6 Common QuickBooks Hosting Myths Dispelled

QuickBooks hosting is a powerful technology that enables businesses to experiment and innovate rapidly, often regarded as a catalyst for “speed-to-market” and a driver of remote accounting.

By providing on-demand access to accounting software from anywhere without significant upfront costs, hosted QuickBooks act as a highly agile technology around various systems, behaviors, and engagement cycles, bringing it all together seamlessly.

Despite its reputation for efficiency, QuickBooks cloud hosting is often misunderstood, with several preconceived notions circulating.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the most common misconceptions about QuickBooks desktop hosting solutions.

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Myth 1: QuickBooks On Cloud Won’t Meet My Performance Needs

One prevalent misconception revolving around QuickBooks Cloud Hosting is about the performance of QuickBooks software within the cloud environment. Latency concerns are a barrier to cloud adoption for some businesses, who fear that the cloud environment could slow down their accounting operations.

Contrary to this myth, QuickBooks Cloud is hosted on high-performance network infrastructure with low-latency connectivity. It ensures that data shared between your local QuickBooks software and the cloud servers occurs swiftly, minimizing any noticeable lag.

Secondly, the QuickBooks solution, when hosted, employs state-of-the-art hardware, including powerful processors and ample RAM to handle the computational demands of QuickBooks processes.

For instance, Ace Cloud’s award-winning QuickBooks hosting solutions are meant to bring reliability and user-centric performance for a tailored accounting environment. The SSD servers with 99.99% uptime utilize load-balancing mechanisms to distribute workloads evenly across multiple servers, thus preventing any single server from becoming a bottleneck in your accounting processes.

The accountant’s data is backed up with redundancy measures and failover systems to maintain seamless operations even in the event of server failures.

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This implies that the hosting environment, when supported by a reliable service provider, delivers a level of performance added to the benefits of traditional on-premises QuickBooks desktops.

Myth 2: The QuickBooks Experience Changes When Hosted on Cloud

It’s a myth.

Businesses often hesitate to move QuickBooks to the cloud due to potential changes it might bring to their user experience. However, it’s worth noting that the QuickBooks desktop hosting technology is designed to transfer the desktop version to the cloud without altering the interface.

The software remains identical, regardless of the version you’re using. The QuickBooks hosting provider migrates your data and customizes it according to your preferences and budget.

Moreover, the hosting process doesn’t interfere with how your team works on QuickBooks. The hosting provider handles the migration, so you don’t have to worry about any technical issues.

QuickBooks hosting provides businesses with all the benefits of the cloud, such as remote access, enhanced security, and more. With QuickBooks hosting, you can continue to use the desktop version with the added benefits of cloud technology.

Myth 3: QuickBooks Data Migration Can Take Weeks to Months to Complete

In the world of accounting, data is the most critical aspect. Many businesses are often confused about migrating their company data to the cloud because they fear it will be time-consuming and expensive. While some hosting providers may take days or even weeks to complete data migration and QuickBooks setup in the cloud, this fear is often based on half-truths and uncertainty. And even if it’s done, some data might get lost.

The fact is, we can do it. Yes, Ace Cloud, Intuit’s authorized hosting provider, can do it for you within 90 minutes (even if there’s an issue, we’ll address it within a few hours). While this may be hard to believe, our clients are happy about our hassle-free data migration that enables us to move QuickBooks data from on-premises to the cloud or from some other hosting provider’s servers to ours. It’s just a three-step process:

  1. We offer consultation to determine your business’s best QB hosting plan.
  2. We configure your cloud environment and migrate data seamlessly.
  3. Our team customizes and integrates your cloud environment with necessary applications.

We provide full training and ongoing support to ensure your team confidently navigates the software. It’s that simple. No shelfware is needed, and everything is included.

Myth 4: IT Teams Don’t Get Control with Third-Party Hosted QuickBooks

Accounting teams have tons of data, making them worried that they’ll lose control of customizing their accounting environment or be unable to give access permissions. By using third-party hosting, you willingly give up some control, but for a good reason.

Outsourcing QuickBooks hosting allows IT teams to redirect their focus from routine maintenance to strategic initiatives. With the hosting burden lifted, accounting teams can concentrate on innovation, optimization, and aligning IT strategies with broader business objectives.

Offloading the IT maintenance burden allows teams to focus on strategic initiatives rather than routine maintenance. It frees up time for strategic planning, system optimization, and accounting operations.

Opting for third-party QuickBooks hosting, in the long run, proves to be a strategic decision for accounting teams, allowing them to exchange some control for substantial gains.

Myth 5: There Is Limited Customization Options in QuickBooks Cloud

QuickBooks hosted on the cloud is often thought to have limited customization options, but this is a misconception. In fact, cloud-hosted QuickBooks offers a robust framework for customization, empowering businesses to align the environment with their specific operational requirements.

Users can fine-tune preferences related to invoicing, reporting formats, and user permissions. Custom templates can be created and utilized to present accounting information in a format that aligns with brand identity or specific reporting requirements.

The cloud-hosted version offers a versatile reporting system, enabling users to generate customized financial reports based on specific metrics, timeframes, and other criteria crucial for informed decision-making. Administrators have granular control to define roles, restrict access to sensitive financial data, and manage user privileges.

With Ace Cloud, you can choose the type of QuickBooks environment you want in the cloud and integrate with as many add-ons or tools as you need.

QuickBooks cloud hosting seamlessly integrated with various third-party applications, allowing businesses to tailor their financial ecosystem through integrations that suit their specific needs.

Myth 6: QuickBooks Hosting Is Not Suitable for Enterprises

QuickBooks Hosting has long been considered unsuitable for enterprises, but this perception is far from the truth.

Enterprises require a closer look at the comprehensive suite of features and tailored solutions offered by reputable hosting providers. QuickBooks Hosting caters to the accounting requirements of businesses of all sizes, from small firms to larger corporations. Its features extend across various versions of QuickBooks, including Pro, Premier, and Enterprise, accommodating firms with different user requirements, whether it be for 3 users or up to 40.

At Ace Cloud, we recognize the diversity in the accounting landscape and tailor our hosting plans to provide scalable solutions that align with the unique operational demands of businesses, irrespective of their size. Whether it’s the robust capabilities of QuickBooks Pro for small businesses or the advanced functionalities of QuickBooks for larger enterprises, our hosting services seamlessly adapt to enhance accounting operations.

For larger enterprises seeking a tailored approach, Ace Cloud offers custom QuickBooks hosting pricing plans with dedicated servers, providing a personalized hosting environment that aligns precisely with the scale and complexity of their accounting operations.

QuickBooks hosting caters to the diverse needs of businesses, offering scalability, customization, and support that goes beyond myth-busting to deliver a transformative and efficient accounting experience in the cloud.

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The Realities of QuickBooks Hosting- Know with Ace Cloud

By embracing QuickBooks hosting, you’re not just adopting a solution but also making a strategic move towards remote accounting. It’s about making your accounting operations more streamlined, secure, scalable, and tailored precisely to your business needs. It’s time to move beyond the myths, leverage the facts, and unlock the full potential of QuickBooks Hosting for a streamlined and transformative accounting experience.

With QuickBooks hosting, Ace Cloud simplifies accounting operations and provides an ‘out of the box’ experience. With comprehensive 200+ add-on integration and scalability, Ace Cloud’s managed QuickBooks hosted in the cloud addresses challenges related to accessibility, security, collaboration, customization, and IT management burdens, providing businesses with an efficient and customized accounting solution.

Ace Cloud empowers organizations across various industries, including taxation, accounting, financial services, and more, to confidently embrace the future of the accounting world. Make the move, transform your accounting game, and let your business thrive.

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