QuickBooks can handle a number of accounting operations, such as creating payrolls, scheduling payments, reminding pending bills, managing inventory, monitoring shipping processes, and a lot more business specific operations. Going to the cloud with its hosted version, QuickBooks gains, even more, features to streamline the complete accounting system. When QuickBooks hosting is taking care of all your business accounting needs, slightest of the slowness can lead to excessive hampering of the productivity.

QuickBooks Slow - Tips to Make it Run Faster

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To get over the slow operations of QuickBooks Hosting, here are some useful tips to make it run faster than ever:

1. Get a Swift Internet Connection

Hosted QuickBooks can be accessed from anywhere, anytime via any device connected over a reliable internet connection. Since all the access of the stored data and processing of the information take place over the connection, its slowness can cause dizziness with the accounting operations. Though the hosted QuickBooks does not require a monstrous speed of internet, but it has to be fast enough. Apart from the speed factor, instability of the network can be the reason of slow operations of QuickBooks. That means when you are choosing an internet connection, ensure that your internet service provider scores fairly on the speed as well as stability.

2. Choose SSD Server For Hosting QuickBooks

All the actions on hosted QuickBooks are processed over the cloud-based server. Hence, the effectiveness of the server has got a key role to play. Compared to many previous technologies, SSD (Solid State Drive) based servers have shown remarkably better speed in delivering the application usage solution over the cloud. Apart from that, maintenance practices followed in the data center play a big role. HVAC Redundancy, N+1 designing, etc. are some of the practices that trustworthy data centers follow. Be sure that your choice of servers is residing in such data center.

3. Plan Resources According To Number of Users

Resources with the hosting include the physical specifications of the server, such as – storage space, RAM, etc. All these resources construct the final bills for the hosting services. This implies that the more resources you use, the more prices you pay. To constrain the prices, most businesses tend to opt for limited resources. Although that can deliver acceptable service with the single active user at a time, but when multiple users have to use QuickBooks at the same time, it will take the toll on the server performance and operations will go slow. Consult an expert before you take a final call on the resource requirements. Another option is that most service providers offer a free trial for QuickBooks Hosting. Use that offer well to analyze your needs.

4. Integrate the Add-ons Smartly

Integrating smart add-ons with QuickBooks can streamline the operations brilliantly. On the other hand, if the add-on integration is done with novice-methods, the chances are that it may spoil the existing effectiveness of QuickBooks and slow down the accounting process. This is because installing add-on with hosted QuickBooks is slightly different from the local machine installations. This may even require the changes with the server resources. The best solution is to opt for the support services of the hosting provider. Their training and experience will offer dependable solutions without hampering QuickBooks experience even a bit.

5. Maintain Local Machine Rightly

It is a fact that cloud services do not require much from the local machines. However, that does not mean it can deliver QuickBooks version of your choice even on a decades old pager. The point is that there is a possibility that because of the errors with your local devices (be it a laptop, desktop, or smartphone) is causing errors with your QuickBooks usage. If you are accessing the application over the browser, clear the cookies and cache memory time to time. Running too many applications may also be causing freezing with device process. The gist is pointing that keep your device in the right shape with some basic checks.

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