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The evolution of the technological world has led the small businesses to face numerous IT-based challenges. A majority of companies have retained their faith in the local IT setup as they are not well aware of the latest trends and advancement. Thus, their IT process is an expensive function and an endless slog to their business.

Talking of the businesses adopting new technologies, switching to the cloud for hosting their process is something that can prove beneficial for the businesses. Cloud computing is redefining the way SMBs do business. It reduces the need for internal IT resources and the time spent to manage them. Outsourcing the IT process to a third-party provider can lead to optimization of the budget, better time management, and focus on the more critical processes.

An excellent example of cloud computing capabilities is the use of apps on a smartphone. A typical user accesses a huge amount of data on its phone each day. Storing this data on the internal memory of the phone can cause the phone to slow down. The cloud lets users access data without the need for huge storage capacity or compromising on speed and proficiency.

Applications and data no longer reside only on physical devices. They are now on the cloud, which is a network of servers hosted at multiple geographic locations throughout the world functioning together to accomplish critical tasks. Given the growing popularity among small businesses, the benefits of cloud computing cannot be underestimated. A study by Intuit predicts that 80% of small businesses will adopt cloud computing by 2020.

Cloud technology can offer advanced features to SMBs which previously were out of their reach. It provides them with the tools needed to expand their operations. This puts them on an even playing field with not only other small businesses but also their biggest competitors.

This infographic will depict the various benefits that cloud computing has to offer to SMBs.

Top 10 Benefits of Cloud Computing For SMBs Infographic

Infographic: 10 Benefits of Cloud Computing for SMBs

Cloud also helps them improve their performance, cost-efficiency, and security. Whether the goal of the company is to boost sales or give IT department more support, cloud computing seems to be able to do it all.

Some of the features offered by cloud computing include the ability to work from anywhere at any time, flexible operations, enhanced security, pay-as-you-go pricing model, protection of data even during a disaster, improved collaboration among colleagues and clients, auto update of software, among others.

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