Switching to the Cloud: Evolution Without Any Confusion

One of the biggest pioneers of our times, Larry Ellison said that cloud is nothing more than a fancy name given to computers in a network. In the simpler explanation, he is correct but on the implementation factor, there is a lot more to the cloud than ‘just network of computers’. From security implementation to disaster recovery plan, there is a lot to consider before you the cloud is brought into the effect.

A Storm Is Coming

In recent times companies have faced a tough choice whether to go with the cloud and face the challenges of the new platform or to stay contented with the traditional in-house servers and not explore their optimum potential. Well, the bad news for later ones is that cloud is becoming almost inevitable. In the form of email, social media, etc., the cloud has already space into most business operations.

Switching to the Cloud: Evolution Without Any Confusion

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So the logical step to take is to switch to the cloud and reap its benefits. But one thing that should be kept in mind is that the switch should bring in positive results. For this, it is important to get hold of all the underlying concepts of the cloud.

Cloud Types

First of all, we should understand the three types of cloud models.

Private Cloud:

The private cloud offers services like application hosting or virtualization to a particular company or client on a server. Accessibility to the entire server resources is limited to one client. Though it will cost on the higher side, this category of hosting brings benefits such as- superior security, no latency because of other parties on the server, customization options, etc.

Public Cloud:

This is the idea what most people have of the cloud. It provides a low cost, scalable and eco-friendly server system. The same server resources are shared between a number of clients. The security of public cloud is under scrutiny but despite the critics claiming otherwise this type also offers high level of data security. Apart from that, under certain conditions, when the traffic flow is heavy from all the client, efficiency may struggle.

Hybrid Cloud:

In this the combination of public cloud and private cloud. A client can use certain servers privately, while some of its data or application also reside on the shared servers. For example, a brand that offers application to its client can host the applications on the private server to deliver utmost efficiency and can use the public cloud to host its backend data. Such solution is usually recommended for larger IT enterprises.

A Collective Choice

The choice of the cloud should be made after considering the influence on every stakeholder involved. The budgeting should also prove important in the decision making as much as the staff who is supposed to work on it.

While switching it should be kept in mind that the cloud adapts well in the legacy nature of the firm. While on the user-end, some employees may need an initial training to get used to the solution. While the fall in productivity during the adapting period is acceptable, it should pick up well in some time.

Being an ample collection of public and private cloud, hybrid looks like a suitable choice for most businesses. However, the budget and other requirements of the client can vary and accordingly. Along with that, the abilities of cloud service provider is another important factor to count in before making a final choice.


The fact that cloud has taken over the traditional computing solutions is well documented and if your firm is still not part of the cloud brigade, is high time to make the switch. Opting for the free trial before making the final cut is a suggested practice. Looking for more information on the cloud?

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