a schedule that fits you. You can try out timings that suit you. For example, you might be more productive during the afternoons. Thus, you can start work at noon.

2. Eating Healthy

In a hurry to get to work in the morning, one often leans towards quick options to eat, that is, grabbing a bag of packaged food or eating junk. It leads to an unhealthy lifestyle.

But now that you are at home, you can prepare your meals yourself. That means eating fresh and healthy. Soon you, too, will notice the change that healthy eating brings in you. You can be more active and focus easily on your work without feeling lethargic.

3. Increasing Work Opportunities

Did you always wanted to work with a particular company but couldn’t do it because of geographical restrictions? Or do you enjoy working at your organization but miss living with your family?

Well, you can now go ahead and work with your dream company without thinking of moving to a new place. Additionally, if you feel you are missing spending time with your family, you can move back to your hometown and still continue working in your current company.

4. Incorporating Workouts

Generally, working in offices means sitting in front of systems at the same place all day long without much movement. Such a lifestyle can drain you, resulting in increased stress-levels and affecting your health. Hence, it is important to have some form of exercise involved in your lifestyle.

If you always wondered about working out to keep yourself fit, you can do that now. With no more time consumed in commuting to the office, you can utilize that time to start exercising, or you can indulge in yoga to keep yourself stress-free.

5. Maintaining Work-Life Balance

Most of our families always complain about us not having enough time to spend with them. Also, our work schedules have become such that we hardly find time for ourselves after office. Many employees spend about 2 hours daily on traveling, which can result in lower energy levels.

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Being a remote worker, you will have more time for yourself and your family. You will be able to attend special occasions with your family while working for the same number of hours as in the office. Also, with no time spend on traveling, you will be well rested and more focused on work.

6. Investing Time on Self Care

Professionals often tend to neglect themselves and focus only on work. It leads to an increase in stress levels and less sleep. You tend to fall sick a lot more and find it challenging to give your best.

Working remotely means you can work in comfortable positions, and your healthy lifestyle means reduced stress levels. Thus, making you happier and more robust, of course. Even a study says that remote working boosts employees’ happiness and improves their productivity due to the flexibility they get.

7. Stealing Naps

When you have work that involves detail-oriented processes, it is essential to be attentive all along. However, concentrating on the same thing for long without a break can lead to errors.

When working from home, you can take naps in between your work, which is often not accepted at office premises. Taking naps can change your productivity for better, as you will feel relaxed and well-rested.

8. Saving Money

Most people don’t have offices near their home, which results in spending a considerable amount of money on transportation.

However, when working remotely, you don’t have to commute to the office daily, which implies saving money spent on transportation. You can also save money on food, which you don’t have to buy from outside, and on formal clothes, which are no more required.

9. Learning New Skills

Everyone wants to grow and grab suitable opportunities in their profession. But it can be a tough competition with so many people with the same experience and skills.

You can utilize the time saved from not having to travel to the office to learn a new skill or maybe on enhancing an existing skill. Thus, you can improve your productivity and stand out in competition to conquer your goals neglected due to time crunch.

10. Resuming Your Favorite Hobby

Do you love reading, painting, gardening, or something you would always do, but now you don’t have time for it because of your tight office schedule?

Well, you can resume those hobbies when working remotely. You can make use of the extra time you have and enjoy your time upskilling your hobbies.

Bonus Tip: Taking Tax Advantages

Yes, you read that right. Remote working can help you with taxes. If you wish to settle to a different place, you can enjoy tax benefits. Many countries don’t have taxes on foreign currency, which can work in your favor.


Working from home has many pros. However, it requires a lot of self-discipline, focus, and time management. You need to be structured and organized as you are under your own supervision to finish tasks on time.

Also, if not all, you can definitely do many things other than the work which you couldn’t do before. Yet, work can overpower in need of finishing off everything as early as possible when working from home. Thus, if you maintain a balanced schedule, you can make remote working a lifelong option for yourself.

Do you have more suggestions on what you can do while working remotely? Let us know in the comment section below.

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