8 Remote Working Tips for Accountants and CPAs

Have you too left the exciting outdoor world and have no option but to work remotely? Almost every country in the world is affected by the deadly coronavirus, and people are locked down in their homes.

While everyone is putting all their efforts in the fight against this pandemic, accountants and CPAs have one more battle to win- the tax season.

As many are under quarantine, does this mean that the work should be affected?

No! Accounting includes data analysis, monitoring financial transactions, predicting future spending, and ensuring smooth financial processes – every task can be digitized and can be done from any part of the world.

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Every accountant who works remotely (every accountant nowadays) faces almost the same set of challenges. They have to maintain a mental boundary between their personal and professional lives. They need to find a suitable place for maximum productivity, and balance working from home and working for home.

Why Work Remotely?

Currently, society demands us to stay at our homes and create an office space. However, don’t you think that accountants should get this flexibility even after the coronavirus crisis?

A vast majority of CPAs in the USA work remotely full-time and are doing pretty well in their lives. You, too, can do the same and enjoy the freedom and flexibility to choose their working hours and stay away from the noisy roads.

Some benefits of remote working are:

  • No commutation time
  • No commutation costs
  • Better productivity
  • Companies do not need to spend extra on office infrastructure
  • You can customize your office space as per your taste
  • You can learn to be independent

Remote Working Tips for Accountants and CPAs

Remote working is a privilege that you should enjoy but not take undue advantage of. You need to be responsible for your tasks and ensure that your productivity does not get hampered. Below are some tips for you to ensure that you make the best use of your skills while working remotely.

1. Install a Stable Broadband Connection

Internet connections have become faster and cheaper over the past few years. Most of the households have a fast broadband or WiFi connection, but if you plan to work remotely, you need a fast and reliable internet connection so that you can readily assist your clients.

All the hassle caused by a slow internet connection is frustrating for you and your clients.

2. Setup a Productive Environment

In order to be productive, you need to have the right setup and working environment at home. Otherwise, working remotely may prove to be counter-productive. The correct setup may include a comfortable chair, the proper positioning of your laptop, and every necessary item should be available at a hand’s reach.

Without any office distractions, accountants can be more efficient and better focus on numbers and their analysis.

3. Be Flexible 

You have control of your working hours, but if there is a need for you to attend a meeting, be ready to do it. The organization is trusting you to work remotely, and you need to show it back by being flexible enough to manage your work schedule, so it does not hinder the organization’s growth.

4. Adopt Cloud Technology

Wouldn’t it be great when you and your clients are on the same page? A cloud-hosted accounting solution lets you and your client access the information in real-time and ensures that you can address all the client needs.

Moreover, you can work with your colleagues in real-time and edit the same files simultaneously, leading to enhanced collaboration.

5. Work During Sick Days 

If you have a mild cold, you can still work from the comfort of your home as there is no need to go to the office. There are two benefits of the same –

  • Other employees will not get infected
  • Your employer will trust you even more as you’re working despite being sick
  • Your productivity for the day will not be down completely

6. Think of it as an Experiment

Think of the whole remote working arrangement as an experiment where you could try different things while working. Maybe you can cook your favorite meal for lunch, take a short nap during the day (this might make your extra-productive), do your laundry during weekdays, and enjoy during the weekends (as long as your productivity is not affected).

7. Eat Healthy

Working remotely enables accountants to eat healthy meals, which will keep their bodies healthy, and, in turn, will increase their productivity. Also, people can save a considerable amount of money when they eat at home; a $12 sandwich is common in cities like NYC.

8. Have Self Discipline

Some perks and benefits listed above may feel that remote working is as good as a holiday, but most successful remote accountants are known for their self-discipline and control. They put in their best efforts to meet the company’s requirements and assist their clients in the best possible ways.

In short, it is all about finding a balance between your working hours and the company’s needs.


Remote accountants may appear like a new concept to everyone, but if managed right, it can make them extra productive. You have to discover what works best for you and your company, use the right equipment, and work around it.

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