QuickBooks is a renowned name in the field of accounting. While many of the accountants might be reaping the benefits of QuickBooks, others are still thinking to understand its use for their accounting process.

QuickBooks is available in different versions for different business sizes and types. QuickBooks Pro is one of those versions, and if you are thinking of buying it for your business, you can also consider Pro Plus, a variant of the Pro version.

QuickBooks Pro vs. Pro Plus - What are the Differences?

Let us compare the QuickBooks Pro and QuickBooks Pro Plus to understand the primary difference.

QuickBooks Pro

QuickBooks Pro is an accounting software suitable for small and medium-sized business to manage their business processes. It allows up to three users to access the same company file simultaneously.

To smoothly operate the QuickBooks on your desktop, you need to purchase the license. You can buy QuickBooks Pro Desktop license from a QuickBooks Solution Provider or add a user license to your QuickBooks software. Intuit offers customer support for QuickBooks Pro for up to three years. The license supports a single user and is locally-installed.

QuickBooks Pro Version is suitable for:

1. The small-sized companies who want to have robust bookkeeping software for their business and don’t need the sales and expense forecasting
2. Businesses that require features such as maximizing tax deductions, tracking business performance, reporting
3. Companies that need to keep track of their international sales in various currencies

QuickBooks Pro Business Features

1. Inventory Tracking

● QuickBooks Pro allows you to track the inventory and send alerts when you are low on the inventory, so you can have the backup ready.
● It also helps you to track the purchase orders.

2. Sales Tax Tracking

● QuickBooks Pro tracks the sales tax throughout the month.
● You can view detailed sales tax liability reports that display the taxable and non-taxable amount for a Tax Authority. You can also see a sales tax table that shows the actual tax collected.

3. Create Invoices

● QuickBooks Pro creates invoices for goods and services and for billable time and expenses.
● It sends alerts for outstanding payments.

4. Manage Bills and Accounts Payable

● Accountants can view unpaid bills from a vendor to manage payments easily and maintain cash flow.
● It tracks bills and purchase orders to help you always stay ahead of the inventory needs.

5. Income and Expense Tracking

● You can easily track your expenses and download the transactions.
● You can also import previous financial data from Excel and other programs available.

QuickBooks Pro General features

1. Setting and Installing the QuickBooks Pro

The QuickBooks Desktop software includes one-hour setup assistance with the support agent, a setup guide, and interface guidance tools, such as a searchable help database and question & answer forum.

2. Day-To-Day Operations

In the QuickBooks Pro version, all the information is stored on the local machine, and it integrates effortlessly with your daily business activities.

Pricing and Support

You can purchase the latest version – QuickBooks Pro 2020 software for $299. 95 as a one-time purchase. Additional user licenses can be purchased, and the three-user license can be linked together under the same account.

Under this, you can quickly import data from Excel, Quicken & more. This version is easy to set up and use.

QuickBooks Pro Plus

QuickBooks Desktop Pro Plus version is priced as an annual subscription fee and includes all features of Desktop Pro, along with some enhanced payroll features. Apart from QuickBooks Pro features (Inventory Tracking, Sales Tax Tracking, Invoices, Bills and Accounts Payable, and Income and Expense Tracking), you will also receive:

● Annual upgrades
● Free phone support
● Free automatic data backups

QuickBooks Pro Plus General features

1. Setting and Installing the Books

The setting and installation of books in Pro Plus are the same as in QuickBooks Pro.

2. Day-To-Day Operations

A significant advantage of using the Desktop “Plus” versions over the other Desktop versions is that the upgrades are included within your monthly subscription.

Pricing and Support

The cost of QuickBooks Pro Plus is $299.95 per year, but the annual subscription is currently available for $199.95 for the first year.
It comes with some extra features like unlimited customer support, automatic data backup and recovery, security patches and free product updates, and access to the latest features.

QuickBooks Pro Plus Vs. QuickBooks Pro (Tabular View)

When you decide to choose between QuickBooks Pro and QuickBooks Pro Plus, pricing is what differs mainly as both the versions come up with almost the same features.

Features QuickBooks Pro Plus QuickBooks Pro
Type Of Software Desktop Desktop
Pricing Normally $299.95/year (Intuit has ongoing offers) $299.95 (One-Time Payment)
Best For Desktop software powered with 24/7 support and annual upgrades.  Local access with no annual upgrades.
No. of Reports 100+ 100+

To choose between the two variants, consider asking a few questions to yourself before making a purchase:

● Is there any plan to expand my business in the near future?
● Does my business demand enhanced features?
● Am I ready to exceed my budget?
● Is unlimited customer support what I need at this point in my business?
● Do I require automatic data recoveries in case of data loss?
● Will I require free product updates?

These questions will help you determine the best option for your business.


Both QuickBooks Pro and Pro Plus have the features required to run a business seamlessly. QuickBooks Pro is a suitable option if you have a limited budget and do not require advanced features for your business at this point in time.

But if you are looking to expand, you will require some extra features and add-ons in your business. You can then invest in the Pro Plus version. Please note that both QuickBooks Pro versions can be hosted on the cloud to get remote access.

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